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Good Solid Phone


May 24, 2011 by Nadesico81

I got this phone as soon as Radio Shack unpacked it out of a shipment. The sales man knew nothing of the phone beside it was for Boost. As soon as we opened it switched out my old iDen i465. It was apparent the phone is worth its weight in gold.

Signal is strong but it tend to hunt for 3G data when it has one bar of signal. The phone looks sexy cool for a only 179.00 at that price if you brake the phone it does not cost too much to replace the handset. The phone is not over loaded with un needed software pre loaded. The android interface is simple yet efficient. The touch screen could be a little bit more intuitive but for the price point this can be over looked.


Good looking phone
Sharp Screen
Good Price Point
good Value for the money and monthly plan
Solid stable software with very few glitches
Clear sounding phone conversations.
Wifi Performance is better then most.
Texting is much better then most other Boost phones.


3G data is spotty when it has only 1 bar of service. (Voice service does not seem to be effected when it only has 1 bar.)
Battery life is a bit lagging when using high end 3G or data. (This is to be expected.)
Screen could be a little bit bigger and more responsive.

The Prevail is the best phone for Boost hands down. It has all the bells and whistles of a high end phone with out the high end price or contract. It may have some minor flaws but Boost did its home work and the prevail sits atop of the pile when it comes to no contract phones.
Virtual key board is a bit small

A Steal


May 13, 2011 by cynicaldreams

Have owned this phone for about a week now, and so far it's been a steal at $180.


-Good battery life for a smart phone

-Android 2.2 (a rarity for samsung)

-Really bright screen, for a non-SAMOLED phone,

-Clear calls, neat sounds

-Good signal in the Metro Charlotte area, even through the usual Sprint Black Hole by University City.

-Pretty lightweight; doesn't feel like a brick.


-2MP camera. I believe it's the lowest quality camera for an android phone.

-Low memory: Just have to remember to store as much as possible on the SD card.

In short, the few cons I have with this phone were just necessities to make it as cheap as possible, but with that aside, I love this phone!

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May 6, 2011 by FloDiesel

I received this phone on Monday May 2 . To my surprise this is a amazing little phone
Pros :
call quality
easy use
screen bright

screen size should been larger
volume for music
no speed dial list
But overall good just as good as some of the more upscale android phones

What a Winner!


May 12, 2011 by JRWireless

Boost has finally gotten it right. Create a great pricing plan for unlimited talk, text, and web and then throw in a phone that can handle all of the apps you can throw at it and you have a combination for a great marriage! Consider the Boost Shrinkage plan that can get you all that for $35 bucks and it's a no-brainer!

The Samsung Galaxy Prevail is the latest Android phone to hit the mobile market for Boost. It has a 3.2" HVGA screen that is unbelievably crisp. It's responsive to the touch and easy to use. It has the 2.2 FROYO OS from Google, and works on the 3G network. The network speed was comfortably fast and can handle all kinds of traffic. The handset comes with a 2GmicroSD card and can handle up to 32G. It has a micro USB charger port. It has access to GMail and Google Talk, 2MP camera and video, Built-in music player, Wi-Fi enabled and Advanced GPS

All-in-all this phone is a grand slam for Boost, and is very difficult to get your hands on. Hopefully Boost has enough foresight to prepare for the heavy demands of this handset and will have plenty in stock, unlike some handsets of the past.

Some of the cons are that this device will not be able to act as a mifi hotspot, like most Androids can. Also, we found a glitch in one, in that it would not allow the phone to unlock after making a call to voicemail or any call, for that matter. hat it turned out to be was that the function for the power button to end the call was activated, although it didn't appear to be checked in the "accessibility" option under settings. Choose "cancel" and then you'll see the option. TURN IT ON (check), and then TURN IT BACK OFF (uncheck) to reset how the phone power button handles the call when pressed.

I've had good luck with it.


Dec 24, 2011 by csandste

No real problems so far. Big improvement over the Blackberries I formerly had. Net $100 cost (after free $50 card) means I save big with Boost v. contract phone, that's only a bit over $4 per month as against a free phone with two year contract.

1. Good reception, works well as a cell phone.
2. Clumsy phone interface largely corrected with Gingerbread upgrade.
3. Small but well built, especially with gel case.
4. Don't have to pull battery regularly like I did with BB's. Pretty stable.

