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Good phone with only minor annoyances


Jul 13, 2004 by dios67

- small and light
- large color screen for size of phone
- multiple numbers per name
- good battery life
- five caller groups

CONS (mostly minor annoyances):

- ring and vibrate only on some ringtones
- recieption is great... but it normally like on bar less than my samsung p107 when side by side.

Other notes:
- Overall, Since I can't have a camera phone at work (if I could, I would have the P107 hands down) This is the nicest non-camera phone out there.
- Compare to my P107 (favorite phone I have ever used), The ring tone quality is far superior with this phone.

Almost Perfect...


Jun 9, 2004 by allie

This is definitely the most aesthetically-pleasing phone I have ever used; the screen is beautiful and it is smaller and lighter than my previous phone (Nokia 6590). In terms of features, it meets and exceeds all of my needs; I have no need (or desire) for a camera phone or MMS, although the release of the E600 has me reconsidering that.

- extremely small and lightweight
- large color screen
- concatenated SMS
- multiple numbers per name
- Hamster Ball, which is surprisingly fun and reminds me of a great game from the Ericsson T39m
- decent battery life (considering the dual color displays)
- customizable functions for the four directional keys
- tons of caller groups

CONS (mostly minor annoyances):
- the cover for the power port is not attached so you have to be careful not to loose it
- no default number for a contact (cannot call contacts from phone book by selecting their name; have to go into their entry and select the number even if there is only one number for the contact)
- simultaneous ring and vibrate only on some ringtones ("Vibra+Melody" vibrates first and then plays the ringtone for a very short time) and some very strange, basically unusable ringtones
- no profile management; normal and silent modes only (and the silent mode is not customizable at all)
- when composing text messages, symbol insertion is difficult; there is no consolidated list of symbols. Different symbols can be obtained from different buttons *and* from different modes (for example, some symbols can only be accessed when in uppercase mode, others only in lowercase mode, etc.). This isn't a travesty, but it is annoying when trying to convey certain thoughts.
- T9 input for call group titles and contact names is in all capitals (but it's still predictive...)
- the antenna is ridiculously long (but that can be easily remedied by buying a stubby antenna -- and it still gets the same quality of reception)

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Feb 15, 2004 by Nansica

If you have Cingular - GET THIS PHONE!!! Everything about this phone is PERFECT. Appearance wise, it has a clean design and and the small size is AMAZING. The color screen - as expected - on the inside is GREAT, but the full color outside one ROCKS. This phone is made for looks. One warning to the guys out there- not exactly a manly phone. The welcoming screens and goodbye screens are animated with cutsie rainbows of color inside and out. A really cool feature is that you can set the service light to be any color (there are many!) you want. THe ringtones are AWESOME!!! The phone not only vibrates in rhythm w/ the tones, the lights also flash multi-colored pulses!!! The sound is UNBELIEVABLE!! It doesn't even sound like a mobile phone,it's just that clear. SERIOUSLY - THE PHONE IS FLAWLESS. The Samsung people just planned this phone out perfectly. The design, the fonts, the colors - its just such a MODERN AND FUN PHONE. Trust me, I switched to Verizon just for the service, and I have the new A610 swivel camera phone - and I still cry about the s307 phone every night. Well, may I'm exaggerating a little bit - but honestly, GET THIS PHONE and you won't be thinking about a dumb clunky camera phone ever again.

"totally pwned the competition"


Jan 19, 2004 by Bone_Enterprise

This is phone 2 of 3 so far that i have tried on the Cingular Network, in the South-East Texas, (Angleton) area, about 40/45mins south of Houston. Testing period approx. 20-days.

1. Awesome sound quality, i was really suprised of the quality i got out of this phone.
2. Clean look and interface, thou the "arrow" keys are kind of hard to use when gaming. Go Hampster! WOOOHOOO, yeah im a geek =P
3. Small and light, like everyone else has said, can easily be put in a pocket without havin to feel "loaded" down with it.

Cant say i had any, though i never had an opportunity to try the IR port.
i guess the only real thing is the fact i seemed to miss more calls with this phone (while in my fortress of a house, that tests any phones signal strength), had to have it in another part of my room, which was really no big deal, just couldnt have it with me sittin at my PC.

