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Worst phone I've *ever* had


Jan 22, 2013 by autumozart

I am almost literally frustrated to the point of tears. I had cheapy flip-phones through Boost mobile since 2007-2008. In 2010 I finally got a decent Android phone from them (touch-screen, internet, etc. Smartphone). It gave me a few problems, but eventually ended up just dying completely. Until I can afford a new phone and new carrier, I have to use this piece of crap.

I have been trying to send and receive messages for the past 2 days. I got a text from my fiance about 4 minutes ago, but it was from the day before last. I attempt to send messages, and I get "(Failed): Error. Message not sent. Network not responding. Message saved. Please try again later." No error code, no reason for failing, no nothing.

I can't do anything but call, and usually it will "time out" about 30 seconds into the call. So, leaving a voicemail can pose a problem, due to the time I finally get to the prompt to leave a message, it "times out."

I realize it's 2013 and everyone has a Smartphone, but for some people/instances (such as not being able to sign a new contract or get a new phone until payday) require use of non-smartphones. And this is going to drive me nuts.

OK phone but way behind the times


Oct 18, 2012 by purplejbaker

PROs: QWERTY keyboard, great pictures
CONs: Poor sound quality, touch screen on front will give wrong numbers, internal screen cracks eaily, poor battery life (6-8 hours on standby), phone randomly reboots or crashes for no reason, can't use touch screen in any kind of light.
So, I have had this phone for 2 years and it worked OK for about 6 months and then it was downhill from there. The call quality is garbage, the screen cracked and has been getting worse every day, I am too cheap to buy a new phone so I am waiting for my upgrade in a few days. Don't bother with this phone especially with all the options out there today.

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Very annoying phone!


Dec 26, 2011 by HAUOLI01

Ok, I have had this phone for a while now, and i get more annoyed by it everyday. I have had it sent back twice and reset three times. The phone freezes up constantly, but i figured out it does it the most when I try to check my email. Which is a joke. I feel like they tried to make this phone do tooo many functions that it really cannot support. The calendar is also connected through your email app, therefore i cannot access my calendar, which is a huge inconvenience b/c i schedule alot. This phone has so many cons I don't even have time to type. But one Pro is the GPS. it is awesome and accurate every time! I have given up my regular GPS for the one on my phone.

Cons (just a few):
-freezes constantly, have to remove battery and power back up.
-touch screen is too sensitive when on a call. hangs up or three way calls.
-calendar is connected to email.
-hard to turn speaker phone on through the touch screen.

-good sound quality
-solid phone
-fave feature is the GPS navigation. IT IS AWESOME!!!! turn by turn direction and shows you where your destination is exactly. love it!
-internet is pretty good.

bad choice


Sep 10, 2011 by globuggy

I bought this phone in February of 2011. I've had it in for fixing 3 times in 7 months. The touch screen is horrible and I frequently am not able to take the phone off speaker or even dial from the touch screen if my hands are warm and it's a warm day. My cheek has hung up the phone and dialed someone completely different when the phone was an inch away from my cheek and NOTHING was touching the screen, not even my ear. I got up one morning and the inside screen was cracked, fairly early on in my relationship with this phone. I always treat my phones with respect and have no idea at all why the screen cracked. It carries the Sanyo brand name and I've owned many Sanyo phones and have loved all of them. I've since learned that Sanyo did NOT make this phone and that may be one of the reasons it has been so unreliable for me.

PROS: The camera is nice, it takes video which is also nice. It can hold quite a few contacts. Ringers are nice and loud and you can set it to vibrate no matter what level the ringer sound is set.

I would recommend you keep looking for similar phones that are much more reliable.

