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Ok phone.... I guess...


Apr 7, 2004 by haveaday

This phone phone is the best I have personally ever had, but thats not saying much b/c i had the old school nokia b4 this so it was a huge step up to this new camera phone. It does have a ton of awesome features such as a converter(not only currency..everything else, length, time, volume, energy, temp...and ne thing else u need to convert..), a composer(u can make your own ringtones if u know music notes and stuff) a video recorder, audio recorder, and more... The ringtones are really cool,(polyphonic) and getting on the internet on your phone is pretty cool 2. U can also have tons of contacts and keep thumbnail photos of your contacts, it also has voice tags which are helpful. but... i have had 3 3600 phones in the past 4 months... the same thing keeps happening.. the phone will turn off and then it wont turn back on and it just shows "Nokia" and it fades out... very frusturating... i have had to re-type all of my contacts and i have lost many pictures that ill never get back... it also took like a coupla hours just to set up internet(customer service), and i still havent set up my picture messaging(not much help from my carrier...) voice mail was really messed up. to all who are thinkin about gettin this phone.. Its good but i have come across soooo many dificulties i would not get it again. im currently tryin to get a new one b/c im tired of trading out the 3600... i just hope you dont have the same problems i had...

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The 3600 Cingualr phone


Oct 12, 2003 by Bimmerman100

The phone is beautiful, kind of bulky but great none the less. I've wanted a 3650 since the first time I saw it but could not get it for cingular in my area, now that the 3600 is available I got it, but its not all I expected.

when reading the manual for the 3600/3650 be prepared for a disappointment or 2 since some of the options are for the 3650 and not the 3600, for example zooming in and out.

big phone that could be louder but it is loud enough.

the camera is awesome to have but the resolution could be better.

this thing is packed with options! it has everything i wanted, it even brought game demos, even though it took 14 minutes to install the 11 demos they work great and are loads of fun! Awesome options including adding pictures to your contact book and the slot for a memory card is very hand, now to upgrade from the included 16 to a 64!

over all the phone is good, takes getting used to but is good none the less, if you can spring for the 3650 as most of the cingular version phones are downgrades, but if you cant get the 3650 the 3600 is still great!

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Quick impressions


Jan 28, 2004 by Damion

Phone works well, Camera works well. Blue Tooth sucks (I received 2 different phones for 2 employees and the Nokia Blue Tooth head set I bought with both sounded terrible and staticky (so much so that I returned them). Both my employees complained about the unfamiliar # button layout (but they also say they are slowly getting use to it).

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Nov 30, 2003 by AMBERQUEST

The phone has awesome Rf and voice quality, with tons of features I am just beginning to start too utilize. The only draw back to the phone is the key pad; but with a little determination I did actually get a good hold of the key pad within 72 hours. Also reception is great. Some may consider the 3600 to be a little big, I myself have no problem. Performance plus ;well done nokia. Buy and enjoy..
Business clients should enjoy the solid performance and the flexibility of the 3600.

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Great phone


Aug 18, 2003 by mch

Well, here it is, a phone with the excellent sound quality and the RF performance of the Nokia 3650, but is dual band GSM 850/1900 for maximal North American coverage.

- Only class 6 GPRS (3+1) which means it is somewhat slower for data transfers than many other GPRS phones
- keypad takes some getting used to
- size and weight
- cannot take a data cable (doesn't matter much)

- It has a huge extensible featureset. There is lots of great Series 60 software available
- Great RF performance when compared side-by-side against other GSM 850/1900 phones on AT&T GSM in Seattle.
- Excellent sound quality
- Bluetooth, Camera, IR
- Nice loud handset speaker - I can hear the caller in quite noisy environments
- Ringtones are loud
- can add flash cards (I have a 128MB MMC Sandisk card in the phone - it works nicely)
- Speakerphone
- Headset jack is the same as 8390/6390, etc. (not the annoying pop port as on the series 40 phones)

