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Feb 14, 2012 by ATTSalesConsultant21

This phone is exactly what I said in the title, gorgeous. I have never seen a phone work so fast and have suck a sleek disign in my 5 years of having cell phone services. The razr came back better than ever. Moto has never let me down. Devices are build to last.

Coming from Bionic, excellent device


Nov 28, 2011 by doomsdalicious

I am coming from a Bionic and a Droid X before this. The Bionic was pretty awesome, but the build quality of this phone is much better, so I traded up. The guy who gave this phone a poor score because of MotoCast is an idiot troll... It's android... Use a different app...

- Fast
- Excellent build quality

- Really want ICS, but Moto said they will get it out fast. Can't knock it because it will have it.

Love this phone!


Nov 21, 2011 by texastim

This phone has everything that I have been wanting in a Smartphone. I am/was completely torn between this phone and the future Nexus. I am still hoping that my RAZR will/would have the Ice Cream software update hopefully next year, but if not, I will and can live with the great pro's of this phone.

Pro's -

Sleek and slim (tied of the thicker bricks!)
4g on VzW network, need I say more?
Color display, sharp and crisp
8meg Camera.


This is really stupid, but
change your embedded Wallpapers
and Ringtones. This phone should have
the best latest and greatest to match
this space-age device, not what came with
the original Motorola Droid over a year ago.

Hands down the best droid yet


Dec 8, 2011 by sdgmcdon

Apparently some people feel reviewing a defective unit as a properly working model is relevant; it's not folks. If you get a defective unit, get it replaced THEN review / rate it (there are always defective units in manufacturing). I'm giving it 5 stars to help make up for that a bit; otherwise I'd likely give it 4.

Moving on...I've had close to (over?) two dozen smart phones over the years starting with the early treo's. This is my 5th Motorola Droid and 8th Droid in general and it's hands down the best one yet.

-Build quality is outstanding
-System speed
-4G speeds (really does hit 20 mbps)
-Hotspot which I use a lot
-Interface (IMO Mots beat HTC/Samsungs etc)
-Thin - REALLY THIN even in an Otterbox
-Many bugs from previous Mots seem fixed
-Best camera yet in Motorola Droid
-Screen/Colors - Makes Bionic look washed out
-Feels good in hand --> high build quality
-Really stable

-As with any smartphone, battery life stinks
-iPhone 4's camera is WAY better
-Seems to take longer to charge?

I've had a few 4G phones now and they all seem to have this issue as does the razr but I'm chalking it up to the network since multiple phones by multiple manufacturers seemed to do the same: Bounces in and out of 4g, 3g, then no g, then back from time to time while standing still. Not constant, just noticeable now and then.

The phone also is probably the widest/tallest phone out there but I got the X when it first came out so I've been used to that for quite some time. The thinness of the RAZR makes for a good distraction from that and maybe it's just me, but screens on phones like the iPhone just seem super small to me now; not adequate. If you're worried about these dimensions coming from something like the iPhone just know you WILL get used to it.

Overall this is truly an amazing phone, they packed a really solid and stable package into a phone much thinner than an X or Bionic...Now lets see if they can shrink the width/height a bit in the next model :-)

From an ex-iPhone user...


Dec 6, 2011 by BigRed75

This is the first time Motorola got me wanting a phone so bad in years! I owned the infamous StarTac and the original RAZR back in the day. But since the last RAZR, Motorola hasn't done enough to lure me back. Until now...

This phone is absolutely gorgeous. Thin as hell and beautiful with a solid build quality. Gorilla glass and Kevlar back which has a nice rubbery feel to it! The screen is nice, colors are vivid. Yes, it's of the PenTile variety but it's certainly an improvement over the Bionic and it's on par with the 1st generation Samsung Galaxy devices.

Performance is great. Phone is very responsive and there was no lag. Multitasking is a breeze! Even Quadrant scores have the phone performing almost on par to the Galaxy S II devices!

Reception on 3G and 4G here in New York City is outstanding. Verizon's 4G is the real deal and no other carrier comes close! Even with 2 bars of LTE service in a basement I managed to pull 5mbps down using the speediest.net app. At my apt I get full signal on 3G and 4G. Fastest speed I got on 4G there was at 2am and it was a blistering 25mbps!!!! Faster than my cable broadband connection!! That's what you call REAL 4G!! Usually speeds are 10-15mbps on average

Call quality is very good on this device. I hear my callers very clear and so can they. Earpiece and speakerphone could be a little louder for some but it doesn't bother me.

Battery life wasn't all that bad considering this is an LTE device. I was impressed. I made it through 12 hours with some data use (checked a few emails, Facebook, 2 or 3 google searches) with 1 hour of talk time.

My only gripe was the camera. Typical Motorola. It's not bad but not that good either. At best shots were mediocre but not too bad.

