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LG TP 5250


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LG TP 5250


Mar 7, 2002 by mjohns2

I started with the SPH6100. I've had my 6100 for maybe 2 years now. I have always thought the SPCS was very spotty. I now have had the LG TP 5250 for 2 days. I haven't had a single dropped call.

With my 6100 while on the freeway I would tell people I would have to call them right back cause the phone was going to disconnect in a few seconds and it would. With my LG TP 5250 I can use the phone the whole ride on the freeway

TP 5250 Review


Jun 16, 2002 by jsirak

Very durable (survived multiple drops onto hard surfaces), excellent reception, compact. Highly recommended.

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Cute and practical


Apr 10, 2002 by Chaos Knign

Had this phone for a couple of weeks now. The only complaints I've heard from my co-workers is that the battery is kind of flimsy. When you're typing in a number, you can feel the battery move towards and away from the phone as you apply pressure. The antenna is also very small and it looks like if you breathe on it with even a Colgate mouth, it will wilt. We don't mess with them so it has never been a problem.
Of course we subjected one of our fellow co-workers' phone to a drop test without his consent, Thin carpet floor, dropped from above head height and having forward momentum (or backward if you ask the guy who didn't catch it while playing keep away.) The battery came flying off, but the hinges stayed sturdy and the flip closed, protecting the LCD inside. Other than a few scuffs, the phone stood up pretty well. The battery latches and mechanisms still worked as well.
It has a plethora of features and menu's are intuitive. I haven't found a way to use my handsfree kit with built in answer button on the earbud. If I use it, it kicks me in to voicemail automatically.
Nifty little phone, certainly worth the price.

Good Overall Phone Excellent Functions


Mar 1, 2002 by john mabry

Excellent phone and layout. Good sound quality and reception. Have not had any static on any calls in the last week. They could have made it where you can recharge it with the plastic clip still attached, and there is no second battery charger made on the desktop charger stand (I use my phone a lot and I now have to charge one battery at a time). They could have made the thing in different colors and different lights just to be fancy.

LG 5250


Jun 4, 2006 by incubusion5

The devices is an upgrade on the TP 1100, and has found a niche in the cellular world, this is another compact device. This device is able to download ring tones, and do some small web looking, you could go into chat rooms, and things along that line. Overall good phone, good battery life, and durable.

Worst Phone I've Ever Used


Nov 10, 2004 by bigbadtexaswolf

I had this phone for approximately two months and the crystal for the inside screen crack. The phone still worked but you could not see anything on the screen. I sent it in to be repaired and it was gone for 2 months. About a month or so after I got the repaired phone back, the antenna broke. Back to the shop it went for another month. Approx. a month after it returned, the inside screen crystal broke again. Now, I could understand it breaking if I were rough on the phone, but that was not the case. The last time I sent it back for repairs (broken inside crystal), they replaced the phone with a brand new one. However, I never used it because it was gone for another 2 1/2 months, so I got a Nokia phone to replace it before the replacement got back to me.

Pros: Nice "looking" phone

Cons: Poorly built phone and dropped calls left and right (the little I actually got to use it)


I like thie phone


Jan 9, 2003 by Bryan Hatcher

This phone is awesome. Its the best phone in the world. I would never buy another phone.

Not my type


Dec 26, 2002 by Corbin Dickerson

Sorry, but this phone did not do it for me. I got this phone because I needed a phone from Sprint that had the ability to roam on an analog network. My last phone was digital only. First thing that I noticed was that it likes to switch to the analog setting a lot. Places where I had digital before (my house) now were in analog. Forcing the phone to stay in PCS digital only meant no service. This phone (along with other Sprint phones) has the habit of showing two or three service bars, but not ringing when you get a call. Anyhow, after having it “updated” at Sprint and no better I took it back. Also Sprint needs to have phones that have regular ring tones. All these stupid songs and such a cool for pre-teen girls but many just want their phone to ring. Come on Sprint!!!

Review of the LG 5250


Aug 7, 2002 by Michael Agaon

Review of the LG 5250

This review covers the LG 5250 phone. I’ve been a professional software developer for a number of years and I think that my experience will help me to make a proper review of the product.

Every Sprint PCS customer rep will tell you that LGs are excellent, however it turns out that the previous models of this phone had battery and reception problems.

LG 5250 has many useful features such as T9 Word, Voice Memo, Voice Dialing, Scheduler, and phone number extraction from a text/email messages (is very useful).

To my disadvantage I find that navigational and OK buttons are not well placed - you will feel irritated after scrolling through the long menus or selecting a needed feature of the phone (Samsung solved this problem by making a proper placement of the buttons and some shortcuts). The menus look a bit awkward due to being always presented on the screen from the moment you open the phone. The phone book could be organized much better – very confusing, but can hold up to 5 numbers per entry.

Ringer types – the sounds (melodies) are goofy. All the sounds are flat, in addition the LG supports a ringer type that can be used by business people.

Finally, the RECEPTION IS VERY POOR – it can take me from 3 to 10 times to dial a voice mail in order to check a single message. The most strange thing with the phone is being able to receive calls. It turns out that some calls go through and some are routed right away to the voice mail even though your phone is on and have not been moved from the wide open area were the signal is extremely strong.

If you do not have a tight budget go for the Sanyo phones – a thrill to use, otherwise try to use Samsung and see if it works out for you (it doesn’t have a voice memo and some users complain about the reception) – but still a better phone than the LG 5250.

After writing this review I will return my phone and will hunt for a BETTER phone of course.

This phone is ok


Aug 7, 2002 by D.L. Williams

It is a good for being "Fisher Price my first cell phone." It needs s string vib mode and the games are excellent.

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