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My first smartphone and it's a keeper


Apr 12, 2011 by mollywobblez

This is my first smart phone and I'm very happy with the choice I made with this phone.

I admit, at first, I was having similar issues to those previously mentioned: battery not lasting very long, not able to access the other aspects of the phone while on call. Thank goodness I was able to find these issues were based on my inexperience with the device. I simply downloaded a task killer and found my battery now lasts easily 24-48 hours depending on what all I do with the device in a day. And simply touching the "home" button while on a call gave me full access to texting, games, email and more while on a call.

PROS: very receptive touch screen
decent battery life
android market has a large variety
sound quality is great
keyboard is nicely laid out and has a good resistance for typing
well-lit screen and able to be seen in sunlight

CONS: still waiting on 2.2 update from Motorola
smaller memory capacity which makes it a bit difficult to get the amount of apps I would like

Overall a great phone and a great first smart phone purchase.

my first smart phone


Mar 19, 2011 by aseitz

This is my first smart phone and i like it happy that i have it i work with phones. i seen were it was said that it keep giving an error messages saying that memory is full there is a way around it just turn the phone off and back on and it will go away. i found out that if you turn it off when you charge it it will do better also about the battery there are some setting that helps with that it is called smart mode in the battery manager.

con: i don't like that i cant play my games on face book.

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Excellent Android Phone


Jan 27, 2011 by bighairyape

This is a fantastic phone! The keyboard feels great and the phone fits nicely in your hands. The screen is bright and easy to see in sunlight. The touchscreen goes into standby when you hold it up to your face to talk and comes out of it when you bring the phone back down so no pushing buttons with your face! Someone else on here posted that you cannot text while on a call but this is not true. All you have to do is push the home key during the call and it will take you back to the home screen and you can do ANYTHING you want on the phone. text, games, internet, or anything else. I very rarely use the touch pad on the screen though so i can't tell you how well that works but everything else is great!

Awesome Android handset ....


Dec 24, 2010 by SingularSerf

This my 1st Android phone, but my 4th or 5th Motorola phone. Overall really, really nice handset. Fast CPU, lots of internal memory and comes with a 2 gig SD card. Flip side keyboard is strong and the keys are nicely spaced, good click feel when punching keys. Beautiful bright screen, viewable in sunlight.
A solid handset with a nice solid feel to it. Easy to handle and a good sweeping motion. All buttons are quick to respond with a light touch. Handset and screen go to standby when you put next to your face for a conversation.
Bluetooth is awesome, controls several devices at once, multiple headsets and stereo speakers. Changes flawlessly between them ie, using stereo speakers, a call comes in, speakers fade down and headset picks up call, drop call speakers fade back up to same spot in song.
Only "Con" I found was, I can't surf the net or use messaging or look up contacts while on a call, but that maybe my fault and just can't find the right button to breakout of the call. Great handset. I am endorsing this powerful Moto cellphone.

PS: I went from several years of using HTCs and Windows mobile to this with the Android OS. I love the new handset and miss my slow, heavy Tilt less everyday.

Not your best choice


Jun 6, 2012 by buford2012

Be glad that they have discontinued this phone. It is seriously not a good option. If you have any other option at all you will need to take that. This one will be trouble.

Keep Looking


Jun 3, 2012 by orlavin

This phone has one thing good and thats all. KEYBOARD is great! Other than that, its a horrible phone. Battery is bad! Will die on you more than once in a single day. 2-3 times within a 24 hour period. The processor is slow. It lags constant. Camera is OK, but not great. Feels very cheap. Low internal memory with no option of transferring apps to your SD Card. So after a certain amount of apps, the phone will run up on its free space and will give you lots of error messages and will slow down your phone even more.
This phone seems to be more for kids who only text and do not worry about apps or other features.

Keep Looking and dont waste your time. Even teens now days should have better phone than this.
Sorry Motorola, try again!

Would have kept it But...


Aug 9, 2011 by Crandam

I had my phone for about 3 months when It mysteriously disappeared. Otherwise I would have kept it...My fisrt Android.Previously owned a Blackberry, but Android turned out to be pretty nice.

Love Love the qwerty keyboard. will miss that.Love the Market with countless free apps.


Expected better quality of sound out of ear phone jack.xternal speaker is not very loud either.

I hate that the calendar drops my events. what if i want to refer back to them at a later date.

Hard to stop every program you opend from running when ur done with it. Especially internet browser. more savey users may have remedy. I don't

Again,ringer volume kinda low. Phone freezes a lot. I have to hit what I believe to be standby button to clear freezes alot. alot

Shiny crome around front face should be omitted alltogether. It chips and scratches much too easy...even from tiny debris getting inside the protective cover...some protection?

Overall this phone is pleasing for the price(free with 2yr contract). FItting for non-beginners; I think most will be pleased when looking for something in it's class.

Gltichy, but pros outweigh cons


Jun 14, 2011 by harrowstorm

I wanted an android with an actual keyboard because I was so tired of not having a solid one. With ATT, the Flipside was the best of two options.

Android battery, must charge every day, sometimes twice a day. Best to keep charger on you
Not a gigantic memory
Calls always have a weird sound to it, sort of an echo-y static. No complaints from other end
Camera does not have auto focus so you can't use any barcode scanning apps
Camera is not great quality
The silver lining scratches up fairly easy. But then again, I don't have a cover for it and have dropped it a couple times
Screen protector is a must, like all touch phones

A few glitches I've experienced:
Even after I've hit the back key to unselect something, it'll keep opening the same thing over and over. Have to remove battery because it won't let me do anything else
Screen won't always lock
Contacts will get the last thing you searched for stuck on the screen, can't search for anything else
I'll have to lock and unlock a few times to get the screen to respond every once in a while
Home screen will show nothing but background, even when there are icons normally on it. Comes back on own eventually. Can access everything without it

The keyboard is great, sturdy and good sized
Access to the android market
The maps app that comes with the phone is fantastic. But if you are in low signal areas, of course it will lag
Quick silence feature on the locking screen
The widgets are extremely helpful and handy to have
The home screen has 7 screens, tons of room for shortcuts and widgets
The wifi feature will find any accessible network and alert you it's there so you can connect (if you know the passcode if not public) and not use up your data plan. Stores and automatically connects to ones you've previously connected to
Alarm is reliable
Media plays crisp and clearly
Can download and view Office product files
No dropped calls!

The glitches are annoying but not hugely inconvenient. Patience is a virtue ;)

terrible phone


Jan 20, 2011 by phoneuser11

OK so I've had this phone for about two weeks. First off the battery dies about twice a day on average however I have had it die four times in one day before. Also I keep getting error messages saying that memory is full however I have 2 apps on the phone which together don't take up more than 20 mB, and it comes with a 2 gig memory chip however I cannot get it to store to it and when I take the phone to the store they don't know how to fix it either. Other than not being able to have apps (which is the whole point of having a droid phone) and constantly having to plug it in and the slow processing due to the full memory. I like the keyboard it is very easy to use, but that is about all this phone has going for it so overall I would not suggest buying this phone.

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