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Just right


Sep 24, 2012 by iPhone4user

Let me start by saying that I was and still am a die hard Apple fan but, after purchasing this phone, I'm now converting over to Samsung Galaxy S III.

PROS: Customization
Screen size
Internet speed
Camera 8mp (zero lag)
LED lights
Adobe Flash
Menu and Back buttons
Speaker quality
Voice commands

CON: Build quality

If you are shopping around for a mobile phone that can deliver the goods, then look no further, Galaxy S III is all you need.

Expensive Dud - Samsung Warranty Scam?


Aug 7, 2012 by gl47

I bought an SIII a couple of weeks ago from AT&T and paid the full no contract price so as to use it on a prepaid carrier after having encountered many service and billing issues with AT&T.

However, straight out of the box I experienced Bluetooth connectivity and static issues with my Brand new Plantronics Pro HD headset. Also the Voice dialing is spotty at best and nowhere as good as my iPhone 3GS. I have noticed a number of identical complaints from other users on various sites. Plantronics was good enough to replace the headset but same issues. Samung Support inform me that the SIII is only compatible with Samsung Bluetooth headsets.

Next, after 2 weeks the speaker stopped working, the first time I used the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Battery life is poor at best, about 30% less then my 3-year old iPhone with a weak battery.

I returned to AT&T with the phone but as I did not have an active account they would not honor the warranty and suggested I send the phone to Samsung which I did, After two weeks (Average total repair time is 3 weeks or more) I received an email message saying the phone has liquid damage and the warranty is Voided.

I have not exposed the phone to any moisture and it appears the audio problem has something to do with the headphone jack. I looked online and have found many complaints about Samsung voiding warranties Liquid Damage, User Damage and Sim Abuse and owners believe this is a common ploy to avoid warranty service.

I noticed a number of posts that claim that even exposing the phone to cold using it in high humidity areas like Florida can cause all water damage indicators to turn red and void your warranty.

Considering my current problems and that I have had three other Samsung Android that had major issues I can't give a positive review to Samsung or the Galaxy SIII.

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The BEST PHONE to date Hands Down !!!!!!


Aug 2, 2012 by Digicall01

The best phone to date. No wonder Apple tried stopping the release of this phone. THEY are scared and for good reason The operating system is amazing!!! It has expandable memory, interchangeable battery and has more free apps than any other operating system Those are just a few of the reasons that made Samsung the number 1 cellular company I can not put it into words how superior this phone is to that piece of junk I-phone when you get this phone it shows that you really know what you are buying and not just following the uneducated I-Phone zombies

Samsung Galaxy SIII, Not a bad phone.


Jul 13, 2012 by Nixoncarmichael

In the past I've had a couple of iPhones, including the 4S and 4, as well as the SII Skyrocket. I have to say that this is a top of the line smart phone that can compete with basically any other device out there. It really just depends on your personal taste.

FAST LTE Data. (On AT&T's network, I've never used Verizon at this point.) The data is even damn fast on AT&T's fake 4G (HSPA+) network. No complaints on data.

Awesome Camera Quality.

Reasonable call quality.


HUGE and BEAUTIFUL screen. Its big enough to look awesome but just small enough that its not a bother.


There are only two things on these Android phones that they can never get right, relative to Apple and these are my two complaints on the SIII:

1. Flimsy body. Every Android phone I've ever used, while good, just feel cheap. I almost feel like if someone farts in my direction the phone will disintegrate.

2. User Interface. Like the SII, I do not like how the interface of the phone is set up, I know that it is completely customizable, but I don't really feel like taking an hour to jack around with screens and position it to my liking.

Thats basically it, if you like Android phones and can put up with my two complaints, then you'll love this phone. Its pretty awesome. If not, then you won't. Anyone who is looking for a suitable alternative to Apple would do well with this phone.

bad bad bad


Oct 16, 2012 by Josephtucs

Okay I made a huge mistake, by getting this phone, after all the good reviews i had been reading I decided to return my Iphone 5 and get me this Gs3 WELL Let me Tell you ... I been using this phone for only one day and I hate it so much... This may be a great phone but not for everybody. battery its sux. and screen too, yeah its big but resolution compared to the Ip5 not even closed. and ATT customer watch it and read the Return and exchange policy cuz you may be stock with something you don't like :D oops yeah I know. Again It may be a great phone ,,, and I had before Many android phones and the iphone 4s ,, The feel of this phone its so cheap,

pros: Big Screen , Android

Cons: Cheap feel material, Camera, battery sux, screen brightness not too good, and Phone gets hot fast..

I WILL NOT RECOMMEND this phone for IOS users at all....

Marginal Update to a Marginal Phone


Jul 29, 2012 by Samsung111

Sorry to say that this model drops calls on a regular basis. Bought the phone and returned it after two weeks. So did my sister and her best friend. Samsung did a much better job with the Galaxy Note. This phone was basically a copy off of other models technology. Nothing new here.

day 1


Jul 17, 2012 by drigo1178

samsung galaxy III (gs3) review - Day 1

pros: new phone, bigger screen, smoother operation from the other android phones ive used (stock, non-rooted) cheaper than a 4s at sams club

cons: too wide ( ya ya twss) almost uncomfortable to hold and use with one hand. No i dont have small hands, ive been told this a few times ;)

reception sucks - comparing to my previous ip4, a 4s and a blackberry 9900 the gs3 definitely gets a weaker signal.

camera quality, while nice at 8mp, it doesnt do light readings very well, yes i know how to use the app and move it from center weighted to spot, it didnt change a thing.

texting - again while smooth to the most part, again not as intuitive as apples. Sure there are more bells and whistles, but simple things like typing "ya" spits out YAHOO, so i turn predictive text off, and "ya" always gets capitalized to YA...really? and they say its supposed to be learning as you use it...BS!

no visual voicemail - how do people live without this?

internet speeds - my ip4 was faster on the net, the gs3 does process things faster on Wifi(sometimes) but i have clocked them side by side over and over again, and the gs3 just doesnt process wifi as well max @ 11Mb with the ip4 averaging 15Mb. 4g is also a joke, ive known this since i use my bb9900 for a lot of email (work) ive pings it when on 4g and the most ive been able to get is 4Mb, again same place as the ip4 has maxxed out at 6Mb

those are it so far - im going to keep the phone at least 15 days so that i can get used to is and report back with anymore pro's that i can find about the phone.

These are based on things that i use daily, im sure other users will find different outcomes.

but so far ip4s>ip4>gs3=bb9900

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