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A great buy with many features; this is a product worthy of cell phone superiority.


Jan 6, 2005 by salvataz

1. Handles Dropping Well
2. Camera Integration
3. Airplane Mode is an Impressive Addition
4. Launch Pad Customization Is Very Useful
5. Auto Answer Option is a Nice Addition
6. Scheduling, World Time, Voice Memo, Countdown, Memo Pad, and Task List are all Great Additions

1. There's No Real “Silent” Mode
2. “Back” Function In Wireless Web Does Not Work
3. Wireless Web Browser Has Other Bugs
4. Animations Above Menus are Lacking in Potential Quality
5. Only 2 Menu Skin Options
6. Needed Severely: “Info” Button
7. Backlight Button Needed
8. Some Animations Can Be Really Annoying
9. Menu Button on Phone Looks Nothing Like the Button on Screen
10. The Cursor in the Scheduling Function Only Covers One Side of Date
11. Belt Clip Design Should Never Be Used For Any Cell Phone
12. There Should Be A Speed Dial Option For Every Phone Number
13. Menu Button Scroll Jump Does Not Work Half The Time
14. Auto Answer Should Be Available In Launch Pad Or On Master Volume

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An Okay phone.


Dec 17, 2004 by the2ndflood

I ordered the Samsung VGA 1000 phone, because Sprint PCS currently has only 1 Motorola phone. And that phone does not have Visions on it.
This is an okay phone. The look is good, the sound and battery life are good. This Samsung phone comes with a basic WAP 2.0 browser, "Basic" being the key word. If you are used to an Open Wave WAP browser, then you will be disappointed. WAP 2.0 reminds me of the old style dial-up BBS boards that used to thrive. The fonts and colors are really, really cheap looking. That alone made my dislike this phone.

The phone also does not have TXT messaging. Which again, made me dislike this phone. Also Body Glove does not make a custom case for the VGA 1000, so you will be forced to buy a cheap Knock-off like Grab-it. Or just end up buying the OEM Samsung case, which is an okay case, but no way near the quality of the Body Glove brand.

I know there is good parts to this phone, but I don't care to go into that. This phone was a waste of money for me. I will most likely end up given it to a friend free of charge. I will just use my Sanyo until Motorola makes another phone.

You might like it, I really do not. MOTOROLA PLEASE MAKE A NEW PHONE! One with Visions!


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More than Other Phones


Nov 10, 2004 by Minxs

1. It Has Loud Ringer (adjustable). With a vibrate only or Vibrate and Ring Simultaneously- Great for clubbing or if left in one of your many coat pockets you can hear it and feel it.

2. Excellent Pictures- Really Clear- Also prints big without loss of clarity.

3. Headset volume adjustable on side of phone, so if a person speaks low- Just turn them up. If they speak loud- turn them down, they'll never know.

3. Voice Activated Dialing. You can even say the numbers and it will dial it.

4. Light up dial pad.

5. Big Clock (w date & day) display and Caller Id on the outside when phone is closed or you can assign a picture to person.

6. My phone has a Real Video of an Eagle flying from National Geographic - No annoying logos.

7. Loud Alarm clock with choice of ring tones, that features M-F, weekends only, Daily or One time alarm.

8. Camera features one touch camera shot for a real quick shot, or you can access your camera Button for Picture taking and other Camera features, like emailing or review.

9. I can leave it off the charger for days.

10. I practically can live without the Calculator which I have made a one button touch feature. (it’s an option)

11. Options you can adjust you phone for what one button touch feature do you want to show for the left button. Right button, top, bottom.

Cons: You must check out the pros first.....

1. Its Sprint

2. No Speaker- bummer

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Beats any Nokia I ever owned!!!


Oct 19, 2004 by dale76

I've owned several nokia's (including the great 3650 "smart phone") & thought they were the best cells out there until i discovered the vga1000 about a week ago. I never knew cells could be like this. And the signal strength can be at just 1 bar & still act like it's at full strength. (Sprint) I don't think you hardly ever loose all your signal. I use the internet on the cell as much as the computer. It's just as good for e-mails & messenger.

So many I can't list all of them.

Not really any. I guess I will say the keypad lights. They aren't that bright. I don't care that they're green, I just can't see some of the keys that well in very dim lighting (especially the talk & end keys & the letters on the number keys).

P.S. I love the flash (It don't really flash but the way it works makes it even better in the dark).

Thanks Samsung. Keep up the great work.

