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Best for multitasking and notifications!


Jul 1, 2010 by srikanthyamala

I ordered this phone as an upgrade for my wife's Palm Centro and I should admit being envious about the ease in which multitasking can be done compared to my iPhone 4. The notifications are top notch and Palm did a great job. The screen, the keyboard, the OS, and call quality all make this smartphone one of the best out there. Sadly, Palm isn't marketing this phone enough. I would highly recommend this phone after using it for over 4 weeks.



Jun 16, 2010 by mrfisk2010

* Looks
* Screen is beautiful pictures and video look awesome.
* Loud ear piece can hear even in crowded room.
* 3.5mm headphone jack
* earphones the phone comes with are high quality
* TouchStone charger that At&t is packaging with the phone.
* Mutitasking is awesome and easy
* Touch interface is very clean and smooth.
* Contact from facebook and google sync combine automatically
* Browser is awesome
* multitouch, pinch to zoom
* Fast growing app market
* Many over the air updates constantly making the phone better.
* Google Maps & GPS work without a prob
* YouTube app works great with the browser
* Camera is great although there is no (zoom)
* Camera flash

* Battery life, im a moderate user i send alot of text and some browser and app usage along with a little gaming. If i start my morn at 8am with the battery at 100% then the battery is about ready to tap out and die by about 8 or 9 that night, so plan on charging it at least for 30mins some time through out the day (IF) you are a heavy user the battery is small. I would have rather seen them make it a little bigger if that ment it got better battery life
* Full office editing app is not yet available. Not that I do much office editing on my mobile device, it would be nice to have.
* Keyboard will seem very small for users with fat fingers.
* Speakerphone can get distorted when cranked all the way up

I have had this phone for about 2weeks and i must say overall im very happy with the phone and performance. I would definitely suggest anyone to get it.

Palm Pre Rocks


May 18, 2010 by graylion

I have been following the Palm WebOS relaunch since January of 2009. WebOS is a very impressive OS for version 1.4+.

It only has several thousand apps at the moment compared to the iPhone but I am excited now that HP has purchased Palm.

* TouchStone conductive charger (WOW), this is amazing and the AT&T already coems with the proper back.
* Mutitasking, Cards, slide, slide, slide...
* Touch interface is very clean and smooth.
* Synergy is a great approach for Contacts, Calendars, Email, Messaging, etc...
* Browsing
* Calendar Great (needs invites)
* Tasks Great (needs more filters)
* Facebook Free App is great!
* OTA updates rock with Palm putting out an update every month or 2 months OTA (Over The Air). This from the company that took years to update their older PalmOS and WinMo phones. Nice turn around.
* On device backup included, needs a bit of polish but great already be there. I reset my wifes Pre and had everything loaded easy.
* Google Maps & GPS work great!
* YouTube App works great
* Camera is great.

* I just purchased on Sunday but battery life may be an issue. I will surround myself with the extra touchstone chargers (home, work, car ?).
* Apps need some time too grow. Homebrew community to the rescue, they are doing some amazing work already. I already have a homebrew app for tethering best $15 I ever spent.
* Full office editing app is not yet available. Not that I do much office editing on my mobile device, it would be nice to have. Evernote is Free so I will use that for now.
* Keyboard a little small but usable. I have really big hands. However I find that I do not need to use the keyboard as much with this phone.


Palm Pre plus a winner for me!


Sep 22, 2010 by kidjbg

This is a great device, as a whole. WebOS is great and has a wonderful flow to (extremely competitive with Android). Love how the device is fast and has a great feel to it.

Battery life is not too spectacular. I use my phone heavily all day and will hit low battery around 9pm or so. Can be an issue, but nothing a usb cable or car charger can't fix.

overall, a wonderful device. Fast, great multitask capability, and a great price

GSM Pre Plus on at&t


Jun 3, 2010 by will54880

Having used the Pre on Sprint, and the Pre Plus on Verizon, I was hoping that the Pre Plus on at&t would be the best of the three. It wasn't for two reasons:

Battery life - you will need car and travel chargers to keep the phone charged for a day, even with moderate use.

Signal strength - My Pre Plus dropped to "SOS" and "No Network" a few times. Other at&t phones had no issues in the same areas.

WebOS is great, and has a strong homebrew community, and also good apps in its catalog (more is not necessarily better). With the HP buyout of Palm, and the HP CEO stating "We didn't buy Palm to be in the smartphone business", the future of WebOS is somewhat shaky.



Feb 23, 2012 by likaler

I got this phone about a year ago and it started out fine, but now it does nothing but give me problems. The phone is very durable but doesn't charge properly. It says its charging when i know its not even connected to a charger, and when its connected to a charger it doesn't charge. The photos are really weird. there is no zoom and sometimes when you delete a photo the screen turns black and the "app" freezes. It is very frustrating and very annoying. Ive also been having trouble with the keys. Sometimes it puts a letter or sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it puts ten letters if i hit the key only once. Ugh!



Aug 4, 2010 by ii.LOvE.AnDRoiDz

So...when I first got the phone...I was like...ok...this may be a good phone. Well...within a 5 month period...I had 3 of these. When it came time for me to get my third, they offered me the Samsung Moment (Love IT)! The keyboard quit working one night, and then I had to go all night without being able text. On another one of the Palm Pre...the screen quit working. What I mean about this...is the backlight went out. Another time...the screen quit working. UGH...just a terrible phone. Can't even download ringtones directly to the phone.

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