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Touch to Talk Kyocera 3250


Feb 28, 2004 by bevelman98

I have to say that over all I am impressed with this new kyocera and Alltel’s touch to talk service. A few of my friends have gotten the phones and are really enjoying them. There is a small delay but at most only two seconds or so…it also works really well in the analog market which is nice. The phone is loaded with features that work well however we are still having to wait a little bit for things like games and ringtones but I am sure just like any new phone it takes a little bit. Some strange things with the phone though….the signal meter likes to jump around a bit but still makes a good call even with no signal at all. Nextel might still have a little better service when it comes to the walkie talky part of it but I think Alltel’s new t2t is a very close runner up. Also for someone like myself who lives in the U.P. of Michigan but also does a lot of work in Northern Lower Michigan it is nice to see a company go the extra mile and start this service not only in there large markets but in there little ones too.

One of the better "Walkie Talkies"


Feb 20, 2004 by djdramatikk

I was actually very impressed with the T2T feature, still kind of glitchy, but it works and is FAST, not the huge delay of Sprint or Verizon, not quite as fast as Nextel's, but here at the place I work at we have 3 of the phones that we demo, and there is about a 1 to rarely a 2 second delay in it, even in analog mode! It actually works, they pulled it off better than Sprint and Verizon, not bad for their first entry into it. There's not 2 numbers to remember like the Nextel which is nice, and it's not just limited to being used in the data network, it WILL work every where, and we have tested it all over the norther part of michigan where it's about 85% analog network. So before people talk bad about it, use it for a while, you will see that it's nice to be able to hit analog and still have T2T service, and it can only get better.

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Great Phone


Apr 28, 2007 by gsmith44

I love my 3250. The Belt clip is very handy and it is a durable phone. I had it for 5 years or more. The numbers were worn off but it worked well. Then one day, POOF.. don't work.

Thank goodness for Ebay I got another and by having my old phone synched with my computer, it was nothing to set up the new one.

now I'm looking for another so I maybe am able to get another 7 years or so with 2 of them!

almost cried when it left me


Mar 23, 2007 by phoneguru55

one of the best phones offered through kyocera... had this phone for three years with alltel and it was my baby.. hate that it was discontinued, didnt have one malfunction for almost 3 years until it was stolen and i almost cried when alltel said it was no longer available...one of the greatest phones ever made!!!

Pros: Everything
(the walkie talkie is awesome)

Cons: Nothing



Jan 24, 2005 by rsandersfeld

I have been using a cell phone for approx 20 years. I owned my own cellular phone and accessory store for five years. While selling phones and accessories I had the opportunity to use numerous cellular phones.

When it comes to the Kyocera 3250 I find it to be the all time worst phone I have ever laid my hands on.

A co-worker and I were issued the same phone at the same time (If we didn't get along so well with our boss we would assume he hated us).

We feel the phone is complicated to use. When someone calls, sometimes you hear ringing as if you just dialed.

Then sometimes you answer to the recording “This call can not be completed as dialed” (even thou your trying to answer).

Now those people that were trying to call actually left you a voice mail. Well you have no way of knowing, because the phone does not notify you.

Sometimes you are unable to get to your contact list. The fix for this is to power the phone off, then power it back on (reset). Not real convenient when your in a hurry.

When the guy dropped these phones off, I realized they had no clip. He said you could hang them form your belt loop using the hook. However the instructions clearly states (in so many words) the phone should not be attached to clothing using the clip.

Now I have this brick in my hand all day. If it was not imperative that we have the phones with us 24/7 I would just leave it lie on my desk, or toss it out the window.

When first seeing the phone I was persistent that I did not think the phone was going to work for what we do. We needed something small that we could attach to a belt. At the time he told us to try the phone out and if it didn't work out he would replace it. A few days later he was contacted him explaining that do to the phones not having a clip on them we were having a hard time keeping track of them. He informed us we should have called within 24 hours.

This is one of those phones I would have refused to sell.

Best 2-Way I have seen


Nov 24, 2004 by firedog165

I truly don't know what that person above was thinking when they wrote that the T2T feature is bad its better then my fathers Nextel, where whenever I connect it connects. And alot better then the so called Walkitalki feature that Verizon and Sprint have, plus only needed to know 1 number instead of 2 and considering it works in analog and you can receive while roaming on other networks I think its great, Plus the phone itself has the best call quality and signal quality out of all the phones I have had in the past. And now since Alltel has released an update so that we can download ringtones and wallpapers, it really nice. There is really no delay ever and there will obviously be one sometimes. I have also found that the T2T feature works in places where there is not enough signal to make a call. Overall on a scale of 1-10(10 the best) I would rate this phone a 15.

2-way NOT!!


Feb 4, 2004 by nissanpu87

the new kyocera 3250 is a nice phone it has allot to offer but for alltels 2-way its not a 2-way at all all it is a speaker phone with a button to talk. you have to dial out with the phone number and you have to wait for it to connect , witch stays connected until the call is done . and the delay time is like 4-8 sec. i think they have allot to work on cause for a 2-way its a joke . if you want 2-way go nextel 100% better then alltel

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