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GREAT PHONE Phonescoops reviews not entirely accurate.


Feb 25, 2011 by poetwithadayjob

I can't say enough good things about this phone, it is fantastic, Compared to the iPhone this hands down beats it.

-Non Proprietary, applications don't have to come from one source. BIG PERK
-Very fast processor
-Speaker-phone is Excellent
-Camera is very good for not having a flash
-Data speed is very high for being a "3g" device (average download for me around 5-6mbps)

NEUTRAL: (not a fault, but wish it had
- Doesn't Have a flash, but that is just the model, not a downer, but
- No Front facing camera (check Galaxy s 4g)

- Android 2.2 is a little glitchy, will sometimes cause my screen to lag out while on a call so it takes a moment to end it once in awhile, but it is a new (to the phone update) 2.1 runs near perfect

And the review by phonescoop says there is no TV Out option, it in fact does have this, using a S-video cable connected through your headset jack you can stream movies and music to a TV system with no third party programs (does require a third party cable)

This Samsung is Vibrantly Awesome


Aug 20, 2010 by Dekhr

This is not a cell phone, it’s a computer … the cell phone simply goes along for the ride.

I have been a Blackberry user (and a happy one) since 2004 and believe it is the best cell phone on the market … it never failed my needs and lived up to its reputation. I liked what Blackberry represented, a cell phone; and was looking at the 9700 bold when I was introduced to the Vibrant. It was not a hasty decision and I completed in-depths review of both devices. However, I decided it was time to move on to a super 1GHz mini-computer. I mean this Vibrant is loaded with the right stuff and is incredibly fast.

I did replace Samsungs 2GB microSD card that came with the unit with 8GBs of microSDHC Class 6 memory. Again, simple installation; just read the instructions … and execute.

I have built my own computers since the late 1990s. Setting up this Samsung Vibrant was so easy I still can’t believe it. Apps all over the place and Android is “hot” with its successes. For the amount of time it took me to simply set up Blackberry’s email (the first time), I set up this mini-computer with software I needed and established an email system that works the way I am use to using it.

I’ve had the Vibrant since August 4 and have no experience with similar devices (iPhone, etc). So reviewing the CONs of other readers has no impact on me. This is my starting point … and a fantastic one at that … all my comments would be PRO.

Good job Samsung!

5 Stars All The Way!


Jul 17, 2010 by Ms_Dummbunny

Hooray & Yayyyy! My "Pursuit Of The Perfect Android Phone" Has FINALLY Come To An End!

I got “shut out” from the Evo AND the Incredible by WAITING (and now, OMG i am sooooooooo glad! In a moment of “temporary madness” i WAS actually considering leaving T-Mobile because THOSE phones seemed to have EVERYTHING. But i just couldn’t “pull the trigger” because to me, Verizon is a “modern day Nazi Slumlord!” (Am i allowed to rag on them here? If not guess they'll delete this :)

And all the cell tower coverage in the world doesn’t matter to me if at the end of the day i am going to feel “raped and pillaged” every time i get their bill or need their help on ANYTHING!

I’ve read a few people making the argument that, “there are ALWAYS going to be NEW phones coming out that will make the current one you have feel “like yesterday’s news”… But i totally disagree. At some point you come across a phone that can do ALL you need it to, and THEN SOME, and folks, trust me, THIS IS IT! Two things that i have read everyone’s main complaint that this phone is lacking is “Front Facing Camera & also a flash.” At the end of the day, you won’t even EVER think about what's lacking once you experience all it DOES do...

Let’s take "striking gold” as the perfect analogy: If you actually DID strike gold, would you sit around saying, “ohhhh i could’ve struck MORE gold if i mined somewhere else?"… If you ARE that sort of person, then maybe this phone is NOT for you.

EVERYONE ELSE, “Run, don’t walk to go get this gem of a phone!

WOW FACTORS: (Just To Name A Few :)

Screen Display & Live Wallpapers
Bluetooth 3.0
Font Styles & Text: You Can Change The Font Without d/l a program from the Market- Wow!
Swype Is Incredible!
Design: Amazing Screen - No Fingerprints! (How is thatEVEN possible?!)
Processor Speed Is Blazing fast
720p Video: Double Wow!!
Texting: Samsung’s UI Is Amazing For Keeping Track Of It All!