1. The default ringtones, im one of the few people in the free world that actually likes a phone that still rings. the default tones didnt present this as an option for me. I am picky when it comes to this.
2. Would have like to had the abilty to "wake up" the front screen by moving the
side volume buttons, to be able to check the current time without having to crack open the phone and close it to see, or to just look in the phone for that matter. unless i was not doing somthing right, i couldnt get this to work for me.

So overall this phone totally pwned the competition for phones in its price range, or friends phones ive used in my area, if it wernt for the fact that i missed more calls with this phone than i did with the sony, i would have kept this phone. it is by far the best i have used.

My next review is for the Nokia 6200, my previous review was for the Sony Ericsson T616, be sure to look at them to see my experiances with them.



Dec 20, 2003 by rezevil5

good size
ringer id
picture id
cool ringers


Best Cingular Phone I've Owned Yet!!!!!!


Jul 28, 2003 by Dave Moore

I am an Area Manager with a private owned Cingular Wireless Authorized Agent, and I have yet to see a better phone come out on GSM. This isn't just with Cingular... I'm talking about GSM all together- AT&T, T-mobile, and Cingular. This phone gets better reception than any phone I've ever seen on ANY network. I have it hooked up through Cingular, but I had my friends try it with their services (AT&T and T-mobile) after unlocking it, and it still out-performed any of their phones on THEIR networks. Not to mention, the phone never stutters, drops calls, or freezes up. As far as the comments on the microphone quality, I have had NO complaints. I have had comments that it sounds different than my Nokia, but NO bad feedback whatsoever. This phone is easily deserving of five stars.

Great Phone


Jun 27, 2003 by john doe

First thing that caught my attention when I opened the box was the small size of the phone. It reminded me of the phone that was used from Zoolander the movie. Yea its that small people. With the small size of the phone, the screen is no doubt going to be smaller, but is very nice. Next that that caught my attention was the lack of accessories that came with the phone. For the price of the phone, you would have thought that they would include everything that the Samsung S300 would have but no. All it came with was a hand strap and a travel charger. I was expecting at least a holster or a headset but no. The first Samsung S307 that I bought from Best Buy in Springfield, PA was defective. The phone would power off but not power on. So I returned it and got another one and made sure it worked before I left the store. So I would suggest that everyone try as much as possible, test out the phone before you leave the store. When I got the phone up and running, first thing I wanted to do was check out the ringtones. The ring tones are loud and are very audible. The plus is that you can change the volume of the sound. One thing that I didn't like was the selection of ring tones. They did not have one single "normal" sounding ringtone. Sadly, the only one that was decent was the Cingular ringtone. Every single ringtone made me want to start break dancing everytime my phone rang. I guess the only way to get around this is to download more ringtones. As for the quality of the screen, I don't know what all this jive about UFB screen is. It seems to be the exact kinda screen that is used on other Samsung phones. In the sunlight, nothing is visible. As for the keypad, the phone has a great keypad if your used to the Nokia 8260 size keypad. Those with big fingers might have a difficult time dialing. The phone has many great features and I really like the quick buttons. They make setting shortcuts a snap. This phone is the best bang for the buck.

Phone from Heaven


Jan 24, 2004 by chsuan

This phone is AWESOME. Smaller than any oter clamshell out there, and has some of the best features and reception around. Nice job Samsung!



Jan 24, 2004 by swan112233

Just a great phone. Excellent features, great reception, nice microphone, and has the best design of any phone i've ever had! get this phone: you'll be happy.

Best Cingular Phone...Yet


Jun 16, 2003 by Ramon Alvarado

This phone is absolutely amazing. I purchased it the day it was released after waiting months for it. The ringtones are absolutely loud and demand attention. The color displays both internal and external are absolutely gorgeous. (it is Samsung what do you expect?)Phone size is very nice as well. It is the smallest flip on the market, and after playing with it a bunch my Sony Ericsson T68i felt huge. The important stuff like call clarity, battery life, and signal strength are all there, again what more do you expect from Cingular Wireless GSM. I purchased my phone early on Saturday and it came with a full charge. Since then I have played the Java games numerous amounts of times played every single ringtone various times and even utilized the GPRS to surf some sites and download some ringtones and graphics, all without powering off. Today is almost the end of Monday and I have still not yet charged my phone. I also have a Nokia 6590i and a Siemens S40 which do really well on signal strength. In comparision the Samsung was comparable if not better everywhere I went. I placed numerous calls and everyone said I sounded great. If you are a Cingular GSM customer...this is what we have been waiting for. Do not wait to buy this phone, buy it now. You will be very happy.

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