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The E105 Is A Real Delight


Jan 7, 2004 by jviviano

A phone like the Samsung E105 is a fairly complex system. With such a sophisticated device, it's usually easy for me to find some just plain 'dumb' design decisions, ones that are often enough to cause me to just lose respect for the whole thing and make it impossible for me to enjoy it. However on this point, the E105 is proving itself to be a delightful departure from the norm. It is very well thought out, with few, if any, real faults. There are a few minor ones that I refrain from even mentioning because they just aren't worth it. They might give you the wrong idea. The worst thing I can say about the E105 is that it is missing a speaker-phone mode, something that would have complemented the rest of the system nicely. But I knew that going in and so was not unpleasantly surprised.

My interest in the E105 was initially tweaked by the generally high marks given it by other reviewers. I have to agree with them. When I got to the T-Mobile store, and played with the phone, I found out why it was so highly regarded. I selected the E105 because of the form factor, sturdy feel, weight, voice memo capability, and it's compatibility with T-Mobile, which I am also fairly pleased with so far. The menu system is fairly easy to follow. The color LCD panel is quite bright. I've been using it quite extensively, seldom charge it, and it keeps right on ticking. I haven't really exercised the WAP browser, the text messaging, games and some of the other esoteric features, so I can't comment on them. I have worked with the organizer (Calendar, To Do List , and so on) quite a bit and found it to be rather useful and particularly easy to learn and use.

With all of this praise, you may be getting the wrong idea about my critiquing style. It's usually not this glowing. I typically find quite a bit to complain about is a sophisticated system like this because I, by career, am a design engineer. But the E105 is a winner!

wow...nice phone!


Dec 25, 2003 by phancci

i just got this phone the other day...TOTALLY impressed by it. i read a lot of reviews on phonescoop before i got this phone..and all the rest of the reviews are completely right.

the phone i was using before this one was a sony ericsson t300...not a good phone at all. the ringtones were too silent. so silent i'd miss calls, and not wake up for my alarms. it also had poor reception. i had to buy one of those internal antenna's and it STILL cut out too much.

this is DEFINATLY a phone i would recommend. i was shocked that i could actually HEAR my ringtones. my alarm wakes me up (go figure) an overall very good functional phone.

the screen is bright and colorful. and the wap browser is much better than the sony ericsson. much faster and more efficient.

good battery life too. i talked to someone for 4 hours just to test it, and it has a good standing time too.

all in all...i would definatly recommend this phone. it does exactly what a cell phone should.

5 out of 5 =)

Best T-Mobile Phone


Jul 19, 2004 by joshrivers

I have been with T-Mobile for about a month, and was not satisfied with the service and overall coverage in Atlanta, GA. However, that is when I was using the SE T-610. I switched to the Samsung e105 about a week ago and have claimed that T-Mobile is the best in Atlanta. First I will start with the pros:
*So compact, it'll fit anywhere I place it
*AIM is awesome, only delayed about 2-3 seconds
*Display is nice and clear
*Antenna is non-retractable
*Rings are loud
*Menu is set up so it is very user friendly
*Battery life is awesome, lasts 2 days (using it all the time, seeing as it is my only form of communication)
*Pre-Loaded games are sweet
*Text-Messaging is nice

Now the cons:
*Ring tones are cheesy
*Outer display non-color
*Haven't figured out how to get pic messaging from non-Tmobile carrier
*Nothing else

My overall rating for this phone is a 9 out of 10. If your looking for a new phone and carrier, or just looking for a new phone, this one is the best out there for the money. Take it from me, the service in GA with T-Mobile using the Samsung e105 is spectacular. I get service (1-2 bars) in areas that no other carrier get service. Thank you for reading this review. Hope it helps.



Oct 2, 2003 by Justin Souyias

All you S105 users out there will love this phone. With the official release of the E105 by T-Mobile on 9-26-2003, the soon to be out dated S105 has some competition. The E105 takes the cake with a more compact design than the S105. New features include a few new ring tones and all the classic Samsung 40 Chord tones. The higher reception and more crisp screen give the E105 a nice classy look. Hopefully Samsung will start to add speaker-phone feature to their soon to be released models. All the features that are listed here are true, minus the band. This is only a Dual Band phone with the 1900 and 900 Mhz. The Price of the E105 as of the first of October is 199.99, as you can guess the price of the S105 as dropped below the 150 mark to 149.99. The E105 is a great color flip phone and is very highly recommended for all of you out there that want a small and sleek color flip phone.

