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Jul 13, 2005 by tag733

Ive owned the z200 for about 7 months now and there is no end to the problems with it. I have had to send it back twice because of problems with it. I think the biggest problem ive had with it is the reception. Ill be in my basement and it will tell me i have no service. Ill be in a car and it will tell me i have no service. It loses service even if you put it as low to the floor as the bottom of your pocket. It does have loud ring tones, and cool games but overall i don't think the z200 is a quality phone. They discontinued it because it was causing them too many problems.

battery life sux


May 4, 2004 by doctorvik

I have this phone for over 3 months...the battery lasts 1.5 days on standby...I did all of the full charges to train the battery and ended up getting a new battery that still only lasts 1 day ---on Standby!!!!otherwise a cool phone

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Good looking.......



I've tried this phone for 2 weeks now and as its been said, this phone is definatly good looking, changable face plates, color screen, yadda yadda but, the basic and most needed functions are simply not there. The reception is barely decent, to be generous and the software speed is man, just too slow. I'm with Fido, provider down in Canada and i've tried the T616, these phones are not even close on the perfomance aspect, but its still good looking...

sexy phone but just a phone


Sep 13, 2006 by cocoh28

yes, i agree... i've had this phone for just a year but by month 3 i was itching to have it replaced. but to be fair to the z200 there are pros:

> damn sexy look... red, froSTY Whit and blue faceplates are just gorgeous... it even has diff textures...
> external display for clock and caller id is convenient
> crisp display
> nice ringers
> and loud enough audio
> has option to attach fm stereo headset

CONS: Boring, why?
> has low memory...not even enough for 50+ messages much less for pics
> can't transfer even black & white images via infrared
> has mms capabilities but low memory prevents us from downloading wallpapers and ringtones to customize phone.
> no special feature like bluetooth
> keypad are a pain and if you text often you'll risk chipping the silver paint of the letters in the keypad

its just a phone.
its stylish, its sexy
but all you do is call and sms (rather painfully though)



Nov 11, 2005 by da.woosterz

-Looks really sexxy

-Bad reception
-THE worst keypad ever
-Shortest battery life ever
-Slow as Hell
-Breaks very easily
-Cent download more stuff

What can I say? The only good thing about this phone is how awsome it looks. Its has the worst reception ever. We were driving down to St.Albert; and my car breaks down. So what do I do? I whip out my brand new Z200 and it tells me theres no service. Anyways long story short, I managed to get back home safely. Also this things keypad sucks! I always end up pressing the # next to the # I wanna punch in. And then you gotta use so much strength to press in a #. Use this phone and youll be getting huge finger muscles in a month. Also the bwttery on this thing is crap crap crap! You keep it on for 2 hours and you'll already need to charge it. I'd be better off with a pinwheel attatched to a hand generator. This phone sucks sucks sucks and u dont wanna get it unless u like being ripped off.

It's orange...I like orange.


Nov 7, 2005 by laurasaur

I've had this phone for just over a year. I like it. I bought it because it was the only orange phone available and orange is my favourite colour and it was free with a contract.

- Orange
- Good reception
- Small
- Great for text messaging
- Good colour screen
- Battery lasts pretty long for me
- Alien scum - looove it!

- No camera
- Slow at loading sim
- Hard to plug into charger and also sometimes doesn't charge when plugged in and you have to keep trying and trying. Doesn't happen that often but it drives me insane when it doesn't work
- I would like a speaker phone
- The power button is really stupid
- The call list business is kinda cruddy
- Crappy alarm songs
- Can't download pictures or games

Overall I really DO like this phone despite all the cons it has. Soo many people say "oh my gosh, cool phone" and then I look at them all funny because it's not really that cool. I like orange. I like my phone. It works for me. :)

Drop Calls Master


Jul 27, 2005 by subhuman

Great looking phone ... that's all

-no battery life
-cannot download ringtones,Wallpapers,games , etc .... ( discontinued )
-Reception = ZERO ( i know every drop zones on my region )

Oh and a last point ... It seem to be solid ... after throwing it on my inside car door , it continue to work ... :)

Flashy but not what you would expect.


Nov 4, 2004 by happysmoke

I have been using the Sony Ericsson Z200 for 1 week. Its is sharp looking with many useful features for a basic device. I have service with Fido in Southern Ontario, Canada. The reception/signal is very poor compared to my previous devices (Motorola V60i, Nokia 5690). The reception/signal is always around 1-2 bars if any when device is closed but always gets 1 more when it is open (Do you really want to keep your flip open in your pocket?). The battery life is terrible. I agree withe other user reviews on this especially. I was used to having my battery last 5 days on standby with talk time included---this battery lasts 1.5 days, maybe. I am afraid to leave it on over night without charging it; you better get a car charger if your on the run as often as I am. Overall, if you want a flip phone I would look again--sometimes looks are not everything. I was much more satisfied with the Motorola V60i (Too bad it was not a colour screen).

The Z stands for Zzzzzz cus this phone's a sleep


Jun 13, 2005 by bradplant

This is my second Sony Ericsson phone in the past year, my first a t200, now a z200 which I thought would be better. The menu system and phone book navigation is sooooooo slow, for example: If I want to call someone in my phone book named Jeff, I would press 'PHONEBOOK' then '5' to jump to the J section. Most phone have command queuing and even if there is a lag in getting into the phone book the second comand is cued and will execute all in good time. Not only are the Erickson phones, especially the z200, extremely slow the do not cue command which means you have to hit phone book, wait 5 seconds, then hit 5 then wait 5 seconds. This is also the slowest GSM phone for loading SIM information and power ups. If the phone loses power during a call (battery dies) you must leave the phone charging only for a min of 5 minutes before it allows you to turn power back on and call back the person you were just disconnect from. You cant just plug it in a turn it on. Great RF on Fido network on Canada (which is a small but reliable network), very poor RF on the Rogers network. Also small display on outside scrolls the name and number from caller ID across the screen, if you miss the first part you have to sit through the scroll until the name comes up again.

small, light, great screen

navigation speed
no command queuing
slow SIM load time
belt clip design is awful, make flipping phone closed very difficult
scrolling caller ID on small external display

Very cute phone, Very bad rf


Jan 2, 2004 by sthavorn

Just got this phone and very... very big disappointment in rf. I think you know how I feel when you can not make a phone call or receive due to the no signals.Sony ericsson phones known to be the worst in rf department. I thought that sony ericsson would fix this rf problem with their new Z series. I guess they didn't. Read my review again if you are trying to get the Z200.

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