Sold build quality, beautiful
Good screen, easy to read in daylight
Fast processor, virtually no lag whatsoever!
Decent battery life for an LTE device
Sold reception and call quality.

Camera is mediocre
No removable battery

Love the New Razr!


Nov 19, 2011 by rebelfag68

Beautiful Screen! FAST!!!! Amazing!

sound quality is great.. and even with the Otterbox cover on its thinner than a naked iPhone!

Screen is gorgeous.. like going from an old tube tv to LED 1080p flatscreen!

Thought i would miss the physical keyboard (OG & Droid2 Global) but the screen is so nice and the touch so responsive i dont miss it at all!

4g in Pensacola holds about 5 to 7 mbs outstanding!



Dec 28, 2011 by ZMike

In the last two years I have had the Blackberry Bold, iPhone 4, HTC Thunderbolt, Samsung Charge, and this DROID RAZR. Of all the devices, the RAZR takes the cake!

Yeah the Bionic is great, ZumoCast and MOTOcast is relatively the same ... what is making me think the RAZR won't be out done for a bit of time is the fact that I don't know what else you can do to it to make it better. A camera upgrade would be nice.


4G speeds are amazing
Screen is very vivid!
It feels really really light!
Charging port and HDMI port on the top (sides make it hard to charge sometimes in the car with car docks)
HD Video capture
Processor is super fast


Battery/Phone has tendency to get extremely warm at times.
Camera for still photos seems sub-par.
Noticed some dark spots on the screen in black areas during boot.

If you have a frozen screen or need to "pull the battery" just hold the sleep/wake button and the volume down button for ten seconds until the screen refreshes...that is like doing a battery pull on the RAZR.

Of all the devices out there right now...a DROID RAZR is the device of choice!

Almost Perfect


Nov 15, 2011 by ggallen

I have been a PDA phone user since the release of the first color PDA phone the Samsung i300. This is my 5th Droid with 4 of them being 4g smartphones. I have only had this phone since the release 11/11/11 and have put it to quite a few test thus far. I must say this is as close to perfection I have seen. The design is superb, screen is brilliant and its performance is exceptional. It feels good in your hand and not bulky in your pocket. I actually went through a complete day before having to recharge the phone.

Today is the first day for me to test the Smart Actions I set which allow the user to automatically set the phone to do automated tasks based on the rules set. Lets see how this plays out with battery life.I love having access to my home computer with Motocast.

The new Gallery and Music Player on the phone are amazing. I am able to see all my photos on my PC arranged in folders on my phone by date. I can view them and share them with my social friends or messaging. I can see my entire music library and stream music from my PC anytime and anywhere. I can also share music with friends.

Now down to business. For me the three thing this phone lacks are:

1 The ability to bcc me on emails I send to others.

2. When typing a name or email address the phone only suggest the contacts I have stored in the phone. My Thunderbolt would also suggest names and emails of people that have sent me emails as well.

3. If you are typing an email and the phone rings the system does not save the email as a draft. The email is lost.

4. I cant surf and talk in 3g. My Thunderbolt was able to do that.

All and all I think this is a great phone and I am looking forward to the test this week as i travel to 4g areas to see how it will function.

Love this phone!!


Nov 14, 2011 by arainaxo

I got this phone at 11:11 am on the day of release. I've never been more impressed with a phone then I am with this one. The camera quality is wonderful, same with the front facing. Original phone was the htc incredible, and I'm much happier with this device.

pros -
- Super fast internet speeds
- multitasking is a snap
- absolutely love the smart actions tool for saving my battery life.
- battery life is wonderful for being a smart phone.
- easy connection to my bluetooth.
- just AMAZING.

cons -
- some photos don't display well due to the change from the htc to motorola, probably because the screen size/quality.

hands down best phone ive ever owned. if you're expecting an amazing battery life out of any smart phone, you're crazy! but this phones battery is amazing!!!

Battery Life  
Hardware Usability  
Hardware Quality  
Interface Speed  
Audio Volume  
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Excellent Phone!


Jun 11, 2012 by WKG   updated May 5, 2013

Updated to the Droid RAZR from the HTC Incredible 2. I had one of the first generation RAZR phones and have always liked Motorola. The Droid RAZR does not disappoint. Unbelievably thin, excellent screen, fast and responsive. Call signal/quality is great with no dropped calls. The sound is clear with plenty of volume. I had some concerns regarding the thin build but this phone really is solid. I wouldn't put it in the back pocket and sit on it but there's no problem in the front jeans pocket. It is less noticeable than the Incredible 2 despite the larger screen. Battery life is acceptable but it wouldn't hurt to do a bit better. I am a fairly heavy user, web browsing, email, text etc and can get a days use out of the battery. I can connect and charge in my vehicle while in the dock if I really need to.

1. Call quality, signal strength
2. Form factor is amazing
3. Build quality
4. 4G smokes if you have it in your area

1. Battery could be a little better but it's no problem.
2. Can't think of anything else....

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