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Great basic phone


Jul 29, 2006 by tekboy

I have had this phone since Aug/05 and had no problems with it. The reception is great and I visit a lot of production facilities that have stymied other lesser phones. The hands free is a great feature when you are on the road and the headset works great also. The cover does move around a bit but doesn't affect the operation of the phone. I do find the way the keys are angled makes it challenging to dial quickly with my largesque fingers.

The best accessory is the Music Stand. I bought it for about $30 Cdn and keep it at my desk at work. It charges the phone and also doubles as a FM radio which I listen to daily. I can also plug any thing I like into it and use it as a speaker (iPod or computer). I have not tried the speaker phone on the Music Stand yet.

As for faceplates. There are many (most are gaudy though). Try eBay.

gotta love nokia


Dec 19, 2005 by blzhd2

I have had the 6585 since April of 2005 with no problems. I have always had nokias for the length of my cell phone services; around the 10 year mark now. I have dropped this phone a few times (hard on the ground/concrete) and it still performs like a champ. I have us cellular and nokia has always had great signal strength with their awesome network. Anyway, here is my pro/con list:

small and lightweight
nice and good sized color display
excellent durability
great reliability

I wish it werent drab grey!
I want a camera, but i knew this one didn't have one when i got it.
If you are looking for a nice dependable phone, the Nokia 6585 is for you!

Great phone


Nov 25, 2005 by firedog

I have had this phone for a year. It has great reception, great clarity, good features, and works very well. The only problem i have with it is the display, it is almost impossible to see in bright light.
The phone is just about indestructible! I ran over my phone with a 6000# fork lift, it broke the display, cracked the main body of the phone in three places, broke the volume control and the vibrating alert won't work BUT the phone will still send and receive calls just like it did when it was new!

Proceed with caution


Nov 25, 2005 by StuvDogg

The phone is OK, nothing flashy but it does have a serious problem with battery life.

I purchased a phone in May 2005 and was quite impressed with the initial operation. However, on a number of occasions, I left home with the battery indicator more than half (not having a car charger I check the level of the battery before I go places) only to have the phone start beeping warnings of a low battery within 30 seconds of using it. Not only was this annoying but actually caused me to miss some important calls (defeating the purpose of having a cell phone, I might argue). In addition, a couple of times I plugged it in because it needed charging and the display screen immediately showed that it was fully charged. I turned it off and on again and then plugged it back in and then it began charging properly. This problem is certainly less annoying but doesn't exactly instill confidence in the phone.

I returned the phone to where I purchased it from. Apparently it was returned to Nokia, who decided to replace the phone rather than repair it. The replacement was clearly scratched up and missing a clip in the back - I later found out that Nokia may choose to replace a defective phone with a refurbished phone at their discretion. Since the initial phone was replaced about six weeks ago I have been having the same power problems.

In my mind, a refurbished phone simply means someone else has already had a problem that is now potentially my problem - I really don't think its fair that I paid for a brand new phone and here I am, still within the 1-yr manufacturers warranty, having to use a clearly used and abused refurbished phone.

Just my $0.02.

I like it


Dec 3, 2004 by oleg106

I've only been using this phone for a few days, but so far, I like it alot. It is not perfect, but it is absolutely the best phone you can activate on Verizon. I am a relatively new Nokia user, but I don't think I'll even go back to any other mfg. My phones: some Audiovox->StarTAC->T720->V60->V60c->SCH-a670->Nokia 2285->6585, all on Verizon.

Small, nicely designed - looks like an expensive phone
Very nice screen - big and sharp
Nice interface, lots of features (Radio, Speakerphone, Infrared, etc)
All features work great, radio works very nicely and can be played using the built-in speaker, as long as a headset is plugged in (any 2.5mm headset)
Nice keypad, lots of Nokia phones have crappy keypads
Great reception for a CDMA phone with only an internal antenna
Can do analog as well as D/1X
Included games are nice, more can be uploaded via cable/infrared
Speakerphone works well
Decent sound quality, could be better
Automatic network selection, no A or B ...

Battery life is ok, could be better, especially for a Nokia phone
Because you can change the covers, the construction feels a little flimsy, covers move a little bit when you grip the phone
No font settings
Can't modify functions assigned to the four way button

Great phone


Oct 13, 2004 by sandrew

I am from Russia, Moscow. We have here a CDMA800-net and I use this phone already 4 months. This phone is really worth to be bought. I changed 3588i for this device and the RF performance is the same, I forgot about calles going to Voicemail. And this is with internal antenna! ;)

Loud, distinctive and qualitative polyphonic ringtones with 16 chords, MIDI support. Simple in use PC Suite helps to fill the phone with anything u want from ringtones to JAVA games (I have about 30 JAVA applications installed).

