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excellent phone! well done samsung!


Nov 4, 2005 by phonescoopguy

This phone is great! My main concern when buying a cell phone is the kind of reception I get with it and with this phone, I have no problems what so ever! The key pad is very well lit and very attractive. The screen is not as sharp as I expected but it's still impressive with its colors and graphics! Another great thing about this phone is the size and weight. It is small and very lightweight. Did I mention how great the battery life is? The only things I do not like about this phone is the phone book and the text messaging aspect of it. The phone book is complex when it comes to adding, editing and removing numbers. Also, text messaging is very tedious. I would recommend buying this phone because of it's awsome reception (with T-Mobile service of course) and small lightweight design however if you are planning on doing a lot of texting or internet browsing this is NOT the phone for you. Although I consider this to be my back up phone and only use it when my current phone is broken or malfunctioning or if I am in between phones (which I currently am), it still continues to impress me with its design and features and although I am not a huge Samsung fan, this is a terrific phone!

Cool but slow


Sep 6, 2004 by CrazyAssLatino

i remember when i got this around my birthday in january and it was cool i thought my ringtones was better than every1 elses. but heres my pros n cons

Pros: color screen, AIM (sms), blue light, ringtones (loud too), good reception and fun games.

Cons: small (it can be lost at times), slow calling and internet service, no cam, 2-3 sec. hi-fi rintones, falls outta your hand easy lol.

this phone is cheap and cool but atimes, it gets boring.

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Great entry level phone


Nov 23, 2003 by EdinLA44

This phone is a great improvement over the R225 from T-Mobile that I had. The size is perfect for a non-folder and battery life is also excellent. Reception is dramatically improved and there's no antenna stub. I can get coverage in areas where I couldn't on the 225 and I've gotten much less dropped calls or interference from stronger GSM cell company sites. The color screen is a nice change too. It's easy to read, although in bright sunlight or if you're wearing polarizing sunglasses it may be harder to see. The blue backlight continues to be a great feature.

One complaint I have is that the volume of the ringer and even the phone itself is lower than on the R225 which can be a problem in high noise environments. In the car with the windows down and the radio on, it's easy to miss hearing the phone ring. Also, I wish there were some standard ring tone choices available. All the ring tones offered with the phone are annoying and cheesy songs. I ended up choosing the T-Mobile corporate jingle as this was the least annoying. I miss the ring tone composer from the R225. All in all, for an entry level phone, this is a great deal.

Decent Phone, very inexpensive price, GREAT manufacturer


Apr 29, 2004 by geminices

this phone is excellent, as a consumer/wireless employee I've been a constant fan of upgrading phones, and have personally never had much interest in the flip style of phones.

Samsung as a company produces extremely good quality parts and items, and this phone is no exception.

it's negatives first,
-customization.. i don't like the fact that you can't set individual ring tones to individual people, however, with the ability to have 10 caller groups, that's 10 different individuals.. enough for the majority of people to be satisfied.
-limited voice dialing capabilities.. the inability to have things like 'digit dial' and such are not necessary but would be nice.
-slow..this phone is slightly slow sometimes at button presses.. again, not important.
-lastly no speakerphone or camera mode. hey, it's an inexpensive phone, oh well.

now, the positives..

-LONG battery life. i can't believe the fact that this battery seems to last longer then the specs state. especially with the use of Tzones, and the use of so many phone calls. I work with Tmobile.. and on a Saturday using my x-105, calling activations in all day long (8 or so hours of almost constant phone use) it STILL has battery left. I'm amazed. this is one of the first phones to be able to pull that off in a while
-QUALITY color screen bright vivid color, clear, nice size text on the main LCD, nice screen size
-MB LOTS of download storage space, 512 for games, 768 for rings/screen savers, over 1 meg on an entry level phone. NICE.
-PRICE. new customers now can activate one for 19.99 at a tmobile store.. just tell them you saw it on their website. it's an excellent phone in general.. loud ring, loud voice volume.. overall another excellent product from samsung.

Great phone!


Apr 1, 2004 by pat99872

I had this phone for about a month and its great. It pulls in good reception where it has service. It also has reception in areas that I do not have service in. The color screen is pretty amazing. Has good picture quality.

But this phone needs a better keyboard. It kind of small.

Good So Far


Sep 22, 2003 by Justin Souyias

This is a very good replacement to the R225 by Samsung. New improvement include, better reception, better battery life and of course the color screen. The phone still is a Dual-Band phone that only recognizes the 1900 and 900 Mhz. Also looks like Samsung is starting to use a generic charger for their GSM Models, the X105 uses the same charger as the R225 and the V205. I love the games and the animated backgrounds. The screen has a great resolution of 128x128 with 65,000 colors. The ringtones are all the same as the V205, with 2 more additions, both are techno dance polyphonic tones. The X105 is a good phone and I would recommend it as a basic lower-end phone in the 150 and below category.

AMAZINGLY DURABLE, and cool phone


Nov 1, 2010 by narn3049

I got this phone when I heard of it getting released. I had never owned the r225m, and I honestly gotta say it was amazing. I washed this phone, dropped it an incredible amount of times.

1. The phone had pretty awesome coverage with T-Mobile

2.The phone had TXT MSGING which I did heavily back then, and the keyboard stood up to all of the texting it got on it

3. Everything else.

I will never trade-up this phone


Jan 23, 2006 by gdg6

This phone gets excellent reception with T-Mobile service in the Detroit area. Friends and Family with Motorolla and other phones are constantly asking to borrow my phone because it is clearer and doesn't ever drop calls.

Speaking of dropping; this phone had fallen to the concrete at least a dozen times, and never come out with more than a scratch. The screen is very bright, and the menu system is intuitive.

The only drawbacks are the cheap rubber ear jack cover (I ripped mine off all together), and no speakerphone. I have yet to see a better phone this size at any price.

Decent little phone...


Jun 6, 2005 by rickp315

In my limited experience with cell phones, this one is about the best I've used. Past experiences with Kyocera and Nokia (ugh).

Samsung seems to make a solid product. I originally Had an R225, then got a C225. When that phone was lost I got the X105, and prefer it OVER the C225.

Loud ringers.
Ringer speaker NOT sheared w/ ear piece.
Decent display.
Large internal phone book.
Nicely lit keypad.
Good signal/sound quality.
Battery life good.

Sometimes slow (call connection).
Phone book SLOOOWW to come up.
Easy to lose between couch cushions.

I got my phone off Ebay and the price was acceptable.

Not a great phone


Aug 19, 2004 by stuffedbagel

When I got this phone in March 2004 it was nice but now when I want to check my mins and press #646# it says "whenever" 2 times and mobile to mobile 2 times. I am told nothing can be done, and it sucks. The ear piece bends out of shape and when I make a call it takes a few seconds for the buttons to work and display on the screen...ex if i call 480 5555555 it takes 20 seconds for the numbers to appear and for the call to go through.....hate this phone...anyone have a better one I can buy???

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