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Good phone, but better ones are out there (2126i)


Nov 29, 2005 by dwbdave

This phone held up well, but I deactivated the ones I had and moved the service to the Nokia 2126i model.

Battery life was OK, but for the phone's size, the battery should have been upsized. I would have not chosen this phone based on appearance, I never got accustomed to its goofy appearance. The keypad was OK, it functioned well despite its layout (each row of three keys was one oval bar).

Three advantages this phone had over other Tracfones I used:
The display screen is larger and more easily readable than others, but is monochrome, not color.
The GPS capability of this phone is selectable, meaning that you can set it to be located full time vs only during a 911 call. This was no real advantage to me, since I'm not a (hardcore) conspiracy buff and wasn't using it for nefarious purposes.
This phone appears to be more durable than other Tracfones I have used.

I chose the 2126i to replace this model, and so far have been pleased with the move. The 2126i, cousin of the Nokia Shorty, is a little smaller, weighs a little less, has a larger, more powerful battery, color display, and a speakerphone. Click on my profile above and email me if you wish for more info.

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Less is More!!! (Great Phone)


Sep 2, 2005 by eyeluvfonez

Greetings Mobile Users. This phone is an awesome starter/replacement/or just daily use phone.

Some PROS are.... Its small, compact. The design is real sleek and updated. The phone itself is quite durable (I would drop the thing all the time-and mine didn't have a case!-yet it barely even scratched and always displayed perfect!) I had great reception during the time I had it. It had three nice games and has Blue Back lighting. You can also buy face plates for this phone. Oh, and one feature that I really enjoyed(although its very simple)is that the antenna is pushed flush and smooth on the phone, so u dont have to worry about a protruding stub poking out of your phone. And overall it is just a great phone that does what it is intended to do...make calls!

As far as CONS go....I bought this phone to replace one that I had used through the "Cricket" carrier-I bought this phone through the Tracfone Prepaid and honestly that was my only CON,( the airtime was too high for the minutes you recieve)That was the only reason I got rid of this awesome phone.

If your mobile needs are simple-Cute phone, A few games, Couple of nice tones...Durable and Actually Make CALLS!!!-Then this phone is Definitely the one for you!( I just recommend that you shop around for carriers-B/C "Tracfone-in my opinion was TERRIBLE!!! I honestly would still have the phone today if I could've had better air time rates.-But Like Stated earlier-the phone is awesome for what it was intended for!

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I like it.


Oct 20, 2004 by oleg106

I like simple phones that are phones and not cameras and flashlights. Battery life and reception are more important to me than color screens and Get It Now. Prior to getting this phone, I had used a V60c for about two years, and after it died, I tried the Samsung SCH-a670 and Nokia 6015i for a while. I like this phone the most. The reception is good, and the battery life is excellent.

small, light
huge, bright, easy to read screen
good reception
excellent battery life
changing the snap-on covers replaces the screen and keypad, this is a big plus if you carry the phone in your pocket - replacing the cover pretty much gives you a new phone
good features and menus
calc, games, etc

bad selection of ring tones
when you are in a no reception zone, the phone will search for a while and then it will go in to a "no reception" save mode - the issue is that sometimes it doesn't recover from this mode for minutes after you are back in a normal zone

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Small & Sturdy


Mar 26, 2005 by republican_guy

Let me preface this review by saying that this was purchased as a TracFone.

First off the Nokia 2285 has a nice sturdy feel to it. Some of the phones offered by TracFone have a very cheap appearance and feel to them.

This display and keypad are decent sized and extremely well lit. It almost glows and are very easy on the eyes.

The Menus are easy to navigate and the instruction manual, while daunting at first is pretty much not needed for basic functions.

Pros: Better than average reception, Easy to read Battery & Signal levels, Intuitive menu system, Inexpensive accessories.

Cons: The Antenna is hard to extend for people with trimmed fingernails.

Overall the Nokia 2285 is a real good choice for the TracFone program. You can actually pay more for the Motorola 120t and get a more cheaply made phone that is not nearly as good.

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This phone is awesome.


Jun 22, 2015 by tiesan01

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

So I am using this phone in 2015 as kind-of a collector's item.