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a cool phone


Apr 16, 2006 by nubianjoker

i got this phone for my 10th birthday and it isa a great phone it like all phones has goods and bads to it


easy goin


great for kids and teens

takes good pictures

video tapes better than most of my friends phones(that i know of)

toooooo big

on my phone sometimes the memory card locks itself

people call it the remote phone in my school becasue most of my friens have flip phones and if it is not like it is flat like this phone it is still not as big

these thigs may not occur to u as bad but it is bad to me so take my review and i hope it is helpful to u becasue this is a wonderful phone just be cautious that some immature people might make fun of ur phone becasue of its size. but if u r not a person who cares about wat other people think or this is going to be urs or ur childs first phone then u will love this phone

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I love my 3600!


Feb 27, 2005 by cjg

I'm a latecomer to this phone, having bought it off e-bay and knowing it's not the latest, greatest, but I absolutely love it!


--Great reception that Nokia is known for
--Voice quality is tops
--Long battery life
--Speakerphone is great
--Camera & bluetooth (haven't tried BT yet)
--Customizable menus
--Big, readable display
--Size (many think that's a con, but I like a big phone)



I can't believe Cingular discontinued this phone, luckily GMS works with just popping in my SIM.

All in all, a wonderful phone with all the nice features anyone could want, but easily usable if you want just a basic phone too.

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handheld spiffyness


Aug 16, 2004 by mcgyver

Lets start with the important stuff:

bluetooth (great for pictures and mp3's)

decent mp3 playback(just had to find and purchase the software off the net)

good color screen

real working speaker phone

awesome features and operating system

re-arrangeable menus

pics on contacts

has worked every place i've gone(cingular in Texas)

still camera with 3 modes,

video and audio recorders

you can transfer video clips to the phone and then play them

MMS ready send and receive multimedia messages with phone, send pics, vid clips, audio, the works, really awesome for someone on the go


# button layout takes some getting used to

i don't like having to type in my key-lock code to lock and unlock phone

for some reason I'm having a hard time finding memory cards that are compatible(without ordering from nokia)

battery life: I'm a bit disappointed that i
have to charge my phone every night, (this is mostly due to the screen backlight) and how many text mesages i send and receive every day

i wish there was some handy easy to use software to add, edit and manipulate contact info on my pc and then bt it to the phone.

had to buy a bt device for my pc

had to find a reader/converter to use pics from phone on my pc

My cons are just my personal usage querks, and I'm sure that if i spent more time i could find the software and memory cards I'm looking for.

All in all i would have to say that this is the best phone I've had to date.

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Best Phone I Have Had So Far...


Jun 18, 2004 by anderman

This is by far the best phone I have had so far. I have gone through a Nokia 5165, 6161, 6340i, and a Sony T616. I generally have reception issues inside my house, but have only dropped one call in the week that I have had this phone so far (and I already have over 24 hours of total talk time on it). The camera is much better than the T616, but still a little fuzzy, which I attribute to the fact that it is a phone. The MMC card is great, I can store over 300 "high quality" images, or over 1800 portrait images. The Series 60 Symbian OS is different, but easy to use and includes a lot of apps. I generally get 3 1/2 hours of talk time on one charge, which is nice. Also, all other GSM phones that I have had seemed to have a buzz that was audible to me and the other person when talking, but this phone is clear as a bell. The only thing that I would change is the keypad setup, but like most, I am getting used to it. Sending MMS messages is neat (not sure how much I will really use it), but I have been unable to figure out how to send a text message to an e-mail address as of yet (Cingular customer service leaves something to be desired sometimes). The Bluetooth and IR come in very handy for sending pictures either to my laptop or Sony Clie, as well as for syncing info with Outlook (or Palm desktop!) on the laptop. I have only used the web on the phone once or twice to try it out; very neat, but again not sure how much I will really use it. Occasionally, the slowness of the menus get on my nerves, but it is generally not too bad. I am very pleased with the phone so far overall, and hope it will work out for a while. I generally spend several thousand minutes on the phone every month, so I will get a lot of use out of it very quickly.

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