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Samsung SPH-N270 (Matrix Phone)


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Go 4 it............


Jul 30, 2003 by Zen

I've had my phone for about 4 months now and I have 2 tell U I Luv it.

Pros: If your a huge fan of the movie I highly recommend it, or maybe your like me, I want what no other people have.

Cons: U know what they R no camera,internet,e-mails,games etc.ect.

I look at at this way, I only want it as a phone nothing else, I have a computer for my e-mails, video games, etc. etc.. It's a bit pricey but who cares I have yet seen another person in my town with this phone and that's all that matters. The phone has great reception works great in the woods and get this, this is the only phone I've ever had that works inside of an elevator. It's a great conversation piece, when I pull this bad boy out at the bars people flock 2 it like moths 2 a flame.
It's really small, nothing like the one they used in the film which is perfect to drop in your pocket for everyday use. Hope this helps 4 those who R thinking about it.
Good Luck Out There..................

Samsung SPH-n270


Jun 3, 2003 by steve smiley

I have been using this phone for about two weeks and this is my opinion:

1) Price-To High. $200 phones have the same features.

2) Internet Access-No 3G Support

3) Functionality-Cool. However, I am skeptical about how long the Flip Up action will last before the spring gives out or the lock button on the side breaks and it doesn't close at all?? When the phone is fully open, the earpiece moves around a little bit giving it a slightly toyish feel. The designers did provide a lock button to prevent the phone from opening in your pocket. Very useful feature.

4) Screen-Good. Very colorful but not as bright as an A500. The screensavers provided with the phone are nice but the movie clips are only about 2 seconds long and aren't worth the memory they consume. Don't worry about always cleaning the LCD screen, your face will never come in direct contact with it unlike a clamshell type flip phone.

5) Call Clarity And Volume-Good. The speaker is very loud and the caller can be heard very well. The reception is good with the new "Intenna" feature.

6)Voice Dial-Excellent. This is by far the best feature of this phone and it blows away the A500 hands down. I can hand this phone to anyone and if the name exists in my phonebook it will dial the number! No training, no prerecording and it is limited only by the amount of entries the phonebook can handle which is 300. I handed it to a guy with a heavy Spanish accent and it dialed the correct number! I rarely ever dial numbers anymore.

This is a cool phone to pull out in front of people and in general is a good functional phone to use but it is overpriced and if you want 3G internet capabilities, "Homey Don't Play That"!! Samsung obviously dumped the 3G feature for profits sake. Good luck to anyone buying this phone on Ebay, $499 is about $300 more than this phone is worth. If your paying $600+ for this phone, you're insane!

Absolute MUst Have MATRIX Fans


Jul 24, 2003 by Neo Morpheus

ok I just got the phone this morning delivered in its original packaging and box and tin.

it is the most awsome phone I have ever had. talk about looks from people even went to the sprint store to have them activate and they couldnt stop playing with it either...

Pros: everything matrix,,, feels like you are in the movie when someone calls you and you get to spring open the top earpeice. TOTAL eyecatcher... the envy of all cell users.
color screen very easy to hold nice weight feels like you bought something worth its price. battery lasts forever..... very small. photos make it look so bulky fits in your hand comfortably

cons: no internet. no camera. no text messaging. no games.
but you know what who cares a phone was meant to dial numbers and talk to people not surf or download this phone could emit toxic fumes and everyone would still love it more than spongebob, my previous phones include
the motorola startac, sanyo scp6200, sanyo 5150, samsung a500. all are about the same very good quality very rare does roaming come into play. bottom line if you are thinking about this phone buy it now search the internet or online auctions Ebay or anywhere get it while you can pretty soon you wont find one and you will regret it.

A stand out phone with attitude


Mar 6, 2004 by kst

Yes it costs a little more, but it's not some cookie cutter model. Even if it isn't an exact replica of the actual movie prop, check the close ups in Reloaded and you'll see what I mean. Whether Samsung made 10000 or 2000 (still not sure on that) no one will mistake it for another phone. It's a cool phone that does what it is supposed to do and it does it well. Voice dial is great. Now my phone is #0000 and everybody tells me this is a fake prop, but if so it's a great fake. I've been using it for 2 months now and no problems at all. Bottom line if you have the money and want to project an image, have fun with this phone. If you really need games or a camera or an internet connection then this one is not for you.

Just cuz you know your the ish


Sep 29, 2010 by Chillinpape

This is a very basic phone but when the movie came out and your rocking one of these the world opens up, the word NO is not in your vocab anymore.

I am lookign for one


Feb 1, 2007 by eNVeCe81

I am jsut wondering if anyone has this phone laying around and will sell it.

Just got it hooked up


May 19, 2003 by Mark R.

I just received this phone this morning, did the initial charge, and activated with Sprint. I must admit, the phone is alot smaller in person than all the pictures make it look. It also looks hell of alot better! I admit the pictures looked terrible, but being a matrix fan I had to have the phone. I am impressed with the size, the motorized pop up/down action of the earpiece is a cool gimmick, and the weight isn't at all bad either. The screen is very impressive as are the sound effects included. I almost wanted to put this up on ebay considering i got one that has a number less than 100 out of the 10,000 produced, but this is too cool to sell or sit on for years to come. If you are a fan of the movie, need a phone, don't mind spending the $500 bucks now go for it, you will not be upset. If you don't need a phone now and aren't a fan of the movies, then don't even waste your time. Some will still say it's ugly and not worth it, but hey everyone's got an opinion... And we all now what opinions are like ;-)

Matrix Phone


May 21, 2003 by adambravo

Having been an A500 user, I was a little disappointed to discover the N270 wasn't web capable. Aside from that, however, it seems to be a pretty good unit. Very nice graphics and sounds (I love the old-fashioned ringtone), pretty solid feeling, and I do prefer the 'candybar' form factor to the clamshell. It's about as slim as the A500, but a little longer and wider. Biggest disappointment, oddly enough, has been the owners' manual, which only covers the most basic of functions (I had to poke around before I could find the Alarm function). Had a bit of trouble activating it automatically, though; the phone number in the manual wouldn't accept the ESN number, so I had to use my A500 and hit *2 to get the N270 activated.

For the real Matrix fan!


May 20, 2004 by THE ONE

I own the model MTX00942.
It is cool to have this phone because if you play "Enter the matrix" game, in the hacking part, trinity will give you a code, that code is 942!
Pros:I had this phone for 7 months, works like new, went to radio shack for a phone holder for it, the guy over the counter ask what kind of phone do you have,when I showed him, he almost jumped over the counter to see it, he said "Oh my god, where did you get that phone?!
Every worker in the store came from no where, and surrounded me, and everyone of them wanted to hold it, hear it ring, wanted to know where to get one.
It was the coolest thing, and I can go online to ebay and sell it for $800 and up for it.
cons:I cant think of any, if you are a Matrix fan, you have to have this phone!
you will love it, and I never will sell it, nether will you.!I know you can go to ebay to get it but for how much longer is anyones guess.hurry before it's to late.

Samsung N270


Jun 21, 2007 by manudxb

dear all, i have this Samsung Matrix phone brand new unopend in the box, if you would like to buy it please send me an email on Duke_em@yahoo.com.

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