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Samsung Exhibit II 4G / Galaxy Exhibit 4G


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Amazing Budget Android


Jan 26, 2012 by thenewvessel

As a fellow Tech-head, this is a great Android especially for the price (was purchased at Wal-Mart for $200 in a box for primarily sold for prepaid services)

Compared to other phones within its price range, ESPECIALLY for prepaid use, this is a fantastic deal.

The 1Ghz Snapdragon processor is very snappy and makes Gingerbread run smoother than ever. The camera is decent, however the construction feels slightly plastic but isn't too bad.

After rooting the phone with ZergRush and getting rid of all the Bloatware, it ran twice as smooth.

I would suggest this phone to anyone looking for an Android around $200 brand new out of the box.

Beep! It's 1:00am, aren't you glad your battery is full?


Nov 4, 2011 by Globhead

Every night, this stupid phone beeps to tell me the battery is full, sometimes more than once.

This "feature" cannot be disabled unless you also turn off message alerts (all "notifications" are the same volume control), or silence the phone entirely. I must be crazy, because I actually might want to wake up if I receive a call at night, but NOT just to have the phone inform me that, holy moly, it actually managed to charge its own battery. Wow, that's a big boy, charging a whole battery all by yourself.

The battery does not last as long as other Android phones AND it charges slower, so every night it takes an hour or two before !BEEP! Always when I am trying to sleep.

Other than the fact that this phone was designed by someone who apparently hates me, it is a pretty cheap way to get a 1GHz Android.



Dec 21, 2011 by triplite

Pros: Beautiful Design. Loaded with tons of apps. Has a nice big touch screen(big but not htc big)... Processor speed is good. Android Version is almost completely 100% Internet Responsive even down to widgits such as site music playlists etc... Great color...

Cons: Can't get the TV OUT option to work... Sometimes locks up if websites are unresponsive. Not enough memory for my liking... Android market isnt app specific searchable...

Summary: Exciting Pocket Assistant with tons of versatility and capabilities... Lots of fun.
I got mine free at this site: http://goo.gl/cprI2

Well....... Do I have a winner or a "wiener"


Jan 19, 2013 by patwackp

Bought this phone on a special offer that T-Mobile was offering for "No Contract" customer's. $129.99 with activation on $50 or more no contract plans.

I picked the $70 plan because of the UNLIMITED 4G data. No throttling data.

So far so good!

1) Best reception of any carrier in Austin, Tx. Region (has'nt gone below 3 bars yet)

2) Plenty of memory space for all of my Apps.

3) Did i say that it's 4G?

Con's: (Minor)
1) Charging port is on top of the phone.

2) Power is on right top side.

3) Get's hot if back light stays on for a while.

4) Battery life is kind of short. (But I have extra home charger and a Car charger)

5) Sometimes it processes apps kind of slow. But I can deal with that.

6) No physical Qwerty keyboard. Oh well!

Overall, this is a very nice phone.

Not too bad


Oct 19, 2012 by serge1966

Nice phone and nice features being an Android phone.

However agree with another opinion that there is an unmanageable audio notification that usually pops up in the middle of the night stating that the battery is fully charged. How many people would need this notification especially audio (especially in the night)? If it can't be turned off, why would you implement it at all?
And I don't want to set the phone in the silent mode every evening disabling the main function of the phone (receive phone calls -- even if the night if your business requires that, for example, or you have senior relatives) to shut up a feature nobody would ever ask to implement! I don't want to pay $300 for a phone that will not be what I want but will make me what it wants. Poor design. I just just bought еру phone a few days ago and I am planning to replace to something different.

No 4G or 3G,Terrible Except on Wi-Fi


Jul 21, 2012 by stevec5000

Don't buy this phone unless you are going to just use it on Wi-Fi. This phone can't get 4G anywhere in the Phoenix area except at T-Mobile stores and can't get 3G at all so it only runs on Edge that is too slow to do anthing! While this seems like a nice phone it's SLOW, SLOW, SLOW It's actually slower than my old Blackberry that had 3G! The coverage map shows coverage everywhere but they don't mention that it's just Edge with a speed of only 139Kb and nothing on the phone will work at that speed. T-Mobile claims to have the largest 4G network in the country and they also claim it's the fastest but I can't find any evidence that it even exists. It's not very fast either. Even in T-Mobile stores where they have a strong signal of 5 bars the speed is just 4-5Mb, not the fast speed they claim to have. The only way I've been able to use this phone on the go is to also carry my old 3G phone with me too. 3G is also spotty but it's available in different areas than 4G is so I can usually get coverage on one or the other. The phone also has the Carrier IQ spyware but the Voodoo Carrier IQ detector said it probably wasn't active. Also, the battery runs down everyday so I'm always having to charge it and it's pretty annoying not to have a button for the camera since I can't see the icon for the camera on the screen in the daytime. They don't give you a case either but it fits into the Blackberry case just fine. I got it at Walmart so I could get the $30/mo unlimited data plan but can't actually use the data at Edge speeds. On the plus side the wi-fi is the best I've seen on any device. It connects automatically when there's no cell service without having to search for wi-fi networks or anything and all the apps run faster when wi-fi is available, if you are near the wireless router. The wi-fi range is really short also, just 20' from the wireless router it only shows 1 bar and speed is cut in half.

A few weeks in, so far it's quite good


Jun 28, 2012 by samuel613

I hope the site editors can correct a few of the specs here.

The phone DOES have some PC-Sync functionality. It includes Samsung's Kies software, which pulled my contacts, calendar and more from Outlook

Also, don't all Android phones allow changing the font size?

Other than the specs:

This phone has some nice touches that I did not know of before buying it.

Generally speaking, the phone is responsive, though not as fluid as the HTC One S that I played with, unfortunately...for $189 from Wal-Mart, this is quite a deal, though.

The Google Video chat works with both front and rear cameras, and you can switch between them during the conference.

T-Mobile Visual Voicemail is great. No longer do you have to sit through or push through your voicemail to get to a particular message. Here, you can just pick the message you want, and listen to it through BT or the phone.

The Google Navigation works really well, too, and I have not tried the included Tele-Nav. But, on a few different occasions, after entering the address, the phone decided to reboot with no warning. Not the end of the world, but also not very convenient if you happen to be navigating in a foreign locale.

Since I bought one for my wife, too, we actually set both to navigate, so in case one reset, the other would still be "live".

I presume this is an Android issue.

I think it's quite decent for the money.

OK Phone with Downsides


May 29, 2012 by buzzblum

Low price, no contract
Volume and call quality
Battery life, charges fast
Wifi, Bluetooth
32 sd slot
Light, sturdy
Camera ok
Docs viewer

Andriod os buggy
Reboots on its own
No missed calls log
No button to answer calls

To answer a call, you have to look at the touchscreen and carefully move a slider bar. Needs a real button like kind on a free prepaid phone.

Overall, recommended.

Good upper mid grade Android.


May 24, 2012 by trevito

I know its not the Galaxy with a 5 inch screen, but its lightweight and super fast. 1 ghz processor and 1 gb of ram is plenty of space for me. Sports a beautiful 3.7 inch screen.

gorilla glass
1 ghz snapdragon
1 gb built in
excellent reception
2.3.5 gingerbread
led flash
3.2 mp camera
3.7 inch screen

no haptic feedback(although i never use)
no camera key

Awesome Phone


May 17, 2012 by angiesman

If you know a lot about androids this one is the best in its class. I highly recommend it.

Big screen
front camera
gingerbread 2.3.6
battery life
great signal and 4G

none so far i am extremely satisfied

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