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i hate it


Jul 31, 2005 by gadget_guru

I can't believe how bad it was. It took all night to charge. I took me literally 20 minutes for me to get it to start charging. When I would set it down on the tabe it stopped charging. It made me sooooooo mad. Had terrible sound on the speaker. It had terrible sound without the speaker. It was heavy. The ring tone volume was not very loud. I would not get this phone!!

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May 20, 2005 by Felicity

Got the phone as an upgrade for problems that I had working with Cingular, but it has been more of a pain than it is worth. It drops calls for no reason. I haven't made a call on it in the past month without having to call back because it dropped. I have had to exchange it three times, and Cingular offered me two other phones to exchange it with both of which have horrible signal and also drop calls. I haven't found an ear piece that works well in the phone, they are all (and i have bought 3 different ones) quiet and very breakable. The phone also freezes up and you have to wait several minutes for it to work again. I hate it, but I'm stuck with it. Don't try it.

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It sucks It sucks It sucks


Mar 6, 2005 by ashan9902

I would recommend drinking pure acid then to get this phone. I look forward to the day I can destroy this phone. I will smash it over cement.

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phone quit working after 3 months


Mar 4, 2005 by mine316

I had the worst luck with this phone. The phone would sometimes hang up on people when I had full bars. It would make crackly noises when I would have full bars. The screen sometimes would not have anything on it. After a month the hang up button would not work. I had to shut the phone to hang up. The charger was horrible. It would not stay in well. When the battery was fully charged, it got to the point that after an afternoon of being on ( and not getting any phone calls) the battery would be dead. I had a warranty and they said they couldn't replace it with the same one because it was discontinued. Gee I wonder why. This phone is horrible. I only had this phone for three months, I paid $189.99 plus tax and had better luck with the cheaper phones.

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Lousy microphones


Jul 11, 2004 by ps400

The "earbud" microphone that comes with this phone stinks. Each person I talked with using the earbud complained that I sounded muffled and hard to understand. I bought a "motorola" aftermarket earbud that seems to be better. I tried a variety of boom microphone/headsets. They all sound horrible. My previous phone was a Nokia 8265 which sounded fine with cheap aftermarket earbud microphones. It appears Motorola has the amplification cranked way up on the T725. The only way to be intelligible using an earbud is to keep the microphone dangling by your neck. If it's any closer to your mouth you will sound distorted and over-amplified. With the mic far enough away from your mouth to avoid distortion, then lots of ambient noise gets picked up.

Car Chargers!!!@^*#(_ Motorola has done some fine trickery here also. The "Belkin" brand car charger ($8.00 at Walmart) will charge the T725 phone - but that's all!
You can't place calls with it plugged in. Your display shows "Emergency Only" or "No Service". If you try to place a call you will get "Call Failed" message. All returns to normal if you unplug this charger, shut off the phone and re-start it. I presume Motorola has this defeat feature incorporated into the phone. I had to buy a Motorola brand car charger ($32.00) to be able to actually use the phone while plugged into a car charger. Thanks a lot Motorola!

Otherwise the phone works well. Connections are always good with scratchy connections happening very seldom at the edge of range. The range seems to be very slightly smaller than my old TDMA phone.

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Apr 8, 2007 by sednique009





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Great Phone


Jan 23, 2006 by Pirateinmymind

I bought this phone off of ebay so all I got was the phone and the battery itself. This review is on the phone only. The only problems I have with it are that it's a bit bigger then I would have like (partly because it came with the extended battery door). And also I like a bigger external display so I could make use of the picture caller ID. Other than that the phone is wonderful. I've had two other phones before it (LG4010 & V220) and it is much better than both of them. It has the capability of having MP3 ringtones which sound beautiful. Also the large 120x160 display is much bigger than the V220 screen i got used to. It doesn't have a camera but I think that is a pointless feature n the phone. It has a ton of memory for ringtones (mine has 7mb). Overall the best Cell phone that I have ever owned. I will definitely stick with Motorola for my next phone (probably gonna buy a Razr)

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Oct 5, 2005 by madmexican

Why did I give it such a high rating? The picture of my babies when I open it up. THATS ALL!
My husband and I bought these phones as upgrades in FEB 2004. Our previous phones were 5 years old. So we were extremely excited to get new phones. about three months into ownership our phones started to act up. We live in Leavenworth, KS with two towers near us. We live in the middle of town and should have excellent coverage. But we have had dropped calls, roaming, calls that end abruptly, calls that were never received, never went to voice mail, and we always have to use the area code. Even for calling eachother!!!
My husband's ringer doesn't work anymore, so he has it on silent. My phone is possessed. Here is a list:
The ring will change to silent on its own.
The phone will turn off by its self.
The ring will change to a different ring by its self.
The volume changes by its self.
It will not let me use some of the buttons sometimes.
The 9 stopped working for a day.
It hangs up on people with all the bars showing.
I won't let me answer my call waiting.
Sometimes people can't hear me talking.
If I try to open the phone to answer a call, it hangs up on people.
It won't charge completely.
We've gone through several chargers, that don't work.
Is this enough?
I can't wait for my next upgrade!!!

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Not a happy camper


May 20, 2005 by chattycathy

The only thing I like about this phone is the different rings for different callers (which doesn't work half the time anyway). But alot of phones have that. My husband also has this phone and he has the same problems that I do. We are getting different phones today.

The phone disconnects calls during conversations.
The battery life is bad.
Sometimes the hang up button does not work. I have to shut the phone and sometimes that doesn't work!
At times people can't hear what I am saying - it has nothing to do with the reception either!
Half the time the phone never rings and the call goes straight to voicemail.
Sometimes I don't get a voicemail for a few day s later.
Sometimes the phone doesn't show a missed call.
Sometimes the phone doesn't show a new voicemail until I get another voicemail and check the message.
The buttons sometimes double push or hesitate to dial out.
I get "call failed" alot.

I could go on and on. I would think that it was just my phone and trade it in for the same phone but my husband has the exact same problems. We use our phones alot and this is not the phone to have when calls are important. I had a cheap Nokia before this and I loved it. This phone was supposed to be awesome and point blank... its not. It has upset us to the point that we will never by a Motorola again. And if you call Motorola, they have the stupidest automated service sayings. I gave a .5 rating simply because I am a nice person.

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Gets the Job Done


Jan 9, 2005 by sofakingcool

Good phone when the cost versus performance is considered. This phone does most anything and more the average user would require. Good technology and above average in most respects. Would recommend for those who a looking for an everyday phone for everyday people.
Menus are straight forward but require a little effort to learn.
Cons: Wish text could be displayed bigger. The execute keys a little to close to the hinge.

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