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nice phone for the kiddies


Feb 3, 2004 by daddy dugan

I like this phone. This phone reminds me of the t731 but without the flip. This is a great phone for all you college kids who are needing to save a buck. US Cellular has just put this phone on the market and with its easy edge on-line capabilty mixed with its tone creator I feel that this phone will soon became a low cost favorite over the Nokia 3586 and the Kyocera Phantom. Nice job motorola.

This phone is great for what it offers


May 26, 2006 by piklya

>Durable, I've dropped it, it's been in water, rained on, stepped on, etc. and it still keeps running... thats what I love about Motorolas!
>No problems with software
>Sound quality is great, never fluctuated
>Lasted for 2 1/2 years!

>Small small screen
>Kind of big & heavy

Worst Phone EVER!!!


May 24, 2006 by skeptiq

Honestly, this phone is garbage! I have had several phones, and recently purchased a used c343 as a backup, but there were so many issues, I sent it back. Thank goodness I had a great eBay seller. The first c343 he sent the ear speaker would only work if I jammed the phone into the side of my head. I sent that one back, and he sent a different c343. This one worked fine until he battery ran down and I found out the charger slot on the bottom didn't work. The little time I had to use it, the UI was terrible, and the buttons are backward from EVERY other phone I have used.

- Size

- Everything else!

Annoying Little Problems


May 15, 2006 by hoo186

I bought this phone back in 2004 when I renewed my service. I've put up with it's little problems for close to two years now, and I'm finally changing the phone...since it's time to renew my service. The problems started almost immediately, but most of it were issues that I thought were either battery related, or cell-service related. Also, I use my cell phone as a business and a home phone...so the phone gets fairly heavy usage.

-I like the menu system, and the way you can customize the menu.

-The shortcut button feature is customizable

-This phone is built like a tank, it can stand drops or bumps without any major damage to the face, screen, or the keys.

-Within 3 months of buying the phone, I had to replace the charger. It kept giving me "unable to charge" error message, and I had to keep taking the prongs in and out until I would get a "charging" message.

-about a months after that, the phone started to lock up. I would get a "connecting" message, but nothing would happen, and the only way to fix it was to take the battery out. This problem has continued to this day on a once to three times a day basis.

-about three months ago, the ear device started to give out. The phone would ring, but either I could barely hear the person on the other end, or I was completely unable to hear the other person. It started as a fluke problem (1 in a 50 to 60 calls), but it has picked up over time, to the point where I'm unable to hear anything at all without the hands-free headset.

the greatest phone ive used next to the V120


Apr 6, 2006 by compudude86

had a v120e with verizon, i got a c343 when they first came out with US cellular, switched to verizon and a samsung sgh-a650 (got so pissed at it for dropping calls i threw it and broke it too easily) then a nokia 6015, it was ok, but developed serious circuit problems and would die and drop calls sporadically. i then bought a c343 for verizon, and i would never look back!!!! you talk about it like junk, ive dropped it numerous times, ive put it through some rough conditions that no samsung or nokia could ever handle, and it still works! and to top it off, im buying another one today!!! i love these phones, and wouldnt trade a moto for any other brand, because it just works!!!! it gets range everywhere, whereas samsung and nokia wont, plus ive found through personal research that nokia phones emit high levels of interference, anyways, love my moto c343!!!

A waste of money


Mar 15, 2006 by carlotat

I have owned this phone for 5 miserable months, having switched from Alltel to Verizon and purchasing this "upgrade" as part of the deal. The problems have ranged from the screen advising "No Service" in the middle of town or within eyesight of a tower to many dropped calls, and not being able to hear my caller unless I press the phone very hard to my ear. Additionally, people on the other end can never hear me. I've had it. Tomorrow, it gets tossed and I'll get a new phone--not another Motorola.

Want a cheap phone? Don't get this one.

I like it


Mar 14, 2006 by buttonbaby16

Well i got the motorola c343 for my b-day, i love it. I got it through tracfone. It works fine and has survived two major falls, and best of all i can make my own ringtone on it all i did was go into my tones and pressed button lyk b2 or c3 and they turned out to be notes and after that i was making my own tones :D. It hasn't eaten a charger and i can keep it on for 3 days without charging it for a 2nd time :D. I've had it for about 4 months so far.

It Is What It Is - Inexpencive


Feb 9, 2006 by alexhenryj

You definatly get what you pay for with this phone. I do not use the ear piece on the phone as I have just given up on hearing any one and I used a headset at all times. After 3 months having the phone I still cannot figure out how to do anything with a keylock feature. It can only handle MIDI ringtones. There is no predictive text feature that I can find when writing text messages.

There are three good things about this phone, I didn't pay for it and it will get service where my e815 wont. Also, you can store upwards of 200 sent/received text messages without having to delete but you will have noticable lag in key functions... or maybe that is just normal I am not sure.

I dont know what other peoples problem is!


Sep 20, 2005 by UncleKoolAidKool

I love this phone!!! i got it on mi birthday as a present for miself and it was only 50 bucks!!!! mi wallet loved me for it! ha ha and i got it because Virgin Mobile is just ridiculus! they over price everything! and they just have the WORST service ever!!! now this phone works GREAT at My house thanx to Verizon!!! i love their Network... but lets just face it their pre-paid servive is VERY expensive and i just CANNOT afford it being a teen without a JOB! ha ha... and tracfone is great except for the whole roaming thing... and well the phone is AWESOME because it has the appearence of a contract phone without the contract! and the wallpapers are cool and i luv the ringtones!!! well sometimes the screen will start dimming for some reason but that is just a personal problem they said they would fix it but i dont mind and it has no games but i dont mind and again that may just be tracfone well thats all i would DEFINATELY RECCOMEND this phone with tracfone and it says they stopped selling it.. but they didnot something is wrong there... BYE!



Aug 29, 2005 by C341Sucks

This C341 Motorola is by far the worst product I have ever used or owned. I own 12 Motorola Hand Held Commercial Radios with no problems.

The other complaint I have is with whoever the brain is that designed the Warranty Repair policy. I phoned Motorola regarding my problems. Was told I had to mail in my phone and wait 4 to 6 weeks for repair, and replacement of my charger. Then was informed there are only two service centers in Oklahoma, one in Enid and one in Weatherford. Both are 120 miles from Tulsa. At the end of the call, the person said that Radio Shack is an authorized repair station?

We were on the phone for nearly an hour. If you add up my time and the warranty person's time per hour, our time exceeded what mailing me a replacment phone would of cost.

Options were to mail in my phone and charger, then wait up to six weeks for repacement or repair.

I owned a NOKIA phone for five years prior to owning this Piece of Junk. Only reason I purchased the Motorola C341, was to use it outside of my Cricket Area. I still have the NOKIA, and will be using it again, while waiting for MOTOROLA to attempt to fix or replace my phone for up to SIX WEEKS!


First the two rubber side strips fell off, must use the same glue as NASA.

The case that is so thin creates a Creaking Noise when you hold the phone.

The wall charger sometimes charges the phone other times you may think it charged but it did not.

Occasionally the back light stays on constantly, until you turn the phone off and back on.

The phone has static in it and it occurs if you hold it in a normal fashion, only way you can get it to stop is to hold the phone at the top by the antenna.

Headset works for about 2 minutes then quits.

Phone will go dead when talking on it, even when it is plugged into the charger.

Set the phone for Vibrate and Ring, works fine, but everytime you plug in the charger it resets the phone to Ring Only???

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