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Apr 7, 2011 by LANENA516


great phone


Jan 3, 2011 by ticofl

this is a great ph, everything on it works great, for those that are complaning about the (1X) thats not that the ph is running on a slower network ALL phone for metro run with 3g unless u have the samsung craft

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Apr 2, 2011 by dcs1130

I really thought I was getting a great phone. Never had an android before. Was really looking forward to using the video, Youtube, apps and everything else.

I have been severely disappointed. Each and every time (not an exaggeration) I try to take a video and load it up to Youtube, I get an "activity error" (as it's been called). This is so very very frustrating. I have been wanting to take some video of my son and send it via e-mail to his grandparents. (And, the phone comes with a 2GB card. But, I instead replaced it with a 4GB card. So, memory is not an issue.)

And, every time I tried to load an application, it would fail to load ("activity error" again). I took the first phone back, and my carrier gave me a new one (which, I was told, they never do). Still, the exact same problems occurred. And, my carrier doesn't allow you to either get a refund on the phone, or even upgrade to a more expensive phone. (The guy behind the counter said that they don't allow returns or exchanges because the carrier doesn't lock you into a contract.)

So, now I am stuck with a crappy phone. I guess I should look on the bright side.......At least the battery drains really quickly. :-)

Great Android Phone!


Dec 10, 2010 by acdc1a

So, I was very concerned about using Android on 1x. Luckily for most business applications like e-mail it's plenty fast. Throw in the Wi-Fi and this thing screams. You simply cannot get more for $50 per month anywhere!

*Android 2.2 OS
*Great call quality
*Quality construction
*An unlimited plan that doesn't break the bank.

*As with all smart phones, battery could be better.
*1x is fast enough for e-mail applications, but painful for downloads.

When Metro lights up LTE and releases Android handsets to go with it, look out!

Awesome Phone


Jun 15, 2011 by shawna1996

I got this phone just a month ago and it's my first smartphone/android....and I love it!!
Everything about this phone is beautiful and everything is functioning right....the only thing bad about this phone is the battery life but that's not a big thing...I can live with the hours i get off of the phone.



May 14, 2011 by caljam53

WORST Phone I ever had. I cannot get reception in my home and in a few buildings I go into. I turn on the phone and get 1 'signal bar' then seconds later it drops.(Before anyone starts blaming reception in my area/home, let me dispell that thought by saying, 4 other people in my household has 3 different types of phones, from METROPCS, AND NONE HAS A PROBLEM.
Additionally, I have a MOTOROLO RAZR still, which had always worked and still works, so I HAVE HAD TO REVERT BACK TO IT TO GET SERVICE). I have sent the phone back to METRO and they have 'repaired it', BUT STILL NO IMPROVEMENT. I had to revert back to my RAZR when I SENT IT BACK A SECOND TIME. They returned it saying they 'replaced the circuit board'. SAME PROBLEM. I have had to return it a third time for a refund. Guess what i am using now, AGAIN......
You buy this phone, take it home quickly and see if you get reception..
P.S. -- You now can only get a refund for your phone ONLY if you purchase it ONLINE. The stores (at least here in Florida), no return/refund policy anymore.

Cricket lg optimus c Best by far!


Apr 4, 2011 by suzyqoh

After being disappoint with the Huawei ascend and the Zio,, I can honestly say that Cricket made the right choice to move on to the lg optimus.
The lg feels like a good solid built phone in my hand. Sound quality/reception/data is great. The screen is excellent, far better than ascend or zio.
I live outside of my Cricket service area. I still get 3g data service. And the call/text works flawlessly.
Yes, most agree that Cricket's customer service over the phone is the worse. But I always go to the Cricket retail service for any issues I have and its an hours drive away. Always pay my bill a month ahead to avoid any issues. But I do see Cricket making a huge effort to improve customer service.
Bottom line, if you want an entry level android cell phone without the contract and high price tag,,then I truly recommend checking out the lg optimus c for Cricket!



Mar 17, 2011 by Adult

After dealing with Verizon and the inflated bill I decided to cut the cord and try another service provider. I wasn't sure of MetroPCS service but I polled MetroPCS customers in the store (I think the Manager got upset!) and all had experienced good to great service. I like the GPS, the AUDIO out of the headset to my car stereo for enhanced GPS sound through my cars stereo speakers. I also like that while I'm in the NAVIGATION mode and listening to the Radio.com app, the NAVIGATION interrupts with my directions and then goes back to the music. I'm pretty tech savy and found the phone very user friendly! A LOT of BANG for the buck! Money well spent.

The biggest PRO is all the features for $50 all inclusive a month......the only con, at this time, is the battery life.

The new LG Optimus M


Dec 28, 2010 by Gwizard

My new LG Optimus M is good could be great but theres a problem..First this phone works great such as calls,texting. Features like showin you all your apps,weather and time in front is very useful and quick to get to. Bottom line its the best phone Metro ever came out with the only thing that fustrates me is I have a powerful 3g phone DOWN GRADED to a 2g which is a 1x that shows on the top of my phone . What a waste of a good phone and money, I shouldof kept my samsung craft 4g atleast yourube comes in a snap. On the real dont buy the LG Optimus M I got sucker in buying one.

Biggest POS I've ever owned!


Jun 23, 2011 by Julius

I am DONE with LG phones after this. My Huawei Ascend didn't give me this many problems. My biggest complaint about this phone is that after so often of using either the web, texting, listening to MP3s, the thing just randomly freezes, shuts down, and reboots itself. I joined Metro PCS (I call 'em POS-google it) so that I could be free of the nonsense and lies that I went through with Verizon. But that's neither here nor there at this point-and even they didn't give me this much trouble. I was told to shut down apps to avoid a further rebooting of the phone. That worked for a minute, but it went back to the way things were again. And with the money that I was paying on the plan, I could've stayed with VZW, or joined Sprint (which I'm about to do in a few days). And also when I'm not at home, my YouTube browser sucks as well as the internet. Those were the cons of the phone, here's the pros:

Clear sound (I'll give credit where it's due, LG does not disappoint when it comes to sound),
Clear display,
Standard size headphone jack,
rebate came just in time,

And one other thing I've learned about no contract companies like Metro and Boost is that they're good if you're on a fixed income, and if you don't get out much. But if you're like me and you're on the road constantly, have some business ventures that are gradually taking off, as well work full time, you can't afford to be stingy with your phone plans. Unlike these two companies with no contracts, with major carriers like Sprint, VZW, AT&T, T-Mobile, if you any issue with your handset, it can be settled in very professional and quick fashion, and most times you won't be given the runaround, either.

I'd rather go back to being in a contract plan. At least you know where your money's going, AND you also know that you're insured, too!

Don't fall for these no contract companies, they're a joke and a scam! And they have the products to prove it, too!

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