Nokia menu, organizer, alarm etc. are the best in the world, that's for sure! :)

If to be shorter - Very good device for those who buy the phone not to make 'some sort of' photos, but to use is as a phone, which is easy to use and rather small with very good RF. 'The working horsey' as we say. :) Pony :)

Nokia: true to form


Jul 1, 2005 by akgal12

I've enjoyed this phone ever since I purchased it to replace my Motorola T720. I'm glad that I went back to the candy bar style phone. I found that flip phones don't last nearly as long as these types. And I absolutely adore Nokia phones because of their reliability.

I've seen some Nokia phones that do not live up to my standards, - of course this could be due to other cellular service - but this phone has everything I need. This phone also has the option of FM radio, but I actually haven't had the opportunity to see how well it works.

-Small and compact
-Large screen
-Battery life is about average. I charge mine about once every two or three days.
-The standard Nokia easy to navigate menu
-Sound quality is outstanding, even with the handsfree speaker
-I have NEVER dropped a call on this phone

-Accessories are limited and somewhat hard to find.
-This phone has the ability to change face covering and keypads (like almost all Nokia phones), but, like I said, they are few and far between.

For a reliable phone with great reception, you should definitely consider purchasing this little known about Nokia gem.

Can't say enough about it!!!!!!


Jan 16, 2005 by cellphonefreak

This phone is great!!!

I just needed a phone for 5 months until my contract ended (i really just needed a new phone). I chose this one because i have never owned a nokia before (i have had an audiovox and two kyoceras). This phone is great! This is my first non flip or slide phone, i dont mind it that much...who cares, i want people to see it, its a sharp looking phone. Who cares that it doesnt have a camera...hey, its got a radio. My overall opinion of this phone is an awesome, reliable phone thats easy to use, and has cool features.

-small and light weight
-cool looking
-easy to use
-cool personalizing features
-able to link to computer
-loud ringones
-my phone is not flimzy at all

-every once in a while, i have to take off the faceplate to get the dust out from underneath (but its really easy)

overall i give this phone two thumbs up!

One Slick Unit


Jun 16, 2005 by jwnrw

I just replaced my Kyocera 3245 with this phone - I have wanted a for some time, but my corporate plan through Bell Mobility didn't offer Nokia phones until recently. The only downside to this phone is the volume control which is on the rh side of the unit, and difficult to use for left-handers. However, once you have the volume set you essentially forget about it anyway.

IR interface is excellent. Using Nokia PCSuite, you can enter your contacts list into a database on your PC and transfer information between PC and the phone. You can even synchronize with MSOutlook or Lotus Notes (hoorahs to Nokia for recognizing that there is another corporate email standard than MS "Oops).

Colour screen is nice and clear - OK so it isn't as high a resolution as some of the competition, but it is pretty good. Even the speakerphone is better than I expected although the Kyocera 3245 is still tops in that category. It's a nice light phone and fits nicely in my medium to large sized hands.

The reception is way better than anything I have ever had before, including one Samsung, two Kyoceras, a Qualcomm, and a Motorola. And remember - this has an internal antenna as opposed to a flimsy pull-out plastic/wire job suseptable to bending and snapping (I replaced 3 on a Motorola v100 4 years ago). I live in a 'dead zone' area for Bell Mobility - 100 ft in either direction from my home, and I get full strenght. With this phone I can make calls from my basement on digital network which is impossible for any other phone.

I normally switch phones every year and my Kyocera was good for almost 2 years. Here's hoping that this baby holds up as well over time.

Looking for a new phone? Check this out first.

good RF, good sound quality, small package


Jun 19, 2004 by mch

I'm reviewing this phone activated on Verizon Wireless.

The RF performance is very good. It seems comparable to the 3589i even though it does not have an extendable antenna.

The sound quality is quite good. Significantly better than the 3589i which puts too much emphasis on the bass and can make some callers hard to understand. The maximum speaker volume is not nearly as loud as the 3589i, but it is still acceptably average (plus the phone has a speakerphone option).

Other than being a CDMA/AMPS phone - this phone is functionally very similar to the Nokia 6200. It has the usual Nokia series 40 features and user interface. Sadly, it lacks Bluetooth.

The model I'm using does not have VZW specific firmware, which means that it doesn't have access to "Get It Now", or the ability to run BREW apps.

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