Not many of these phones were made for Verizon, so it was really hard to find one on ebay. Once I got it, I fell in LOVE with its goofy design; its' flattened body and weird rubberized keypad - it's so strange, lol. I had to replace the LCD assembly using a parts kit from China that I ordered on Ebay. Works great, but you have to tighten those screws really tight, otherwise the screen won't turn on! All of the electronic connections in the phone depend on how tight the screws are - no wires connecting the circuits, just proximity. I stripped abut four of the screws trying to tighten everything, so I hope I don't have to replace it ever again... If I do, I'm gonna probably need a drill or a belt-sander.

The screen is a mono-chrome passive LCD like in an old Ti 83 calculator. This means no color, but also that the screen has no glare! No screen glare at all! It can be read in the direct sunlight!!! Amazing. No modern phone ever can boast that. Also, the screen never turns off. No having to unlock your phone to see that new text message - it's all right there.

This phone gets really good reception, and works like a champ. As far as texting and calling goes, I have no complaints. Obviously the phone doesn't have a camera. Obviously the phone can't accept MMS. Obviously the phone does not have data access or mp3 capability. Whatever.

The T9 implementation is amazing - totally baller. The weird, joined-together keys take a little getting used to, but it's fine after a while. They make a pleasant clicky-clacky sound when pressed. The phone can survive being thrown on the ground in anger, as well as being dropped out of a car. Only complaint I really have is the horrid, ear-splitting ringtones. The same ones the old Nokia bricks had - it's like listening to a dog-whistle.

I love this goofy little phone and all of it's charm - oh yeah, and it's got SNAKE!!!

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Got it and love it!


Sep 29, 2010 by usedirection

I bought this phone back in august with the Tracfone service provider. I must say that not only is this phone the perfect size it really fits wonderfully into my life in other facets as well. I am a little clumsy....Thankfully after dropping this phone a number of times it still hasnt broken. This phone is indestructible.

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very good phone


Sep 29, 2010 by jinders9

I have this phone with tracfone and truly believe in its ability. This phone has a cool calculator that works well for generating tips at restaurants. If you want a good phone at good price you may want to look into this one.

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Good inexpensive, basic phone


Aug 14, 2006 by pLuTa

I got this phone for only $20, with some airtime included. i can't remember how much, it was a long time ago, but i don't think they have that deal anymore. However, if you can get a good deal on this phone as i did, and you only need a very basic phone I would recommend it.

The phone has a black & white screen, but since there's nothing fancy on the phone, it is fine. the plus side is you can see it well in bright light. you can see the screen very well in the dark too with the backlight. It basically has all the basic stuff - texting, voicemail, organizer, and a few games. The games are snake, space impact II, and bumper (pinball). Snake is my favorite game, it is actually pretty fun to play. the other ones are ok.

I like the TracFone service. Minutes are pretty expensive, but the prices keep going down, and you can get deals from time to time. You can also start out with 130 free minutes, I will talk about that later.

Basically, I would recommend TracFone if you don't use a phone too much and don't like the contracts. I would recommend the Nokia 2285 if you just need the basics and if you can get a good deal on it.

Design - 2/5
Reception - 3/5
Price - 5/5
Battery life - 3/5
Overall - 3/5

If you want 130 FREE MINUTES to start out with, you can use the refer-a-friend program to get 120 free minutes, and you get 10 minutes free if you activate online. If you wish to use the refer-a-friend, please consider emailing me for a referral, we will each get 120 free minutes. Just email me at pluto034@hotmail.com, and I will promptly go to the tracfone site and get a referral email sent to you. You can go ahead and order your phone, because you don't need to use the referral email until you have your phone and you're activating it.

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!NOKIA 2285


Feb 28, 2006 by xavier_w.15

this is an ok phone but there are better phones out there. i had this phone with tracfone, i live in uniontown pa and its great

good signal
good battery life
all the tools
preloaded games
preloaded ringtones
nice size

no color screen
big antenna
hard to find some things

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Awesome Phone


Jun 28, 2004 by Coolact2

This phone is very good and has very good battery life...The calendar is very helpful, lets you put in messages and have it remind you by beeping or another tone. Although it doesn't have internet or downloadable ringtones, i think it is a good phone. I have dropped it a couple of times and it still works fine. The bright backlight is nice looking... I gave this phone a 3.5 because it isn't a very "In style" Phone...But that doesn't mean it isn't a good phone...Sound quality is very good

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