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Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch


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Samsung Epic 4G Touch


Nov 21, 2011 by PersoninNJ

This phone is great! I had a Intercept - a dog - and thought I was the cat's meow when I upgraded to a Evo 4G. Then I came across the Epic - for only $50 upgrade. And it was only good for that night - so I did it. And I am so glad I did.


Screaming fast - blows away my Evo 4.
Screen Looks great ! Watching Netflix never looked better.

Call Quality- I now use my phone more than my landline. People can't tell I am on cell phone - its that good.

Battery life - my day starts off with a conference call for 1 hour each day. Thats at 8 a.m. Then I do about 1 more hour of talking during day and use internet all day and text about 30 times. At 7 pm - still have over half the battery left. Thats great.

Pictures - camera is awesome. Compared my phone with the apple 4s - My pictures were great. But I could see them better with the larger screen.

Using wifi - all things load great and fast.

Cons -

Not an apple so no speaker docks for it.
Not as many clips available for it so far.

Internet speed on SPRINT - could be better. Forget the speedtest - just use apps. I did some side by side with a verizon iphone 4s - att 4s - and my phone. Just went to local papers and NJ.com using stock browsers. Worked ok - wasn't too bad.

Note - I do have a sprint airwave 3g in my house. I have tried making calls with it and with out the unit. The calls still sound good without the airwave. Now 3g service is different - with it on - using internet is superfast. I guess it is what could be if Sprint would upgrade the towers.



Nov 10, 2011 by leggett69

I have the photon and the epic touch and when I tell you that the epic blows the photon away. Everytime I go from using my epic to my photon I feel like im taking a step backwards. The epic is a amazing device and the best out right now. The camera,the speed and overall class of the phone just dominate all contenders. Don't get me wrong photon is a nice device but can't compare with the epic touch. I don't have a need to carry my tab with me cause this phone does it all. If you're due for a upgrade this is a must buy.

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Super fast, Great Battery Life, Beautiful Screen


Nov 3, 2011 by ruggy23

Have had this phone for a few months and have had absolutely NO dropped calls and the clarity, speaker, and reception in the mountains is superb.
I switched to this phone from the Samsung Galaxy S Epic. The first thing I noticed out of the box (other than the screen, more on that later) was the absolute speed increases with opening applications, loading web pages and browser navigation, and video/pic playback/editing. The 1.2 GHz dual core proc is definately what Smartphones have needed to make them zippier than alot of netbooks out there. I usually use my Galaxy S2 for google searches and general browsing because it is nearly instant, where my netbook chugs along.
Ok, so now the screen. beautiful and insanely bright without being washed out; in fact, quite the opposite. The colors are vivid and rich. And with the ability to record in 1080, the camera is a nice mesh and upgrade to this phone from the previous Galaxy S Epic.
I have read alot of reviews stating that this phone is too big and heavy. First of all, if you are in the market for a Smartphone, then a large-screened phone is something that you should expect, and want. And with the Amoled screen looking so beautiful, the larger size is for sure an welcome feature. This phone is also incredibly thin and LIGHT! Its definately not a brick like the old Epic, and for that matter, the heavy, glass-front iPhone.
Bottom line, if you want a phone that you can hang onto for a year or two and not have ANY worries about capability, connectivity, 4G capability, multimedia prowess, excellent battery life, and one of the fastest phones on the market now, this is surely an excellent choice.



Oct 14, 2011 by pittpanther

I have very carefully researched this purchase for over 5 months, looked into so many phones, in the end I decided to go with the SGS2 over the photon and the (very very very very disappointing) iPhone 4S.
This phone blows my mind, I am so pathetically into this phone that I actually look forward to using it and cant keep my hands off of it...the phone calls (on Sprint) are super sharp and clear...the speed of everything is incredible...the camera is perfect (and also fast). The size scared me a bit, but it is so light that it fits very easily in my front pocket. I feel like I killed two birds here, smartphone and tablet all in one.
-screen is crisp, beautiful
-phone calls all clear so far
-fast fast fast, apps, internet, everything, fast
-camera is great
-touch is responsive
-size is great (may be issue for small hands people)
-very simple to use, it is intuitive and fun
-have not had much luck getting microSD card to work so far, but, I think I purchased a bad one (ebay)
-havent found a great case for it yet, most of the cases make it too big

...overall, I am so 100% completely happy with this purchase. If you were as LET DOWN by the pathetic 4S, then go with this, as far as I can tell, its the best smartphone out there as of now...any questions feel free to email me on here



Sep 28, 2011 by Dadgie77

Just switched from the HTC Evo which was a great phone (still have it) because the battery life was killing me! This phone is amazing!! Best ever and I have had 4 smart phones so far and this one tops them all.
PROS: Battery Life and display are amazing.
CONS: Samsung is not good on responding to questions where HTC was great!

Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S II)


Sep 17, 2011 by dany

i had just about every smart phone out there, this one is in a Plato of his own, the best, nothing comes close, screen, speed, easy of use, weight, thickness, great job samsung,

Liked the EVO better


Nov 21, 2011 by dave64

I should have checked the browser before I upgraded to this phone. I assumed that since it was an android phone it could go to desktop view of websites. If you go to yahoo for example it goes to the mobile version. I have read that you can go to the desktop view if you type something into the browser but it does not stick. Close the browser and reopen it and you will be at the mobile view again. There is no option in settings to uncheck moblie view like on the evo.

Go and check out the browser before you buy this phone if thats important to you.

Battery life seemed good.
Larger screen is good at first but if you come from an evo like I did you will be disappointed as it is not nearly as clear.
The camera is the best I have ever seen on a phone. Crystal clear pictures.
Again I should have checked out the browser, thats my bad. When I saw the bigger screen and great camera I was hooked.
Going to eat the $35 restocking fee for another phone.



Sep 21, 2011 by SprintPryncess

I can not say enough good things about this phone! I just left the EVO for this phone! Everyone run out and get one asap!

One word, WOW!


Sep 17, 2011 by newjerseybrotha

This phone can easily be said to kill all others.

everything but...


go get this phone, now!



Sep 27, 2011 by Holidae1





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