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May 17, 2010 by mvp2007

Back in the day i would live and die by a blackberry, curve, tour, storm , until the android hit the verizon wireless line up! The droid may have set the way, but it cousin, or nephew, the "Devour" is on point. I have always love the quality of a Motorola phone, every since star tac days! The devour maybe a little heavier however its a real phone, the key board is great, downloading of applications are fun and easy. The silver color give it a unique color that captures' others eyes, which the devour does. screen is very clear, and big enough that while watch movies, etc, almost like having a small hdtv in the palm of your hands. You tube is very easy to get in and out with no problems, unlike any other smart phone....Its not all about the iphone any longer......the devour you can make a call 99.9% of the time, unlike some of my friends who have the iphone have problems dialing out! The Devour has some issues as well, especially the camera, auto focusing is okay, it is missing a flash, saving pictures for wall paper you have to crop the part of the image you want to save as wall paper, your pictures should be horizontal for better results......Devour is a Now! After 2 years Then maybe i will get another one to come. Enjoy!

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moto blur


Feb 27, 2010 by dunes20

pros it is a great social networking tool. keeps weather news and entertainment rss feeds. Need a twitter account now though.

cons- personally feel its messy but not alot you can do with it differently to clean it up. Also unfortunately unless moto blur updates the os will always be 1.6. motorola as a company doesn't expect it to change over for the 2.0 or 2.1 os its why so far they haven't made a moto blur phone on a 2.0 (i.e. moto cliq, moto backflip, devour)

as far as the phone goes i love the feel the keyboard is leaps and bounds better and it is a much tougher phone. screen size is reduced along with resolution but the fact its not glass means it will probaby last longer. Keep going Motorola way to come outta your slum.

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Feb 26, 2010 by BBYM406

We just got the Motorola Devour as an exclusive to best buy in our market. So far this has been an awesome phone and the new features of Moto Blur is a great new addition to the phone.

1. Great form factor. Way better feel than the Motorola Droid. The key board has a way better look and feel than the Droid and is not as flat.

2.The battery goes into the phone the same way you would put a battery into a digital camera...What a great idea! Score 1 point Motorola.


So far the only con I see is android 1.6 not 2.0 but I assume it will have 2.0 sooner than later.

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So far, so good!


Jun 16, 2010 by perplexed22

So far, I'm quite impressed with the Devour. I was due for an early upgrade so I just got the phone yesterday, am still exploring. I bought the phone purely on looks, not recommended but I think it might work out. Everyone & there brother has a fricking Blackberry so I wanted something...different. This phone is just that. I love it. I agree with another comment I read, its a little messy. The blackberry is so in-line/organized. I miss the highlighting feature, ie: if you have several emails you'd like to delete at once its a breeze on the BB, The devour doesn't highlight :(
Love the weight, love the size, love the color. It almost reminded me of a really high-tech remote control, looks wise.
Love the touchscreen, I had the Storm when it first came out, that was a disaster. I think the keyboard is great, little diff than BB, but do-able.
Over-all I love it.
I do wish it was tether-capable.

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Picked this Over the Droid.


Apr 7, 2010 by Billf

I picked up the Devour a couple of weeks ago off of Walmart.com for free, which you just cannot beat. To be fair, the Droid is $20 there, but this is about the phone, not the awesome price I got it for.

Why'd I pick the Devour with it's 3.0mp camera, lesser OS and smaller screen?
Because the keyboard kicks the Droid's butt, the optical sensor is invaluable when web surfing sites with lots of links (like forums), and MotoBlur is amazing for lazy people like myself who can't be bothered to search around for peoples' contact info.

Doing away with the giant directional pad on the Droid and replacing it with a tiny optical sensor on the top half of the phone was genius. The sensor is way more accurate than trying to hammer on a tiny little link on the screen with my giant fingers, and moving the pad from the keyboard section leaves more room for the keys.

I jumped ship from AT&T for the Devour, the Droid didn't impress me enough to do that, and I am very happy with my decision.

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Not so great...


Apr 6, 2010 by tyreltheccc

Speakerphone - best i have ever seen on a phone, only way people can hear me on this is if I use the speaker
Web - good speed, browsing,etc. Had a droid at Sprint as well and it's comparable.