What the incognito should have been


Apr 17, 2011 by Jaden10

I was with Boost Mobile and the last phone I has was the Incognito, long story short it dies and I went to Sprint on Wednesday. I decided to get this phone. I cant complain one bit. The phone is what the incognito should have been. More responsive touch screen, bigger internal screen,better battery life, keypad feels more solid, camera is WAY better, solid feeling and is even my favorite colour. My 4 complaints are. Still no flash, I know this phone is for people who text a lot. But still a flash would add to the value, memory card isnt accessable without removing the battery. Not major but a pain. Keyplacement on main keyboard. I got so use to where all the keys were on the incognito that I find myself hitting the camera button when wanting to back up. And finally this phone uses a 2,5mm headphone jack. WTF! Other then that this phone is damn solid. Great buy for a great feature phone.

incognito upgrade


Sep 25, 2010 by Jack5822

at the moment the incognito has a rating of 3.37, so this must be worth a 3.5. More or less its the same phone with just a few changes.

A friend got this phone, and after about an hour in my hands I wanted to get some info out there for people who may be stuck between incognito and innuendo.

the button on the top that unlocks key guard works every time, unlike the slider on the incognito that works every other time.

the touch dialing (that you have to touch) in at least 3 times faster on the innuendo then the incognito's touch dialing (that reads your finger before you touch and is wrong from time to time)

The innuendo has a 3mp camera vs the incognitos 2mp.

This phone feels pretty solid in the hands, and the hinges seem pretty strong. Should know for sure in a few days, but I don't think this will be a phone that just falls apart in your hands.


The only thing that really bothered me about the phone is that when you close it, it doesn't turn off any program that was running. So if you were texting and you close the phone with out exiting all the way out you can't place a call. You have to open the phone back up and finish exiting out and then re-close the phone just to dial the phone. But this was an issue with both the incognito and the innuendo.

Not worth the money


Dec 24, 2011 by JessyVanity

Freezes constantly, screen is very sensitive and overtime will produce a black marks and bubbles, you can not post pictures to facebook, battery lasts maybe 5 hours until it reaches the last battery bar
The only pro for this phone is service is good, you can get a signal in the mountains

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JUNK! Disapointed This Replaced Incognito?!


Oct 30, 2015 by ichisdad

Carrier: Boost Mobile

A/C power cord failed on my Incognito. Go to store to buy new one. Guy at store said cord cost more than the phone is worth! I asked if he had replacement for Incognito, he said yes, pulls it out, I look at it, how much, and buy it! While paying him, didn't see him hand it to other employee to activate! When I realized what was happening, too late! Oh well, It is the incognitos replacement cant be that bad, right? WRONG!!! EVERY THING IS SO SLOW! I switched back to my incognito in 2 DAYs!, I only needed A/C charge cord! Keep this as back up in case! Have done that! Now Incognito having little problems, was looking around, but something happened changed # & had to go back to this CRAPY ONE! (text on other phone is evidence so frozen in time now)
Keeps dropping calls, keyboard nothing like Incognito! Keyboard SLOW AS HELL (I have arthritis in hands, fingers, wrist!) HATE THIS THING! CAN'T say it is a phone cause it acts like it DON'T know what it is! I just have NOTHING NICE TO SAY about this one other than unlock/lock button, but is in WRONG PLACE!
Incognito MUCH BETTER! YES I wrote review on it too!
Reviews on same date and same name!
Today 10/29/15 = ebay = incognito = new in box! = buy now! = here next week!! CAN'T WAIT!!! If I were to try both phones for 3 days each I would say Incognito replaced this CRAPPY ONE! NOT the OTHER WAY!
If you see one of these innuendos just sitting some where, RUN AWAY FROM IT! IT MIGHT EXPLODE! IT DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS DON'T BE NEAR IT WHEN IT THINKS IT DOES KNOW!!!!! Mine works BEST power OFF on top of papers on my desk as PAPER WEIGHT!!
Oh I bought screen protectors for it too! Inside screen DON'T NEED PROTECTION! OUTER ONE DOES! Try putting protector on outer screen, was stiffer plastic type for this thing, WONT STICK - LEFT SIDE CURVE! WHY??? Now CAN'T find SOFTER RUBBER TYPE for this, DON'T know if they were ever made for it! CAN'T FIND THEM! Caps shouting? yes I am! THIS? replaced THE BEST PHONE EVER!??? HOW?

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