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Sep 9, 2004 by kenofive

This phone is the best aside from the Samsung 2G A400. I'm sold on Samsung! This A620 is probably my last model I'll ever own!
I use it for making calls and use it mainly as a modem for the computer! It connects at 115,000 bps. With the A400 I would connect at 19,200 bps and it would take away my calling minutes. But the A620 you choose a calling plan and have unlimited vision for 15.00 extra which 5.00 goes to downloads. By having vision this does not come out of your minutes and there is no peak and off peak! Just 24/7 Unlimited Internet use. It's an awesome deal. JUST THINK SAMSUNG AND SPRINT!!!

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Horrible Phone


Aug 24, 2004 by jbuttercup23

The pictures are nice, the voice reception is nice, however there are more cons than pros for me. Text messaging is my favorite feature on phones, for this phone you have to get online to see msgs which takes a long time. I've had it upgraded and it still takes a while, not to mention all the error messages I get. I have had problems with text msg since the 2nd day I had the phone. Also, just like in one of the other reviews, your phone will power off occassionally when you try to access different features. Sometimes when I try to make a call I get an error that says I cant make calls while in data mode and it wont go away until I have to turn the phone off and back on. Now my newest problem is trying to access the web and getting an error message saying Forbidden Access. I've only had the phone since December and I hate it. I've complained so much they're giving me another phone. I've always heard complaints about Samsungs but I didnt believe it til now. I will soon be buying the Sanyo VM4500. I've heard good things about it. Again.....don't buy this phone, waste of money.

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Great phone..BUT


Aug 22, 2004 by skills9

Had this phone for about 6 days then i went back in and traded it in for the Sanyo 8200. this phone is awesome!!!
Camera w/ flash
small design
keypad layout is great!
animated images
maybe it was my phone but whenever i take pictures theres lil white lines on the screen? and thats a NO NO for me..
needs a speaker
the ugly yellow backlighting on the keypad is ugly
phone gets hot easily
and the ringtones sound really DISTORTED u cant go past level 7 or it sounds really really really crappy.. it needs its own speaker for ringtones on the outside of the phone. conclusion:
but other than that. i love this phone. samsung!! keep the same design. fix the camera problem, the backlighting for the keypad. and add a speaker and im on my way to get it!! whoo hoo!!

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Yay it works!............... CRAP NOW IT DOESN'T!


Aug 12, 2004 by freakyfrager42

Well, here we go..... First, the phone randomly shuts off when starting some apps, Second, it'll freeze until u pull the battery off because it won't stop if u hold down the battery button.

The built in camera is not as good as quality than other camera phones out there. There are wierd grainy lines in the picture, even on high resolution on FINE quality. The ringers are ok, but not as good as quality as some other sprint phones. I like the cool color external screen cuz u can assign photo id's to SEE who is calling.

Overall, this phone is.. OKAY. Not Great or good, just OKAY. I would probably pay about 80 bucks for this phone, not the $260 it is listed for. I suggest you save your money a little longer and go for the Sanyo PM-8200 (better image quality) or the Sanyo VM-4500 which has a video camera AND better image quality.


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I love this phone!!!!!


Aug 2, 2004 by NHCharmedOne

Things i like

The screens are amazing, The inside screen is so sharp and crisp, The outside screen is very clear.

The signal is strong in most places ( I have Sprint )

The camera is clear and better (I think) then the Motorola v600 i had, Which cost $120.00 more then this Samsung...

Voice activated dialing, web launcher, game starter, is amazing, fun to play around with ;)

Menu's are easy to use and navigate through.

There is only one thing i don't like about this phone>

The battery is not the best, I have had 3 different Samsungs ( 3500, X426, VGA1000 and all have had batteries that do not came close to the talk, and standby times shown in the details of this phone.

But even with the sucky battery life, I love this phone, For the money (cost me $80.00 with new activation) Its a great phone...

(only my opinions of this phone)

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Aug 1, 2004 by AznAmy04


>You can see yourself in the external screen when you take self pictures
>good quality pictures especially when you see it on the computer.
>ringers for each person
>pictures for each person that shows on the outside


>Heats up when the keypad is lit too long
>Camera is in a crappy spot, you have to flip it over to take a self pic.
>poor antenna. It's square and hard to put back in, and when it's up it actually gives you LESS reception
>you have to delete pictures one at a time
>text messages can only be sent and recieved through internet access
>poor battery life
>closes too easily

On my phone it kept going back to the main screen when I would be in the middle of something.

I traded this phone in for the Samsung A680 and it's way better.

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