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Samsung Rugby II A847


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loss of everything?????


Apr 27, 2012 by bizbuzzwho

i had owned a rugby since i believe 2007. bought it for construction
i loved the phone for the ability to take punishment. i even dropped the phone 40 stories and it landed in gravel, still worked and only cracked the outer window. with the exception os the speaker that was quieter then a fart i enjoyed it.
i saw the rugby 2 and felt "that's the phone for me"
without research i loyal bought it from overseas unlocked from china.thinking i would find even better quality i found that Samsung hired some dill weed to cheapen the phone. the first issue is the back cover
unlike the first that handled 40 stories, i fear this back cover (which is 1?3 the thickness of the first) would break if i leaned wrong against a rail.

the next feature i think the dill weed should of been shot and tagged for is some instant message problem as with another reviewer i read.
the damn phone has 5 bars,, why won't it send the damn message???????

next, open the phone and make a call, phone shut off.
turned it on again, called friend phone shut off again,.. thought it was a connection problem so i cleaned a brand new battery in a brand new phone to correct the problem. worked for about 3 days and then while looking at my features closer while the phone was plugged in i pushed the center button to activate thew eq settings and "poof" again it just died,.. wtf!!!!!

i so wish i had researched this before i ever bought this phone. i would have just bought the first one again.

i think Samsung should have left the damn phone alone,..

last but not least,...
on the old phone you could zoom on pictures in your photo file,.. sorry
dill weed took that feature out as well and replaced it with a symbol of +- at the side that does absolutely nothing but waste your time.no zoom on photos.

i'm kind of sorry for giving such a bad review.
but they deserved it for calling this phone a rugby 2,.. i hope you heed my warning and scrap any thought of buying this phone,..

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The phone or the network?


Mar 31, 2011 by trainwreck10

I am in lawn and landscaping which is why I have owned the Rugby I(A837) for over two years and have to say it was the best phone I have ever had for what it was meant for. After some poor call quality at the end, I figured it was due for replacing even though I still loved it. The Rugby II(A847) is only sleeker with a few tech upgrades. A few things were changed that should have been left alone, such as the PTT button on the side.

Pros: Still quite solid
Buttons and navigation very easy
Good Speaker and volume

Cons: PTT button on original rugby could be removed if you didn't want to use it. New one is solid button that gets pushed constantly when phone is opened and right handed bringing up a message I have to cancel every time. Very annoying.

50-70% of the time I try to send a text, it throws my message straight to the outbox without even trying to send. (full signal too) It did the same thing with two new SIM cards and I am now on my third Rugby II in 60 days doing same thing. Again, very annoying.
...ATT can't figure it out. Evidently I am only one with this problem. Phone or the Network?

Grommet that seals the battery area is thinner and cheaper than original Rugby along with thinner back.

Conclusion: Samsung should have left the Rugby the way it was. Slimming it down was ok but don't change the best things about the phone. Would go back to my old one but I threw it extremely hard on a very bad day before it was replaced.

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This phone is great!


Jan 15, 2013 by azurecrimsonrose

My grandparents have this phone and it works really well for them. While trying to help them with a setting on the device, I got to explore the phone a little bit. I found the phone very easy to use. The audio quality and speaker phone sound great, but the physical buttons have a cheap quality feel to them. The screen size could be a bit bigger and the Push To Talk button should have an option to be disabled, which I do not think can be done on this model. My grandparents will frequently push the Push To Talk button by mistake. All in all, I liked the phone and am considering getting the newer model of this phone for myself.

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Average basic phone


Feb 27, 2011 by knuckleballer34

The Samsung Rugby II is a good phone for those who primarily need to make calls and send messages. The phone performed well in several respects, but for its intended purpose, the Rugby II is a bit underwhelming in some areas.

1. Great build for those with big hands that want a flip phone.
2. It has the best numeric keypad i've ever used. Dialing and composing messages were a breeze. For moderate messagers, it's more than adequate.
3. Call quality was above average, and one of the better sounding phones i've used on At&t. There was very little GSM buzz or distortions in service.
4. Battery life was outstanding on 2G and 3G.
5. The speakerphone was loud, and the microphone picked up conversations from across the room.
6. Classy, mature look. Despite the phone's girth and choice of colors, I never felt embarrassed to use it in pubic.

1. Multimedia functions are passable; in fairness, the phone wasn't intended as a multimedia powerhouse.

1. Reception. It's typical Samsung, i've never used or seen a Samsung phone that got above average reception. The Rugby II gets average to slightly below average signal; though I have yet to drop a call.
2. Status indicators on the top of the internal screen are entirely too small, especially for the phones target audience.
3. The inclusion of two "bloatware keys" on the navigation control; a GPS key to the left of the toggle, and a web key in the center of the toggle. Not everyone purchasing this phone needs quick access to these functions, and they largely serve as nothing more than a needless money drain.
4. PTT performance was quite poor; calls were slow to connect over 3G, and the function was almost unusable over EDGE. If PTT is a necessity, i'd give the Motorola Tundra a look, or "gulp," Nextel.
5. Not as tough as it appears.

The Samsung Rugby II is a fine phone for calling and sending messages, but otherwise, I see no other compelling reason to buy it.

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Bad phone


Jun 26, 2011 by Big Dog

I have owned a Rugby from ATT for about 8 months and the phone is not at all what I have hoped it would be. I have to say the phone is rugged but as a phone it stinks it drops calls. Sitting it next to another ATT phone the Rugby has 1 bar and the other has 4-5 bars. I went to ATT several time to have it replaced and they say there nothing wrong with the phone. I say don't buy one! After all the trouble with this phone and ATT I can't wait for my contract to be up. So long ATT.

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Dope Phone !!


Jun 24, 2010 by bdawg

Bought this phone couple of days ago from an at&t dealer close to where I live...I have to say this phone gets the job done, its no iphone but it has great features and durability the screen is nice and bright camera is ok for a 2 meg camera.Great call quality and reception is good too...

good battery life
good reception and call quality
durable(meets military specs)
2+ meg camera

slow web at times

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Aug 19, 2012 by SPAREPART

If you are having a problem with hitting the PTT buton while picking up the phone and you are not a user of PTT take a small amount of super glue and dab it at each end of the button let dry and the PTT problem is solved!!!!

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Yeah its a second version, does that mean it will be better if it looks the same


Jun 11, 2010 by narn3049

Yeah it does. It seems to be a pretty durable phone

I don't have this phone I've only seen it on display, so heres what ive gathered

good looks (even though it looks like the first version but with a bigger inner screen. It also comes in different colors other than the yellow or plain black

The phone is the exact same style as the first, although it just a little bit bugs me i would've liked to see mp3 controls on the front, but just something little I would've liked to see. And people that come from the original might not want to see a phone that looks like one they just had be an upgrade. Just my opinion though.

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