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Jan 9, 2006 by catonlai

hands down best phone ever. I've had this phone for about 2 years now, and im writing the review now because I have nothing better to do and it would be better to clear somethings up.

first of all, this thing is amazing, where else can you find a phone with fm radio, mp3 AND a gamepad? FOR UNDER 200 BUCKS? it seems the only thing it is missing is a camera (which doesnt really matter because GAMERS dont really take PICTURES).

The only other bad thing that nokia coulda changed was the size, but this is feature packed.

Now ive noticed that people have been complaining about the battery life a lot, i have to admit, its not spectacular, but id like to see another phone that could do better, this is a GAMING PHONE its a wee bit more demanding than other ones, that dont have a gaming software in it so why don't you smartasses shut up and sit down?if it bothers you so much, GET A SPARE.

Another thing is the qd. is this the next gen ngage? cuz if it is, nokia is going downhill.its only gotten worser. i mean, it's taken away all that the ngage has stood for, mp3(you need a seperate software/hardware), fm radio, its all gone. and what have they changed for the better? they say its smoother and smaller. wtf? its bigger and i dont give a crap bout the smooth edges. another improvement they claim is better graphics. i played both and i can honestly say, there IS NO DIFFERENCE. i returned the qd a week after i bought it.

So what is my final statement? BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU PEOPLE HAVE. ngage 1 is prolly the best its gonna get. too bad its discontinued... GET ONE OFF EBAY.

This phone has it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


Aug 18, 2004 by cellboy

i just got mine for 79.99 from eb games and i tell you what i would have paid the full 300 if i knew it was this good, the phone does everything. seriously i was sitting here thinking of things the phone couldn't do and i cant think of one. MP3. FM radio, Game system,PDA, Phone,Mobile Internet. this thing is the ultimate all in one. I don't even mind the size because even though its big it still saves me space. think of this.

you'd have to carry an mpe player, walkman, pda, and laptop around not to mention a phone to do everything this one does. how could it not save you space?

and look at the qd they took everything out but the game system and phone!!!!

how is that an improvement??!!!!

If you don't have one I'm telling you pick it up from eb games for the 79.99 and enjoy it because it is the best phone around for gsm, not to mention people will be drooling over yours when you tell them everything it does.

series 60 that's perfect on the budget (not an expert review)


Jul 18, 2004 by Genei Ryodan

its my principle to judge the phone for what it is and not for what it is not.

1. the radio would not play without the headset (what the use of the stereo then)
2. it has a very low battery life especially when playing games and mp3s (what were they thinking, charge and play)
3. message tone could not use mp3s only midis (i want that distinctive "24" message tone)
4. some folders like MESSAGING don't have the option for that delicious grid menu (just like watching all the toppings in a pizza, yum yum!)
5. there should be one here but i forgot

right now thats all the CONs i could think of about the N-GAGE. everything else is fine to great, believe me. i bought a brand new for about 150 US dollars here in the Philippines which is equivalent to 3 pieces of Nokia 6600. which i think is very practical if you wished to have a nokia phone in series 60.

but there are something else i would like to add.
"THE NOKIA N-GAGE WISH LIST", some thoughtful suggestions for improvement
1. smaller is always better
2. a built-in camera can be the x-factor
3. a separate card slot for games and mp3s is definitely what every music fans and gamers had in mind
4. a different screen saver is also a necessity to replace that boring text and date
5. a headset that has the option for both music player and radio is a jaw dropper

the nokia n-gage definitely deserves that 9/10 rating. its not perfect but it has a 90+ mark for me. and with its low price and series 60 features, it definitely beat all other phones within that price range like N3200, N3120, N6100, N6610 and other models from other brands, that is if one is not so particularly concerned with camera and stuff.
if you got my idea, i would definitely definitely recommend this phone.

N-Gage is Here!!!


Oct 19, 2003 by NgagerUSA

The nokia N-Gage has to be one of the coolest inventions ever thought up. It has everything a teen could want, as well as what an adult might want in a phone. Although it is expensive it is a great deal.

