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Jun 23, 2011 by rare1978

this phone is horrible going on my 4th one and all tmobile wants to do is send me the same one where is the customer service at wish i never got them in the first place ..

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Amazing Android device


Nov 8, 2010 by narn3049

Finally LG and T-mobile are releasing their first Android device.

This phone is simply amazing. The phone has a lot of great apps, great camera, and many more awesome features. I never personally have owned the phone, just seen reviews/videos of it. It is an amazing phone though, and people should get it.

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Jan 26, 2011 by Tychal

LG has done it again, rather if it is Lucky Golden Star or as we like to call it here in the us Life's Good...

This phone has proved to surpass phones like the Palm Pre and even the Cliq.

When I first got this phone I feared that it would be a cheap plastic device that does not function well, however this phone has not dropped one call. The memory on it is kinda low and even for the "3G" Speeds it access things rather quickly. The battery life is wonderful.

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Nov 19, 2010 by KeepNTouch

Based on the review listed on Phonescoop, I was not expecting to be satisfied with the phone. I got this phone for my 17 year old son and upon setting it up, I felt the display quality was bright and crisp. I think the colors are rich, not as rich as a G2 or amoled display, but rich nonetheless.

I was expecting muffled call quality, but since my son doesn't talk much, I didn't think it would matter. The call quality on this phone is very clear and natural sounded. Maybe phonescoop had a semi lemon for their review.

Moving through the phone was smooth. I do concur that the web speed was not as fast as the myTouch Slide, but it is a decent performer.

And you can use the phone as a mobile hotspot... so much for having to pay $300 on contract for phone with that feature. Way to go..Tmo.

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Great Phone


Nov 8, 2010 by smoothoperatormd

I purchased this phone outright for $239 to replace the My Touch Slide because I got tired of waiting for the 2.2 update.

I am impressed with this phone. It has a built in FM radio which the "slide" does not.
I love the froyo OS and the hotspot feature. I live in an area of Baltimore where I am getting 2meg - 4meg downloads on average and am giving up my verizon "mifi" saving me $60 a month for internet access for my laptop and I am getting faster speeds then the Verizon "mifi" aircard (400-600kps downloads).

I was told this phone qualifies for a $10 a month unlimited data plan starting 11/15. If this is true I will save $20/month over the "slide" and get what I feel is an equal or better phone then the "slide". After 3 days I am not missing the slide out keyboard as much as I thought I would.


battery life is good except when running the hotspot requires charger for long term use
feels good in the hand, finish is not slippery,
solid build/feel
screen is very good
2.2 froyo
camera/video is real decent for 3.2
FM radio built in but requires wired headset camera software offers lot of options to tweak pictures/videos
beats out the Sprint version with more options like the Fm radio and internet phone calling options


android music player

Anybody wanna buy a slightly used My Touch Slide ?

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Aug 29, 2011 by NotAnOptimusTFan

I absolutely hate this phone. It has more issues than anything. It's a constant battle of black screens, speaker is always on in calls and it says it's "charging" when it's not even on the charger! I've had 3 replacements waiting on the r & they've all 3 had the same problems. But T-Mobile refuses to send me a different model even after 3 exchanges & countless resets & reprogramming. Anyone else having these issues? Please help!

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Not what I expected


May 4, 2011 by crazykeli

This was my first smart phone and not what I was expecting. I never cared much for LG brand phones due to their reliability issues in the past. I find it difficult to call the right numbers from the phone book at times. It would pick up on the first name a number was attached to. If I want to call my Mom's cell, but is added under house phone, then I may end up calling her house instead. I have difficulty texting with one hand while multi-tasking (kids, chores, work).

Internet access.
Weather from two different sources.
Drive Smart is quite nice.
Visual Voicemail.
Can set multiple alarms for multiple days.
Can make web pages larger or smaller.

Delay after changing pages/screens up to two minutes before able to choose app.
Caller ID shows only Primary name.
FaceBook stays logged in 24 hours.
Is connected to the internet 24/7.
Must keep an internet pkg to allow 24/7 access.
Must keep screen scratch/smudge free.
Below average reception in my travel areas.
Swype frequently chooses incorrect words, or does not find words.

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Cheap, but has issues


May 1, 2011 by Globhead

Search for "emergency mode" and LG, and you will find many people with the same problem I have. They phone works fine for a little while (in my case, a week past the exchange period), and then it goes nuts and displays "emergency mode" and won't boot up.

As for features, it is almost good but it must be the only Android phone with no auto brightness control. Even the cheapo Comet can do that. The Optimus requires constant manual adjustment.

Also, the physical buttons (menu, home, back, search) do not light up when the display is illuminated, which would have been the obvious thing to do. Instead, they only light up for a short time after you push them.

What else... the speaker phone uses the earpiece, not a dedicated loudspeaker, and it is not clever enough to disable the speakerphone mode when the proximity sensor is triggered. So if you accidentally hit the screen twice when answering and turn on the speaker, you get a big blast in your ear.

Hopefully the next Huawei model will be good. They seem to know how to make good cheap phones which don't die after a few weeks or lack obvious common features.

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Optimus T


Apr 27, 2011 by BoltedThunder16

Okay, so I'd like to start off by saying that I don't actually own this phone. My best friend has the LG Optimus T in purple and wanted me to write a review since she and I mess with each others phones when we're bored. I actually have the HTC Thunderbolt (hence my screen name). For a lower-end smartphone, it's pretty decent. The price was right and it runs off of the Android OS (which I love). If you're looking for a very affordable yet capable Android smartphone, I'd definitely consider getting this phone.
PRO's: -Battery life is pretty decent.
-Android 2.2
-User friendly UI.
-Comes in cool colors.
-Takes okay pictures in well-lit environments.
-Very compact and fits easily in my hand.
-Operates at decent speed (internet and navigating through menus).
-Touch screen is decent (when you're not texting or trying to click on small web links).

CON's: -No flash with camera.
-Screen is a bit small and doesn't have very impressive resolution.
-Due to the smaller screen size, it's hard to text with (I hate SWYPE). I may be accustomed to HTC's auto-correct, but the keyboard on this phone is just too cramped for my liking.
-Not a fan of the hardware buttons at the bottom or the order that they're in.

LG could have utilized the wasted space on the front of the phone for a larger screen. Overall, it's a decent phone for the price and you will definitely get the bang for your buck.

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Feb 27, 2011 by pjdLI

As a phone the capabilities are great and the size perfect. If you want to use it as a internet connection to provide options for your computer check your T-Mobile plan and offered services, for the casual road user this is NOT the least expensive way to go, too many hidden charges from this provider. The only con I can find is maybe a stronger vibrate so when it's in my case I can feel it go off and possibly a bigger keyboard for typing. Sound is good as is the learning curve to operate it very straight forward and easy. Good value very happy with this phone.

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