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droid razr is amazimg


Nov 13, 2011 by schnozejt

This phone is brilliant

The review of blotches on black screens is really anal...you will hardly ever notice this let alone remember its there due to how infrequent it occurs.

Youll only notice it in full black pics or full black video....how often do you see tnose?

Smart controller


Apple fans say non removable battery is a con, odd how an apple fan says this

Best device out; hands down

gonna love it


Dec 9, 2011 by nate120476

pros: everything the bionic has... but lighter, thinner. best motorola phone yet.

cons: internal battery like iphone. no way to upgrade to extended battery. dont really need.

Great phone for a great price


Sep 20, 2012 by TJ123

I have had my white razr for 5 months, and it has worked flawlessly. I will admit at first the battery life was horrid, getting maybe 5 hours on the first charge, but in reality 1. because it was new I was playing with it non-stop, 2. The battery was not conditioned like they are supposed to be. I now get 12-18 hours with moderate use. Upgrade to ICS made the phone even better. I have owned HTC, Moto, Apple, and RIM, and by far this is my favorite phone. I was skeptical about the size, but surprisingly it fits pretty comfortably in the front pocket of my jeans, and nicely in a suit coat or even shirt pocket.

Screen is amazing, crystal clear.
Thin and light
Dual core processor is plenty fast
16g of internal memory
1g of ram
Dual cameras (8mp rear w/ flash, 2mp front)
Expandable memory (up to 32g)
Unlock feature allows you to unlock to 4 different apps
Global capable (if you travel abroad allot)
Turn by turn GPS
Smart actions allow you to turn features on and off automatically.
HDMI out
Choice of 4 different colors gives you some variety.

Tad bit too wide, I have a hard time reaching all the way across the screen one handed
Battery could be a little better, have to play with the settings to get it just right.
A ton of bloatware, at least ten that never get used. ( although ICS allows you to disable them, but not remove them.)
A bit too thin, I have almost dropped it several times without a case on it.
All ports are on the top of the phone (sometimes can be awkward when charging and talking at the same time.)
ICS Unlock feature allows you to unlock to 4 different apps, but you cannot change which apps.
Camera takes some time to master.

Overall, Its a great phone for the price. I gave it a fair amount of time to truly get to know the phone, I don't think I could give a fair review in 2 days or even a week. I wouldn't hesitate to buy the phone again, but what ever phone you decide to buy, do lots of research beforehand, and hopefully save yourself a of headache.

This things a beast!


Jan 30, 2012 by smartphoneguy

Great device. Highly recommend. I went with the iPhone last year and truly missed Android. I bought into the hype of Apple and should not have fallen for the popularity.

Android, with this Motorola device is unreal! Screen is crisp and robust. Battery life is not bad at all after I designated 15 minute intervals on my 3 accounts.

No glitches at all and am very happy to have the Verizon network behind it. If thin and great are what your looking for, this device is for you.

Review made from the Droid Razr.

Wow, just wow..


Jan 25, 2012 by Deviceguy

Holy cow..

Tremendous UI on this device. I was hesitant when it was first released and went with the Rezound.

I found that device to be sluggish and bulky. Overall a descent device.

Now for the Razr...

Huge screen, slim fit and no issues with speed and lag on the device. Music quality is top notch.

I have heard some gripes on the camera but have found that the camera is quite nice.

Amazing apps, screen and performance. Tremendous device.

Unfortunate Faulty Screen Design For All Razrs


Nov 13, 2011 by fonecrzy

I picked up the razr right when it went on sale. I returned it the next day due to faulty screens in all razrs. If the screen is displaying black or any other dark color close to black, you will notice in a dark room that there are splotches and lines all over the screen! I talked to a motorola representative that was in the store when I was there and he said that this is just how the screen is with the super amoled technology they have decided to use. I asked him if a samsung with a super amoled display would have the same problem and he said that it may or may not. This is unacceptable for a phone in this price range. I went back to my droid x because I didn't really need a new phone to begin with. Other then that defect, it is really fast, thin and pretty fun to use.


-Did not keep long enough to test the battery, but it was at 80% after about a half hour of light use.
-The screen problem with the blotches on dark screens(mostly seen at night or when in ad dark room).

Overall, I would not recommend this phone due to the screen problem. I would advise people who can hold off on their smartphone purchase to wait for this technology to be perfected which shouldn't take too long!

The Razr , not sharp enough


Nov 25, 2011 by Pernel1983

I was excited of purchasing this phone . I have heard alot of hype about the phone and figured to try one out.
The phone is thin and the screen is nice but
it locks ups and there is no option but to let the battery drain or hope it turns off

Moto cast syncs but locks up during download ,they really need to develop a PC sync

Came Broken, Awful Customer Service, Zero Stars


Dec 2, 2011 by nickj02

Right out of the box, the phone started going into endless re-boot cycles at random time intervals and seemingly simple actions caused the phone to freeze. I attempted a factory reset on the device but it didn't fix the problem. I spent 4 hours on the phone trying to get a replacement through Amazon, Verizon and motorola. What a terrible experience. I was told by Verizon that since I bought the phone from Amazon it was Amazons problem to deal with it and that even though verizon had the phones in stock, they wouldn't provide me a loaner or a replacement. I would just have to be stuck with a broken phone. I called motorola who said Motorola doesn't replace phones they only repair them and it takes 7-10 days. I worked my way through 4 different supervisors at Motorola until I got someone in Corporate (a Mrs. Schofield) who endlessly talked over me. She was uninterested in solving the situation and couldn't exercise any executive authority or creative thinking to fix the problem. I tried to have them ship a phone to verizon so that verizon could facilitate the exchange of the broken phone for a new one. I even offered to put an authorization on my credit card for the full price of a new phone until they received my broken one back. Mrs. Schofield told me that Motorola had no way of charging credit cards and she wouldn't allow verizon to do the exchange. I told her about the positive experiences I have had with both apple and HTC. She didn't care. I then offered to buy a new iphone from Verizon, but Verizon said I would have to pay full retail even though I had just opened a new account...since I bought the phone with amazon and opened a new line of service my hardware discount was only valid for the device I had purchased even though it was defective. So, I would lose my phone number of 12 years. The people at Verizon made no effort to solve the problem. I drove straight to ATT and bought two new iphones and had my numbers ported over.

You will Enjoy


Dec 13, 2011 by tryhill

Never had such a fast phone its the best phone out there hands down!

Why I returned the RAZR


Dec 10, 2011 by WHATEVERWORKS






-Camera. images look like VGA sometimes, no clear focus.

-Motorola UI - Wish it was stock gingerbread or ICS.

-not pertaining to the phone, verizons 4g service kept disconnecting in my area.

-Wideness - A few millimeters less wide and it would be perfect.

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