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just great


Oct 2, 2005 by e398flashed

this is an amazing phone, i finally purchased it. . . the functionality is superb, the rhythm lights are great. . . only down side is the key os response is a little slow, but it doesnt matter, phone is the best, i have it unlocked, with cingular. . . havent had less than full strength yet! got get one. . .

Great phone!


Oct 29, 2004 by johndoe

I had the choice of getting either a K700, V600 or the E398. After playing around with each phone, I immediately knew that the E398 was the one. I really do like the motorola interface and as a whole this phone feels much more solid than both the V600 and Sony Ericsson K700.

Reception has been nothing but stellar and the audio quality is unmatched by any phone I've seen today. The only thing I dislike about this phone is its slightly laggy menu's. But I do hear that this problem has been fixed with a newer firmware! Hopefully I'll be able to submit a follow up to this review after I get my phone updated!

One of the phone I like


Oct 13, 2004 by knold10

I got my Motorola E398 a week ago. I consider myself as a crazy with regards to cell phone. I change my phone if there's a new model coming out. From nokia, Sony Ericsson to Motorola. I have P900, V400 and V600 and the latest is E398. I like this phone so much because of the style, color and features. The sound is unique and when other people see my phone they were amazed and they asking where I bought it. I like also the speaker phone.Compare with other model V600 you can use the speaker phone after the one you calling answer your call. In E398 while still ringing you can turn on the speaker phone right away.

CONS: I can't browse the Internet because this phone is not supported by my service provider. Unlike the other brand Nokia and Sony Ericsson you can go to their website (tech. support) and they will send you all kind of settings you want WAP,GPRS and Email directly to your phone. But for Motorola they don't have that kind of support.

Cool Phone


Sep 16, 2004 by FonePhreak

This phone has many different options that allow you to do so much, i just got mine like a week ago and this thing is amazing i had the chance to get this or the p900 and for some reason i liked this better not just because of the price but the functions and the sound is amazing not really distorted high quality sound

Con: will not connect had to send into motorola for update. But other then that this phone has it all.

I liked it, but could've been better :)


Nov 2, 2004 by siddharthb

Well, as said before, i like this phone a lot, i had a choice between 6600, k700i and e398. After a lot of reviews and research i found this as the best choice, as 6600 was comparatively much slower (which i cannot afford my phone to be), and k700i had some battery and software issues (which can be a hassle in the long run). Sure e398 has some drawbacks too. Here's my overall view abt the phone:

-Excellent sound quality, second to none.
-Nice "feel the ring" kind of speakers, which have good frequency (22khz) for a phone.
-Expandable memory card is a good feature as music lovers such as me can be kept company during long hours in transit :)
-Its got all the essential technological features such as Class 10 Gprs, bluetooth,IM Wireless Village, Sync, etc.
-Camera quality is decent. Not to forget the flash (which doubles up for a nice flashlight).
-Screen size (176x220) and depth (65K colors) is really cool. (though a 6600 phone screen looks bigger than e398, its actually smaller (176x208), the "lookin big" factor is due to bloated pixels).
-Nice customizable menus.
-Smart key is useful.
-Sufficient phonebook capacity (1000 nos.)
-Supports 3gp and mp4 playback.
-Software suite provided is decent.
-Battery life is decent too.
-Transflash memory card is amazingly small (i hope not to break it). :P
-USB Port connectivity.FINALLY!

-No video capture.
-Video playback from transflash memory is choppy at times, whereas playback from phone memory is smooth.
-MIDI Quality is nothing to write home about, a Samsung SHG X600 has better midi quality than e398 (this is due to a lack of a dedicated MIDI card)
-Software suite cannot read files which contain "&"
-Software suite cannot upload Java games (Jar files)...bummer!
-Photo quality reduces when i zoom the camera.
-Fool around with the camera too much and listen to music for an hour, say hello to "Low Battery"

A good phone according to me, nice ergonomy, needs an OS :) Sayonara!

Great Phone


Aug 11, 2004 by Stanto

This is a great phone. I have the P900 and SL55 and this is the phone I will be using for now on. I will still use the P900 for work, but the SL 398 has a crisp picture, ease of use, and is a very smart phone. I just got the phone a few days back, it is taking me awhile to learn everything since the manual was terrible in explaining how the thing operates. But the phone is small and works great. The phone is different than all the other phones because of an internal woofer like speaker. When the phone rings, you "feel the ringer". It is like having a little Bose Stereo in your phone.

Biggest problem. The phone is not connecting to my computer and I will have to mail my phone to Motorola in order to get the software updated.

sweet device and i really love this phone


Sep 17, 2009 by narn3049

Next after the lg pear 300, and the motorola v551, I had the ROKR lookalike, that was essantely the same as the E1 Rokr, without iTunes, and surely this phone was durable. I've thrown it at everything it handled my breakups with the ex girlfriends. lol. and it was covered in scratches, etc. It still worked and was a great phone, however ne2 upgrade came and I had to get a new phone, and I was sad this one left.




So I sold it on eBay for 20 bucks, and I was happy, but I will miss that phone. It was cool

Amazing phone!


Aug 12, 2007 by 70ss454_man

This is a great, and very durable phone. When i bought it 3 years ago, i was used to Motoralas being very cheap feeling and very flimsy. When i received this phone i was simply amazed. The rubberized finish WAS superb, till now when its wearing off badly.
-great sound system with vibration and 3D
-cool menu sounds and such
-un-motorola like vibrate. very strong and customizable
-side lights
-very good signal, rarely ever lost service
-rubber finish, making it easy to grip even when wet
-transflash card ready

-horrible, HORRIBLE UI. Oh my god. so slow, especially when texting. Worst in any phone I've ever seen, esp. now days.
-because it was unlocked, it wouldnt work with any media offered from T-mobile.
-rubber peals off =/
-it would reset every once in a while
-battery wouldnt last more than a day

Now, to explain why I don't have this phone anymore.
It was dead as usual, so i plugged it in to charge. 15 min later smelled something burning. Ran to my room to find it almost on fire and melting all over.
Motorola of course sent me another phone, this one a RIZR (amazing phone, look for my review)

E398 Veteran


Jun 6, 2007 by GammaNuGurl

*Has had this phone for almost 5 years and running, same battery and everything! Got it on a dare and did get a new phone, but came right back to this one.

Only con: It tends to black out and shut off completely. I would just credit that one issue to how long I've had it though.



May 27, 2006 by DemonsLair

okay so i wasnt too sure about a motorola but this thing rules!

If anyone asked me to give them a hand about which phone...deffinatly the motorola e398!

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