The best anti-iphone out


Aug 19, 2010 by pittheels-4-life

I am in love with this phone. I have had it ever since the 1st day it was released and haven't looked back since. I also have had the G1, Moto Cliq and the HD2 and none of them have come close to me saying, "I'm not looking for another phone". Here are my pros/cons

- Light in weight
- comfortable fit in the hand (not too big)
- Absolutely beautiful screen
- Large screen
- Android 2.1 (soon to be 2.2)
- 16gb of actual phone storage (more with sd)
- no motoblur or WM (2 of my prior phones..LOL)
- speed of applications
- great multi-tasking
- great battery life
- video out
- T-Mobile

- No front facing camera
- problems with ringer profiles when loading my gmail contacts
- does have a plastic-like feel
- usb port on top instead of bottom for easier docking
- no flash

I would recommend this phone to anyone that is looking for a great smartphone that can get it done for you!!!

Pleasant Surprise!


Jul 16, 2010 by Wizeguy

Just picked this phone up today so, if something changes from my today's experience I'll update it. But otherwise, this phone has been a great surprise. I had a Motorola Clique XT previously and must say the Vibrant is hands down better for only a little more $$$...

16GB Onboard Memory comes with a 2GB SDHC card which is expandable to 32GB.
Android 2.1
4" Super Amoled screen. (Really makes videos look that much better!!)
Surprisingly good battery life considering the computing power of this phone.
Can record HD videos at 720P.
Comes preloaded with Avatar the movie and The Sims 3 video game.
PRICE!! got this for $99.99 on a new activation.

No flash for the camera.
No HDMI output. (would need a special adapter to compensate lacking this feature)

So for now as you can see, the Pros really outweigh the Cons. If that changes I'll edit my post, otherwise I'm very pleased with this phone!



Jul 17, 2010 by ariasp

Time with phone 3 days.

Pros: Amazing user interface
- Intuitive
- Amazingly fast
- A lot of people hate on TouchWiz but I like it.
- Open platform allows several ways to customize
- Can use my songs for ringtones.
- Enough free apps for years of fun.

Cons: Androids tasks run in the background for a while after closing the task. A good task manager helps increase battery performance.

I get a new phone every few months because I enjoy playing with new technology. After the N900 this phone seems almost too good. It dominates every other phone I have used on T-Mobile.

Location: Houston - Great signal and call quality.

WOW! What a Phone!


Jul 18, 2010 by erikclarke

I have owned many "smart" devices that did one thing well and struggled mightily to perform other ordinary tasks that "dumb-phones" take for granted. The Vibrant is NOT one of "them."

This is a slayer! Power, speed, elegance, practicality, pleasure, functionality and style are all wrapped up into a gorgeous package. Normally, when a smartphone is released, the Apple comparisons are incorrectly raised by unknowing novices using inferior hardware and software, hoping to match-up with the big kid. This device has no competitors at all. Its integration (between Touch-Wiz, Swype, Google and Android) is so superior that it warrants applause. Thank you Samsung for producing a truly superior device.

Pro: See above. Rating - BUY!

Cons: It was not free. It doesn't make coffee and requires electricity to charge its battery.

The iPhone Killer


Jul 17, 2010 by mrcert

Being a Blackberry user for the past 7 years with t-mobil I never thought I would leave BB for any device. I saw the demo of the phone a few days before the release and I fell in love with the phone. I changed from BB to the Vibrant and I totally forgot about my BB. The Vibrant is an excellent phone. Samsung did an excellent job in creating the iPhone killer. Android OS simply works to perfection.

It's great to experience an OS that has an app for anything that you want and best of all for free. T-mobil is playing this game smart and sticking with Android is the way to go ...

From the screen to the speed of the application and processor this phone just works!

the real deal!!!


Jul 16, 2010 by albertog1983

went from a nexus one to this one. let me say samsung really did it with this phone. top 5 best phones of all time!!



Jul 16, 2010 by zhilchuk

By far the best phone atmosphere ever offered. Everything from screen and touch is brilliant. No regrets 5 stars all the way.

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