Great Phone


Feb 9, 2005 by blkngld

This was my first Samsung phone and my first year with T-Mobile. Heard a lot of good things about Samsung before and they were all true. I have had this E-105 for one year and it never disappointed me.

Sound quality, reception and signal strength were awesome (East Lansing, Detroit and Grand Rapids, MI--I do drive around every week). There were probably at most two dropped calls for the whole year...if any. Battery life was good. I am on the phone quite a bit and manage to get about 3-4 days a charge on average. Its look is also very stylish and classy. Very light and very small...almost too small for me. Fits anywhere you want! Easy to manage phonebook and menu.

If there's any cons, it has got to be the ringtone volume. Sometimes I missed a call just 'coz I didn't hear the ringtone. Other phones around me always ring louder, I feel. The ringtones that come with the phone are for kids... and don't fit well with the business look of the phone at all. BUT with a few dollars, I got ringtones, wallpaper, and data cable on ebay and this is no longer a problem. (still not ringing loud enough though). No speakerphone but I'd never use that anyway.

Overall, E-105 is awesome as a phone. If you don't care for camera, bluetooth, etc., this phone has to be among the best.

Excellent Phone


Dec 23, 2003 by DMoNeY18

this phone is the best phone ever. it has good reception and signal signal strength and the ringer tones are excellent. This phone has great sound quality and rich animated wallpapers on the phone but no screen savers. the only thing thats bad about it is no speaker part, no faceplate's and no camera for this model..i will recommend this phone for anyone..this phone is great

Small, Stylish, and Superb


Oct 4, 2003 by M P

Awesome Reception
Great Screen
Fun Games- Chess is awesome, but a little too easy

Best in class reception and LCD screen

Small, compact, silver chassis. T-Mobile's most stylish phone. Looks good, too. Wish I didn't just purchase the Sony T610. The reception on this bad boy is way better than Sony's. Competes with the Nokia 6610 as the best non-bluetooth phone.

Good Solid Phone


Oct 16, 2009 by byteme67

I have had this phone for 6 years - never had any trouble with it. If you just need a phone (no pics or any thing fancy) then this is for you. I have replaced the battery in the phone -that's it and it is still going strong.

E105 is Great!


Feb 7, 2004 by Heather52800

My husband left VZ and went to T-mobile. He loves the phone and everything about. It's a winner! :)



Oct 14, 2003 by Chris Choi

ive looked and seen all the competition, so i can tell you now that im not overrating this phone, i just got this a few days back, just like every other phone its different, and it will always take some getting used to to understand how to use this phone, but i love it!
first of all this phone is not for everyone, its retailed at 199.99, so alot of people would think "hey i can get a cooler phone with the camera and everything for that $"
tru, but if you know what your looking for this could be just your phone,
so to start off, the reception is incredible, alot better than other phones ive used, talktime is good, and keep in mind how small this phone is! its tiny, and lite! so thats the first thing that caught my eye,
color on the lcd is also the best vie ever seen,
as i was saying it COULD be your phone,
im not all into those crazy features that are useless to me, like cameras,
shure its neat and all, but it makes your phone purely a toy, aside from the camera feature (which it doesnt hav) the 105 is top of the time, if your SO despirate to have pictures on this phone, you can still do so, just hav someone w/ a camera send you picture mail,
you wont be taking pictures on this phone, but it has all the features of a quality phone, i cant say what i think is wrong with it, o wait one thing
on the bottom of the phone theres the port for the charger, the phone came with a little tiny rubber cover (easy to lose) i preffer to keep this on to protect it from any damage, i would change this, by atatching the peice to the phone like the rubber cap on the handsfree port. it just becomes annoying when i hav to look around and find it everytime i charge ... but im over it, that didnt stop me from giving this phone a five

so in conclusion if you feel like your going to envy your friends phone because they hav a camera and you dont, i wouldnt recomend this phone, but if your looking for an efficient phone with exelent usability then this is your phone

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