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two cups and a string > SL56


Dec 29, 2005 by jgg7642

Yes, this phone looks cool, but hardly worth it, i bought it when the price went down, and it was nice for a few weeks. then it just went down hill

Pros: Speaker phone is loud
Small and sleek

Cons: the top half tends to just "slide right off"
Freeze a decent amount of times, to where you need a full restart.

Best Siemens I ever had!


Sep 20, 2003 by macdaddypimpping

[...] I had try Siemens S40,A56, and CL56 with speaker. Nothing compare to this SL56. Ringer on this is loud lots of extra!!!

The reception is better then the old ones. Speaker phone works as great as Nokia 7210. Not too sure about the camera pix yet. Smallest phone that I ever had. What would be next??? Watch phone I guess or Pen phone to the next future...........

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Great phone !!!!


Sep 8, 2003 by bob johnson

I have been using this phone for about 3 weeks now and it is really a great phone ringtones are really loud and people sound really good on the other end. It is a true polyphonic ring unlike the motorola T720 which i just switched from and is really low but the sl56 i can hear in my pocket and has a great ring nice and loud.

I really love the speaker phone on this phone also it really combats having to buy a ear piece .
The text messaging on it is really easy to use the only feature i didn't like on this is that you cant go to your phone book and text directly from the persons name.

I have cingular wireless out here in Washington State and it really works really well it also grabs alot of attention when people see you on a small cool phone like this one the price wasn't that bad either $200 after all the rebates without its $ 349

One last thing if you are going to be using the gprs INTERNET on it , it takes alittle longer to log on but does work its just a little slower i cant wait to buy the camera for it though but we got are self a winner here people......

Sacramento Ca


Jan 2, 2004 by frankie0620

I to own the Siemens SL56, I like the fact that the phone is as small as it is and I enjoy the different features that it has to offer. Although the reception in the area that I live in isn't that great it's not the service and I know this because I work for the company of which I have service from. I get great reception with my other 3 phones that I own and there is just no way that it can be the service. This is just in reference to the Gentleman who said that he didn't get service in Sacramento Ca while he was visiting from San Francisco. Sir it is definately not the service it is most definately your phone (just thought I would let you know). Other than that I love the phone and get really great reception in areas surrounding my house just not in my house.

crappy phone


Oct 25, 2003 by zaxxx33

this is my 3rd or 4th sl56 ive gone through. i lost track. but what sucks is the phone shuts of sometimes when you slide it shut. it is a pain in the butt because sometimes i dont know it shut off and i miss important calls. all of them did this.

Small phone with great features


Mar 31, 2006 by sree

I owned my SL56 phone for over an year.
Best features in my opinion are:

1. Sliding - hides the buttons, so you can really put it in the pocket without the fear of pushing buttons accidentally.

2. iRda syncing (transfer phone numbers from my Pocket PC)

3. Fully featured address book.

It served well as a smart compact phone until I settled for the Blackberry 7100. Powered by Siemens technology (I used C56 and S56 before opting this one) durability of which fascinated me all the time. It survived several drops. I never regretted for buying it even with a stiff price.

This is a GREAT phone


Sep 7, 2005 by BoJsaves

This phone is everything you need in a small phone. The SL56 has great durability and the ring is loud with a great reception.I have not had any problems with the reception indoors.This phone is so easy to just throw in your pocket and not worry about it breaking, and its as if its not even there..
The only con I have is no music ring tones... :(..but still a great phone

Your Average Phone


Aug 27, 2005 by jennybanny

Ive had this phone for a whole year. there is nothing special about it and it doesnt have many features.
-its small and light. this makes it very convinient to store
-the battery doesnt die out very quickly.
-you can record in voice memo
-the phone has an alarm

-the buttons closer to the bottom are way too small.
-there isnt a camera.You have to buy a clip on camera.
-the phone has 5 lame ringtones only.
-it has 2 games that just suck.
-the screen scratches way too easily.
- the reception sucks because there are only 2 bars and it sounds like the person on the phone is taking a bath.

Overall, this phone is last century and doesnt have any special features. i would recommend this phone to a 6th grader because if they lost it, it wouldnt upset anyone.

Very Disappointing


Feb 11, 2005 by slw7839

CONS: I've gone through two Siemens SL56 in the past week. The first one, the keys would lock up when I tried to activate the voicedial and then it would shut off on me. Suncom said it was a defective phone and sent me another one and that one does the same thing!!! It very annoying to try to use your phone and the stupid thing locks up on you and takes like 5 minutes to reboot. It also would had the tendency to freeze up and say Network Search when I went to call someone. And lastely,it is very inconvenient having to by an adapter for the headset and car charger. I would not suggest this phone to anyone. I have read other reviews and they all have the same problem. If only I had read them sooner.
PROS: The phone is an awesome looking phone and I love the slide, but that's the only thing it has going for it.



Dec 3, 2004 by asta

I purchased this phone used from a friend w/ the same service provider. I will say, if you use your phone for all of your business calls or are an excessive caller, the battery life is lacking. However if you like a phone designed for style, ease of use and performance beyond the basic consumer hype you will be happy. It's menu layout is simple and the slider feature is wonderful. Imagine all the advantages of a flip phone but the controls on the outside of the handset. Keypad has comfortable keys and are surprisingly ergonomic considering its small size. I have dropped mine from ear level to pavement and bounced w/ no repercussions, so I would rate the phone as fairly durable considering it's size.
I would recommend this phone to either the office bound professional w/ another phone near by(only b/c of the battery strength) or the very fashionable b/c the phone is truly a lovely instrument.

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