1. Internal memory really restricting as many programs can't be transferred to SD card.
2. Camera really not that important to me, but it's pretty low end. Lacks flash.

Touchscreen Freezes Contantly


Dec 20, 2011 by stellalia

At first I thought this phone was good, then about a month passed and it started freezing up on me all the time. I couldn't use the back button or home button at all, it would stay this way for about 10 hours and then it would decide to work again.

Now just a few months later I have to plug the phone in just to turn in on, battery life is extremely low and at least a few times a day it beeps like its charging and the icon shows a blinking icon like its charging. Sometimes it just turns off for no apparent reason.

Don't go with this cheap o version of an android, you will regret it!

Samsung Prevail


Oct 7, 2011 by patwackp

Where should I start?
First one I had to be exchanged because it froze up when using an app.
Exchanged it at Radio Shack for a new one and since then its been flawless.

Bought it for $149.99 and it came withe $20.00 gift card which I used to get a bluetooth headset.

1) it's 3G
2) alot of free app's on android market!
3) run's on Sprint
4) price of the plan drops to $35 over time!
5) sync's to my google account.
1) touch screen hard to get used to.
2) screen lock's during call.
3) low volume on speaker mode.
4) sucky battery life.

Other wise, the phone is SWEET!

Good Phone! ...Excellent Plan!


Aug 25, 2011 by WonderDude

~ It's an Android
~ It's small and light
~ Has excellent sound quality
~ Seems to work quite well most of the time
~ It's attached to a fantastically inexpensive yet quite reliable network

~ Freeze quite a bit
~ Has very limited storage
~ Camera is very lacking
~ Resolution is lower than most Android phones

Well, I've been with Boost for almost two months now. I live in Huntsville, AL. and so far I am quite happy with this phone and it's service. I used to be with Verizon. So I was worried about coverage. But I'm happy to report that Boost with Sprint's Network seems to work well in my town.

This is my first smart phone. The Prevail is good. I wouldn't say it's excellent or even great. But it adequately allows me to experience Android!

I love how light and sleek this phone is! I found the perfect holster for it, which makes the transfer from my old flip phone even more seamless.

It does freeze quite a bit. But when it does freeze, all you have to do is hold down the power button for about ten seconds or until it restarts.

I do wish it had more storage. Whenever, I find a new app, I have to consider removing another app to make room.

The camera is very lacking! There is no focus (i.e. bar-code scanner apps won't work). There is no flash (i.e. flashlight apps won't work). Video recording seems to work Ok. Overall the pictures are decent at best. If you're really into taking pictures, my advice is to get a different phone or just go get yourself a nice little point-n-shoot. ;)

All in all I'd have to say that this phone has changed my life. I Don’t know how I'd live without it now. And even though the phone itself is on the very low end of the spectrum as far as Android phones go, being connected to an unlimited everything phone plan that ultimately costs in its entirety about as much as most other company's data plans, makes this phone, at least for me, the smartest choice for choosing a smart phone.

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Prevail...or Pre-Beta?


Aug 5, 2011 by alteredstate   updated May 17, 2013

Carrier: Boost Mobile

I got this phone for my girlfriend to replace her LG Optimus V. The LG was unable to send text messages from certain locations. Knowing the Prevail was on the same network, I took a chance and it paid off. Sort of. The phone did prove to be able to send and receive messages in locations the Optimus V was not. Unfortunately as soon as we paired her bluetooth the problems began. The phone became extremely slow and started freezing up. Had to pull the battery often. Once the bluetooth was turned off it got better. *** UPDATE *** Phone eventually became practically unusable even without Bluetooth. This is a really bad phone even for entry level and I would suggest a different phone.

Decent call quality

Works where another comparable Android would not

Decent camera with adequate lighting (2 vs 3 mega-pixels for a cell phone is irrelevant unless your taking pictures for National Geographic or something)

Freezes with bluetooth

Too little internal memory

not so great!!


Jul 23, 2011 by cbarnes3121

i wouldnt recommend this phone to anybody over the age of 18. this phone freezes alot and the touch isnt responsive as it should be.179.00 for a phone that has a 2.0 camera i paid 19.00 for a phone from net10 that does almost everything this phone does so i would say prepaid or not keep ya money in ya pocket and get a cheap phone with same specs

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