Where do I begin? Phone is slow and unresponsive. Shut down when I tried to use bluetooth. When I finally got the bluetooth to work it was awful. Can't hear anything on the headset and people couldn't hear me on the other end. Same issue just using the handset as well. I have been with Sprint for six years and decided to try Verizon and am very unimpressed. Only had the phone since Friday and have already dropped 3-4 calls. I have had probably 20-30 different phones over the last 4-5 years (I have an addiction) and this is definitely at the bottom of the barrel.

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Mar 11, 2010 by tomandmel

We each had this phone for a little over a week and a half. Loved..LOVED all the goodies as this was our first "smart" phone. Good resolution on screen, took good pics, call clarity was pretty good, loudness was good....but the thing weighs a tonn!!!! I am not sure this equates to actual ruggedness of the unit but man it was heavy.

I was not impressed with the battery life. I would get at tops 1 1/2 days before thing was dead. Felt as if it was always charging....its not a mobile phone if you have to keep it plugged in!!!!I turned all apps off, got taskkiller, tried the battery management apps..nothing helped. The ring tone would change on its own, as well as the volume on the ring tone. My wifes would lock up for no reason.

Its a good phone..but too many issues for me.

Went back and got an ENV3, something familiar. My wife is trying the BB curve...and loves it more than the Devour so far.

lots of apps
functionally a good phone
good camera
e-mail easy to access
love the star wars light saber app..LOL

its like carrying a brick in your pocket
mine had some volume/ringer issues
battery life is way to low for my comfort

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great phone!!!


Mar 10, 2010 by wirelessking

This is a great phone with alot to offer, this is great for all the people addicted to social networking . it a very durable phone made from two pieces of milled aluminum so its next to impossible to break. i would definitely recommend this as a starter phone for anyone wanting to get into an android device.

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Moto Droids Little Brother...


Mar 1, 2010 by devilsmafia

Here's how to get past the activation screen to play with the phone...

-Turn on handset and get to screen to pick language

-open keyboard and hit function key (blue Fn key bottom right)

-then hit "e" key


-then spell, no spaces "bluroff"

Pros: Sturdy Construction, Slide feels smooth and doesnt feel like it's gonna fall apart in a week, Touch screen is just as responsive as the Droid, Side entry for the battery is an ingenious idea, keyboard layout is much better than the Droid, Moto Blur is an awesome thing for all you social networkers out there, decent battery life and the sound quality is great.

Cons: Android 1.6 vs 2.0 on the Droid, heavier than the droid, 3MP Camera vs 5MP on the Droid, no camera flash, no landscape orientation for the virtual keyboard (can only use the physical keypad when typing in landscape mode).

Not a bad all around phone, especially for the younger crowd who want to keep in touch with all their social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. $150 after rebate is a good price for the Droids little brother.

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Motos Devour vs. its older sibling, the Droid


Feb 28, 2010 by Steve143

CONS * Camera is very average and has no flash. Battery is average. Some options aren't present here like on the Droid. Older software than the Droid. Cant delete contacts from Facebook from your phone if Facebook is synced up. You have to filter them. Bummer. Get a rubber cover as soon as one is available because if you drop this phone or lean on it, it may scratch and with this silver color I know it will be very noticeable. Hard plastic snap on covers are available right now but thats not my style.

PROS * RF. Touch screen is very responsive and a tad better than the Droid. Volume. Feels solid. Texting is accurate. Better keyboard layout than the Droid but not the best either. When the keyboard slides out, it feels very solid. Good job on the mechanics on this phone MOTO! The Droids slide out character feels somewhat sloppy. Some options not here like on the Droid BUT ... there are some options on here not found on the Droid. Battery/SD card on the side of the phone. 5 home screens is nice.

OTHERS * APP STORE ( The Market ) is getting better each day. Its not communist like Apples App store! Motoblur. I'm not a fan of this. This is my opinion though. Like I said feels solid but silver is not my style. Optical track pad is useless to me. The track pad works fine but like I said is useless and makes the phone look silly. This phone is heavier than the Droid. Notification light is on the bottom left and is blue. Silly position to me. FYI. I couldn't play with this phone at the store and see all its options because you have to set up a Motoblur account before you can mess around with this phone which is another drag.

I own both phones and if I were to choose, the Droid would win by a yard. All though the Refs might need to bring out the chains just to be fair :) You be the judge. The Devour is a teenage version of its older sibling, The Droid.

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