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One major problem


Mar 9, 2005 by danboston34

This phone has all pluses of a great new phone mentioned in various reviews throughout this forum. One point that is missing is that the microphone is way too sensitive. This forum ought to have comments for the person on the other end of the line because if you ask people who are listening to you while on this phone, they're not impressed. This microphone picks up every little sound and breath so it often sounds like you are Darth Vader. Other than that, all the features are really cool, the screen is great, etc.

Great phone at a great price


Feb 11, 2005 by ivelostit87

What's hot-
-Crystal clear reception
-Vibrant colors on inside screen
-Camera takes crisp pictures
-Battery life so far way better then my
What's not-
-I get bored with phones quickly not
enough features for me.
-Doesn't take a lot of video's like my i860 from nextel
-Should come with more preloaded Wallpapers/Ringtones
The outcome-
Honestly it's a great phone for the price
I really don't think anyone would be dissatisfied with this phone

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Do not buy!


Sep 6, 2004 by Calypso

I have always had cheap or midlevel phones which were usually quite acceptable. When switching to verizon I decided to get something a little more advanced for my wife and myself. Based on reviews here and on other sites I decided to by the Samsung A670.This phone seemed to fit all the categories nicely. Small, attractive, Flip etc. It also had several features I had never had before. Colour screen, camera etc. However both my wife and myself are greatly disappointed. The battery life is abysmal! Not even close to what the verizon rep said. And dose this phone heat up! Talk 5 minutes and its like holding a hot coal to your face! I've actually had to hang up because the phone was too hot. What good are the other features when the battery drains so quickly, or the phone is to hot to use.

My wife's phone had problems when it first arrived. The navigation buttons did not work. Verizon swapped it for another but she experiences the same problems that I do. I really miss the performance of my Nokia 6360.

Contacts Interface SUCKS!


Jul 20, 2004 by boulder 910

When I first bought this phone I thought it was great (especially after reading all the previous reviews on this site). It is a handsome phone, smaller size for a camera phone, the sound clarity is nice, camera feature is simple to use... however for anybody that actually uses their phone alot instead of just taking pictures on it, the contacts interface SUCKS!
First of all you are forced to assign a speed dial number to every contact (if you don't assign one the phone will do it by default). This would be fine except that in the contacts list Samsung SORTS YOUR CONTACTS BY THESE NUMBERS, so if I go into my "friends" list, they are shown in order of speed dial number and not alphabetically as one would expect. For a phone with the ability to put up to 500 names in the address book, this will make for very inconvenient lookup when I am trying to find someone. I use my phone for business so this will be very inconvenient when I am trying to find one of my long list of clients.
Also, you cannot enter more than one type of number for each contact (for example I have several friends who have 2 cellphones, but for each contact I had to list one of the cellphones as a fax). You are also not allowed to put the same number in the phone twice (who possibly thought up this UI) so that if you have 2 friends who work at the same office, only one of them gets to be in your phone book.
I could go on here with several more complaints (like the fact that their speed dial buttons do not show the name you are calling on the display until you are already dialing the number or allow you to choose which number you want to call for that speed dial contact -i.e. cell, office-, but this review is already getting long enough).
Unfortunately this is a beautiful phone with some nice fancy features, but for practical everyday usability it gets a thumbs WAY down.

Alright phone


Sep 18, 2005 by Renegade_Fart

Really cool phone. Good reception

Very very durable! I have dropped this phone so many times and actually in a test I taped a firecracker to it and blew it up! Still works friggn' great!

Awesome sound quality! wish it had a speaker phone though...

Good reception.. could be better while inside a building

Color screen is good.

Trendy cool design.

Sometimes camera button gets in way while doing other things on phone. load times between aps is kind of frustrating i.e 5-10 seconds to get somewhere to do 2 seconds of work.

Entenna is a little cheap.

Wish it could play full mp3 audio tones.. Haven't found any yet...

Gets kind of boring fast.. Not enough fun stuff to play with.

Camera is great quality.. Video isn't worth using.

Doesn't do my laundry yet, nor does it do my homework.... Lame! I thought phones were supposed to do everything nowadays!!!

Overall I would recommend this phone to someone who needs a rugged phone and needs a good quality phone for making and recieving calls. Otherwise other features like camera is just iceing on the cake..

i love this fone


Aug 15, 2005 by bwright4182

ok well i uasly go 4 the lg fones but i was thinking about geting the 6100 but i decied to try sumtin new and i am happy i did this fone is great it does everything i wanted mi fone to do but i really chose this fone because of the look ova the 6100 and the color external display i love being able to c a color pic of who is calling me with out even opening up mi fone. ova all this fone is great

It is an OK phone, but not for me


Mar 18, 2005 by qingzhuliu

I got this phone on 03/04. But today (03/18), after the 15th day of use, I returned it and got a LG vx6100.
The reasons are:
1) I charged it yesterday evening (9:00PM), but only one bar left this afternoon (3:00PM). During this period, I only used it to receive
2 messages.
2) The outside display is too dark. This makes it almost useless.

1) The Reception is good.
2) It feels solid when holding it.
3) THe camera is ok (800x600, so I would not expect too much).

1) The outside display is useless.
2) Battery lift is no good.



Feb 17, 2005 by SAmSUngLover

this fone is really kool. however, i don't like dis fone dat much after i used like 1 month after. i wanna change to A-790 samsung. be4, i saw da ads, i thought it was a kool fone but then later on..yeh..u'll see ...when i talk like 1 hours, the batter started hotter and hotter..so i could have talk more..?? duh..too bad..i am a person that talks a lot..heheh...so yeh..dat fone is fine..not dat bad..it better than samsung A530 and those previous ones.
-nice feature
-small, beatiful silver color
-camera, camcorder
-LCD screen ok
-the battery sucks
-no speaker fone
-no MP3
-not a world fone

It was okay but had to return it.


Dec 24, 2004 by zippaul

I live in Georgia (northwest) where it is mostly digital.
It could also be this particular phone not all 670's so take that into consideration. I traded it in for Motorola V260 at Radio Shack.

Great, crisp color screen. Internal.
Exterior screen was okay, little tough outside in direct light.
Good layout of key pad and soft keys.
Fonts are very large.
Reception was pretty good.
Best build quality of any phone recently.
Good camera and video.

Call clarity was spotty with alot of echo and was primary reason for returning it.
Battery life even without using camera, video etc. was poor.

IF you are considering Look at LG vx 7000


Dec 3, 2004 by crazyman347

Alright my desicioin was between this phone and the LG VX 7000 this being the cheaper alternative. So i first recived the phone and took it out of the box and thought is was nicer than my VX6000. It is also smaller and compact. After having the phone 1 night i was totally mad about buying it.

The menus are confusing, camera is nothing great, flash makes pictures worse,flashing banner(oh how much i hate that), outside screen is advertised as color but belive me it is more like black and white with a little color, and finally doesn't have near the features of LG phones.

There were only a few good things i found on this phone. Retractable antenna= better reception(compared to vx6000 which is notorious for horrible service), video capabilities, a better resolution compared to inner screen.


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