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High Quality Product!


Jun 4, 2012 by NerdyMaGee

I don't own this phone, but I do sell it (and lots of others) for a living. Here's what I've noticed. :)

*I really do love this operating system! It's very intuitive and the layout and customization options make a lot of sense. I consider this an excellent smartphone choice for all technical skill levels.
*The physical design of this phone is just cool. It stands out from the pack of countless large-screened black Androids. I've also noticed this phone can stand up by itself. :D
*Quality is excellent. VERY low return rate!
*If you download an app for this phone, you can generally expect it to work flawlessly (not always the case with android).
*Nokia has a well earned reputation for excellence. Most phones (iphones included) are made in China, probably under poor working conditions (Apple has made some improvements in this area). I like that Nokia phones are very often manufactured in countries where workers are better protected.

*App selection isn't yet comparable to Android and iPhone. I think MS will catch up, but we aren't there yet.

Overall, I highly recommend this phone.

Great Phone - Texting is just OK


Jun 3, 2012 by orlavin

Ok, so this phone has all the bells and whistles. I mean calls are clear, the camera is nice, the processor is fast, the internet is super fast too. The phone feels solid and battery is awesome!
Everything you want from a phone, especially in a Windows phone, hands down this is the phone for you! However, I am a HUGE Texter. I text all day.
This phone doesnt predict very well what I am going to say, and it makes a lot of mistakes, it frustrated me a lot. Also the shape of the phone, I just personally didn't like that it was not only very big but very squared, the corners were sharp and just made it uncomfortable to hold in your hand. Putting a case on it will just make the phone even bigger.

Again, this is a personal opinion of mine. The phone is awesome, but I just dont love it. So I switched to something else. I still gave it a 4 star, because overall it is a good phone.

Xbox gaming


May 18, 2012 by shamwow586

I bought this phone because of its integration with the XBOX 360.

Not only is my gamer tag on both my xbox and my phone, but i can earn achievements and talk to my friends. The phone also works as a media remote for my xbox which is pretty cool since I use netflix a lot.

One of the best things about the phone is that I'm shocked I get some days more then a day worth of battery life. My days start at 6 a.m. and end around 11p.m. and my phone will only be around 25%. I would categorize myself as having moderate-heavy usage.

Everything on the phone is pretty simple and intuitive, it lets me do things faster. There are just some things, especially coming to multitasking that this phone can do that android can't.

Nokia made the phone solid with good build quality. Personally i like the option to get a phone other then black and white. And the screen works in the sun too!

Overall I would highly recommend this phone to anyone.

The Rise of WP7


Apr 12, 2012 by goonryan2005

Nokia is back!
I am excited to see Nokia back in the US market! They have always have very quality phones in the past.

I picked up a lumia 900 on launch day from AT&T. I decided to put my Galaxy Note back in it's box after a few days. I really enjoy this phone. It lives up to what Microsoft claims WP7 does. Convenience, Quick, and Right to the point. This phone achieves all 3 better than any other phone on the market. Now, I admit to being an Android Fan Boy, as that is usually all I will carry, but this will be my main phone at least until the One X is released so I can check that one out.

Nokia and Microsoft worked hard together to ensure that this phone doesn't skip a beat, and they were very successful with this. The 1.4Ghz Snapdragon is plenty enough to keep this phone blazing through whatever you use your phone for.

Live hubs are always amazing. Local Scout is fantastic.

Camera is pretty good, although you need to adjust a few settings to get where it should be out of the box. I had to turn exposure up to a +.05 or +1.0 to get good lighting in darker rooms. Flash is very strong.

Screen is superb! Clear black screen works very well and is easier to read than most phones in direct sun light, including the GS2.

Battery life is great for LTE device. I am getting a full day with regular use, wifi and bluetooth on. Very similar to the battery life I was getting on my Note.

Call quality is the best I have had on any phone in the past. To say it is superb would an understatement. Signal quality is pretty good as well.

Grab one of these phones quick!

Call quality
Build quality
Great speakers
Clear/Black display Super AMOLED

Camera settings need to be adjusted slightly OTB
Not as many apps available from WP7, but definitely growing!

Tips: If you're a big Pandora fan, download MetroRadio. This is a pandora 3rd party app that uses your pandora account. Unlimited skips for free!

Best phone I've ever had


Jun 7, 2012 by kworth

I love this phone. I came from an Android and was concerned about going to Windows but I must say it's been the best decision I've ever made.

PROs - Great display, vivid color, big screen, great app availability and growing daily. Great battery life, whole day without worry. Sound is excellent.

CONs - no font adjustments for text and email.

A breath of fresh air


Apr 18, 2012 by charlyee

The build quality is superb, the polycarbonate unibody fits perfectly in my hand, and the weight is just right

The location of the "on" button makes it easy to turn the screen on and unlock with one hand

The black screen makes it very legible in bright sunlight.