1) The N-Gage has great graphics.
2) The radio is awesom, and it has great sound.
3) The wireless internet is great as well, it is very fast.
4) The way the phone is set up makes it easy to use as a phone or a game system.
5) The games are fun and challenging.

1) It is big for such an expensive piece of technology.
2) A $70 to $100 dollar memory card is required for the mp3 feature and the recording from the radio.
3) The internet reception sometimes drops unexpectedly.
4) You have to buy $35 dollar game cards to play games on it.

Over all the phone is great if you have a little extra pocket money to spend, but if you barely saved enough just to buy the system then I suggest you get another phone because it is a bigger investment than just the price of the phone alone.

Very Good


Oct 24, 2003 by jonm011

This is amazing. A cellphone, gaming device, mp3 player and radio built in one.

The Good:
1)Appearance. It looks very attractive, sleek, and cool. It is very tiny,not big at all.
2)Easy to use and understand. At first you might seem lost, but you'll get the hang out if quickly.
3)Features! It's jam packed with features. MP3 player, radio, gaming handheld, and a cellphone. You also have the ability to verse someone in a game online, use mp3's as your ringtones (why go polyphonic when you can have the actual song!?), web browse, the list goes on and on.
4)Cellphone reception with T-mobile is very good.

The [Not So] Bad:
1)You have to talk sideways into it to use it as a phone. You end up looking silly. You can put it flat to your face, with the screen facing your cheek and still be able to hold a converstion, but for the best sound you have to hold the side of the device to your head. You can also use the included headset, or even purchase a wireless bluetooth headset.
2)Battery life is just enough to make it through the day. You have to charge it every night, while other cellphones can be charged around once every 3 or 4 days.

The Ugly:
1)Price point. You can get a $50 rebate from T-Mobile, which makes you only have to spend $250, but it's still a little pricy. If you buy N-Gage from a gaming retailer such as GameStop or EB Games, it's only $199, so you save $100. Its more affordable that way.

BUY ONE! Great features, nothing to complain about!

"Off The Hook Cell Phone"


Oct 29, 2003 by fOnEfReAkZ

Overall I really enjoy this phone, I think Nokia is on track towards multi-tasked phones.

Excellent RF Performance (GSM D.C. Area)
MP3 player is outstanding, near CD-quality sound.
Radio is also a plus.
Games are pretty good, could be better.
Sound quality of my phone call is outstanding, no buzzes, cut-offs, nothing.

There is a bug with the alarm & calender reminders, does not make any alarm sound reminders!!! That's the only thing I can think of.

Overall, this is a excellent phone, I recommend it to anybody!!!



Nov 22, 2003 by JOSHCAREY

The best value on the market. for $200 you get one of the most advanced handsets plus 3 games. The only phone with more features is the 3650 and its way more expensive.

-Battery is decent, but what do you expect from a device that has so many features.

-The loudest speaker phone out there


-you can make it a full pda by just downloading a few programs!!

-great reception

-can also have full html browser

things missing



if your looking for value this is the phone.

Another good review...


Jan 28, 2004 by jonstorey

This is one of the most interesting and overall fun phones that i have ever owned. The radio option is a great time waster at school, and even though I haven't got a memory card yet, I can't wait to download mp3's. The games are crisp and amusing. Also, the real one player can be interesting at times and fun to show off to friends. The only complaint is the shorter battery life. But, as long as you keep a charger with you it will be no problem. I personally suggest the N-Gage to anyone who doesn't mind carrying a little bigger phone that is packed with options.

Best Phone and Best Gamer Phone


Feb 3, 2004 by dell0137

This Is the best phone it gaming capabilities are the best. the phone is good however your cant use the pcsuite cause you dont have a bluetooth card

The works


Jan 20, 2004 by jodiaz76

Except for the fact that I had to echange mine three times due to utter bad luck (I guess!), this hpne has everithing. I have iSync in my Mac and putting all my contacts was sooo easy. I love it as a Game Pad and a Phone.

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