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you get what you pay for


Dec 3, 2011 by Alejandro23

This phone is from a pre paid carrier so you cant expect to much. Dont get me wrong its a great start out smart phone for a young teenager. But for someone advanced it wouldnt be too good. I got frustrated with this phone after about 3 months and also with crickets customer service. Cricket by far has the worst employees and customer care. I will never go back to cricket again... anywho back to the phone.
*good not great camera.
*looks sexy, the white back gives it an iphone type look.
* pretty responsive screen
*after about downloading 4 or 5 apps it becomes slow and sluggish. The phone is only 600 mhz.
*the screen is way to small, about the size of an iphone or maybe a little bit smaller. its good for small girlish hands.
*the bottom home keys are TOO responsive and sensitive i often get frustrated because i'll be typing something and i'll press the home button lightly accidentally erasing everything and i have to go back and type everything again.
*the internal memory is very limited. You'll definately need atleast a 8gb sd card if you want atleast a decent amount of apps and a substantial music library with some videos.
*no flash...tisk tisk. Huawei needs to step up with that.
*no front facing camera..remember you get what you pay for.
*call quality is subpar
*after 3 months your lucky if your battery lasts 4 hours. Your phones is going to spend more time on the charger than off of it.
*sometimes the ringtones will change on their own. You never know what tone is goin to ring when someone texts you.

All in all.. this phone after a while sux. Like i said this phone is for someone simple with no high demands for phones. Id say good for a 13 year olds first smart phone. the only way to make this phone bearable is to root it. Makes it worthwhile and actually fun. But you can do that with any android phone. I would definitely would NOT recommend this phone.

I wanted an upgrade not downgrade


Jan 31, 2013 by sharrah2273

I saved up for a year to upgrade and I am highly disappointed I now realize this was a downgrade. Even my daughter who is the person who gets all the latest, says this is one confusing phone. Issues I have had with my 2.3 android. Battery life at 2 months is next to nothing, it's always on the charger. camera...would be real niuce if there was a flash. No real frills or anything (no fun frames) the BIGGEST con with the camera..location of the snap button....It is nearly impossible to snap a picture without hitting the home buttons...I have so much trouble taking a picture...it drives me insane. It has thousands of apps available for free...but looking at the list is all I can expect to do...it slows down the phone after 4-5 apps, it's unreal! DTS mode for music sound when you plug in headphones is cool....however, it would be nice if I could listen to music without it stopping, couldn't load my music or contacts from my old phone...had to go to cricket for that. it constantly wants to force close apps...even if i am not using them. It drops calls in Phoenix metro area (cricket),After trying to get my old music downloaded from my old phone....after 7 weeks it randomly started to download my old music. can't listen to music while messaging or browsing..It comes with alot of apps I don't use nor can I get rid of. no internal memory. If I watch a you tube video...it streams in slower than dial up. Save your money and look for a better phone with a company thats been building cells for a while. I am so unhappy with almost every feature this phone has

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Jun 1, 2012 by JoeMorrow96

I must say: this phone is great. Love the sleekness of it all. Great as far as signal. Most 16 year olds are ungrateful for thier phones. Not this one. This phone is sweet, but every phone has its pros and cons. Allow me to name some. CONS: It can sometimes be a bit laggy. On the occasion it freezes. (could be the signal.) Sorta slow on downloads. again could be signal. Now for the pros. It is very decent with calls and messaging. Runs major apps such as Angry Birds. Facebook. Twitter. My personal favorite, Ifunny :) It also boats a 5MP (Mega Pixel) camera. No auto focus or flash. It offers access to over 200,00 apps. I love this phone. unfortunately, I dropped my in the toilet this morning. I'm sure it'll turn out fine. This phone is also pretty durable. That's all I have to say. This phone is definitely worth the money.

One of cricKet's best phones.


Apr 8, 2012 by tgc1980

Why I gave this up for the ZTE Score, I'll never know.

No flash for the camera.
Battery life.

Never lost a call (minus the areas where EVERYONE loses calls).
Decent Camera/video.
Hotspot capable.
Cool looking.

This is a good phone for the price. If you can't get a Mercury, but want a decent Android for cricKet, you can't lose with this.

merry xmas to me!!!


Dec 18, 2011 by grizzay

well thats just a preliminary review, as I just got the phone a few minutes ago, and have not even activated it yet. Just judging this book by its cover...it looks awesome except I dont like that the back of it is white. I want a standard black phone. Or maybe a nice warm coffee brown color:-)

**Great Smart Phone**


Aug 15, 2011 by Rodman

This works well on the Internet
Touch screen is good, but just like any other phone, you have to be still when texting.
Cool white back side.

Like the others, no flash, but GREAT pics & videos.
Some dropped calls but thats due to the service provider.

I'm used to an Ipod touch and never using a "touch screen smart phone" before, I thoroughly enjoy it & recommend it.

Perfect first android


Jul 15, 2011 by mothrabattra

Cricket: lightning fast, cheap, light, midsized..my only concern is the lack of a ff.camera and flash, but hey this is only the start of a better future for cricket.

Awesome phone


Jul 13, 2011 by xplicit187

Probably the best Cricket phone yet. If it only had a flash and a front camera it would be awesome if your a Cricket customer its definitely worth buying.

Best Cricket Android Phone Yet


Jul 13, 2011 by hdtravel

This one really rocks.

Probably the BEST phone Cricket has ever offered.

Android Market is very cool. 1000's of apps.

Nice clean modern design. I love the white back.

You will love it. I do.

Attractive, easy interface, customizable, light... but the camera/picture quality is WORTHLESS. No way it's 5MP.


Aug 10, 2011 by Cher

The phone is sleek, user friendly, customizable and fun. But the biggest factor in deciding to purchase the Huawei Ascend II for me was the 5.0MP camera (I am a graphic designer and I use the heck out of a phone camera for all sorts of reasons). Imagine my surprise when my first photo, on the highest quality settings in broad daylight, looked like a watercolor painting. It's a flat-out falsehood. There is no flash, but it's irrelevant. The picture quality is completely worthless. I am mislead and have to purchase another new phone with money I don't have because the phone provider blocks service that would allow me to use my perfectly functional Blackberry Storm II. It's angering.

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