The on screen keyboard is one of the best standard ones I have used, and I have used a few.

The reception is truly stellar, I am being able to get a reasonable signal from places that was a hit or miss

The call quality is excellent on both ends.

The GPS is quick and dead on.

Speaker phone and VVM are loud and clear

WP is a clean, uncluttered, and efficient OS. It is buttery smooth and fluid

The battery life was a very pleasant surprise. I am still playing with it and after using it for 12-14 hours I end up with 25-30% left. The users that came from Android and iOS have both commented on it.

Camera is very good in good lighting but sub par in low light
There a metal trim at the back that scratches very quickly.

I am coming from a long succesion of SmartPhones with my last three having been Androids, I also have an IPad2 and this phone by far leads imo

Nokia does it...as always!


Apr 17, 2012 by johnshwanson

Before my actual review I would like to state, I am 100% an iPhone user and will always be.

My new work phone is a Lumia 900 in black. For those who haven't had Nokia in the past, they have always been known for signal strength and excellent battery life. The Lumia 900 continues this fine record of excellence. My battery lasts for the whole day easily. I was of course hesitant at first because of the fact it was a Windows Phone. I have to say, I love it. In my opinion it works so much better than any android I have used. Nokia has worked hard to make sure the problems are few. The windows system has less apps, but I have yet to have one force close on me and they look amazing.

Loud Speaker
Great battery
Heavy Duty Body
Fast Processor
Front Facing Camera
Great Signal Strength
Polycarbonate body, scratching is hard to do

No sd card slot
internal battery (yes i know my iphone does too, but i do enjoy being able to pull a battery if need be)

Best Choice I've Ever Made


Sep 7, 2012 by SCardwell19

I have been an Android user since the G1 and I just needed something different and I have found exactly what i was looking for.

The screen is brilliant, bright and vivid that is full of color. 4.3" screen is big enough for my fingers. The beautiful camera is amazing. The Carl Zeiss lens was THE perfect choice for Nokia. The front facing camera is SOOOOO crisp and clean and takes great pictures. The phone operates very fast without any glitches or anything holding it back. So smooth.

This was the best decision that I have made in a long time. I cant wait til Windows 7.8 comes out.

I HIGHLY recommend this phone to everyone who is looking for something different.

Nokia and Windows Phone are making a comeback....


Apr 15, 2012 by alphageekprime

What an awesome phone this is! I purchased it on the second day of release and couldnt be happier! Lets dive right in, shall we?

Beautiful, sleek design and colors!(I have the cyan one)
Great screen! Nokia's clearbkack display is great, especially outdoors
The OS is phenomonal! Its buttery smooth, easy on the eyes and doesn't stutter or freeze up. Its the best looking OS on the market today!
Perfect combination of hardware and software! The OS does not need dual core to function properly and fly.
The hardware is awesome! Nokia has always created great devices on the hardware side.
The popular apps are mostly there. Many people complain about windows not having enough apps, but if you've used the phone for more than 10 minutes, you'll see that most of the must-have apps are there and there are app-equivalents for the ones that are not.

I would say that data connectivity issue was a problem, but less than a week after its launch date, an update is out fixing this problem! And you get your account credited $100, which is the cost of the handset! Awesome!!

This is a great handset for anyone looking to purchase a smartphone, whether they be first time smartphone buyers or looking to switch from another OS. Plus, with LTE connectivity, you cannot go wrong with the Lumia 900!

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Go buy two!


Aug 10, 2012 by dirtworm   updated May 4, 2013

This phone should be resurrecting Nokia and propelling Windows; it doesn't seem to be but it should be.

If you are one of the lucky ones who grabbed this phone at a ridiculously low price (with a contract), congrats. I am happily one of that number.



The battery is a champ,
The camera is useful, efficient, and sophisticated (white balance, macro focus, etc.)
The Windows OS is Awesome!
Solid construction,
vivid, easy to read screen
Very quick processing,
Excellent call quality

Gaming: With Xbox companion it becomes a remote control for your Xbox. Also tons of games available, some even link up with your Xbox live gamertag. Want to play final fantasy on your phone?

Cons: It didn't come with a free cookie. That would have been nice.

If you are worried a Windows OS will limit you from an app perspective, put your mind at ease. Nokia Drive alone is worth buying this phone (a free voice guided turn by turn navigation app.... free I said.... and it works great!.... with downloadable maps and voices so you don't use data!!!)

There are plenty of apps available, and more all the time. The most important thing I have noticed is that all the apps work flawlessly.

My last phone was a Palm running Web OS, which might have been the best OS ever developed for a Smart Phone but nobody bought it. I don't think Windows will suffer the same fate, and it might be as good.

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