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This Phone.


Aug 8, 2010 by inocencio2011

Ok, here are the pro's and Cons on this phone. i just got mine a week ago. 100% honest

Good Battery life
Great graphics
Camera is really good for a 1.3 (:
the pictures are really big when uploaded
Fast Downloads
loud eat piece volume
you can edit your photos
okay, signal
great vibrate not all loud
light weight
mobile web view
& Desktop view. you can actually see like if your on a computer. (with opera mini app.)
Google maps works great.
texting is a breeze (& i got fat thumbs)

you cant send stuff from bluetooth
low ringing volume
you cant download free ringtones (Only Purchased)
kind of slow response (but still works)
the speaker soft key is annoying.
does not have these symbols "< > " so no hearts when your texting.
you cant change the "up navigation key"
you cant download nothing from the web. unless purchased.

but overall its great.
for 69.99
with tax comes out to
its almost like a blackberry :) but its a real great phone. hoped this helped?

Loft Horizon


Jul 27, 2010 by GravityFails

I do not buy phones merely as a means of communication, Yes, I want to be able to make calls and send texts and surf the occasional web page, but I also want to experience -- in the form of the phone itself -- the joy of witnessing the product of rational thought and competent action done well and made real in the world.

Kyocera routinely thwarts each of these desires at every opportunity, from their signal icons to their menu layouts and the physical construction of their handsets. It's as though they have a blueprint of everything that matters to me in a phone, which they then promptly and thoroughly ignore when engineering their products.

Why does Kyocera hate my eyes? Their menu icons are far too small and lack sufficient contrast to be seen easily, making the simple act of checking the battery status and signal strength an exercise in futility and/or brain-melting frustration. The corresponding icons on the Loft are no different, so if you're a fan of sensory feedback, like I am, you're out of luck in this regard.

The Loft's keys are difficult to press with human digits, especially that most useful and humanly distinguishing digit, the thumb. They offer much much much too much resistance across far far far too little surface area to be used with any sort of consistent accuracy, and on a full-keyboard texting device that's a significant drawback.

The sound quality on the Loft is merely passable, but that might be a network issue in my area, as many Virgin (Sprint) phones suffer from this same condition. Distortion and static aside, the Loft does manage to pull in decent enough reception, for what it's worth.

The Loft's most redeeming virtue is the quality of its screen, which is smooth and bright and easy to to see in even fairly bright light. This is not, however, enough to levitate it out of the Precipice of Uselessness; anyone looking for a full-keyboard messaging phone for Virgin should either keep looking or switch carriers.

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Great Price


Nov 22, 2010 by salsapete

This not a bad phone for the current promotion of $29. All the functions it has is very compatible to a black berry. The quality in the speaker phone option is very poor and the unfriendly feature on trying to unlock your phone could be a safety hazard during an emergency. Take advantage and buy this phone or any of the many great deals Metro PCS offers for back up or budget use only.

Cute but SLOW


Nov 16, 2010 by mrsthang68

It's ok but the ringtones are short I got it for Metro PCS and I sold it the very next day also the ear piece is very low and it was set to the highest volume. Its good for kids and for texter....Not good for adults...

Gran Torino


Jul 6, 2011 by Mark_S

I know a lot of people that have this phone wanting a QWERTY for an affordable price. Other than that, this phone is like a Gran Torino. Big and clumsy.

Worst phone I have ever experienced


Mar 23, 2011 by sweetjane000

I would not recommend this phone under any circumstance, there are literally no pros with this phone compared to others. Unless you consider always having something to be upset about a pro. Here are the cons:

- Delete oldest message feature does not work, so your inbox will fill and you will not receive messages until you clear it. Surprisingly you are not prompted when it fills, because my next point;

- Prompts for nearly everything, requiring you to select between things like "Reply with Text or Picture Message."

- Slow interface. Very slow.

- No zoom, no video with camera.

- No expandable memory.

- Horrible UI which responds slowly as previously stated, and requires many button presses to accomplish the simplest tasks.

- If you want to browse the web with this phone forget about it. Pages do not load, the browser can not handle HTML and scrambles pages. I had a Samsung phone for 3 years (4 years ago) and it handled the internet with it's simple browser beautifully (just not Flash or images).

- Dust behind the screen. I have had this phone for 3 months and already there is a considerable amount of dust behind the screen.

- No USB cord included with purchase.

- Expensive even though there are absolutely no positive features with this phone.

People, I beg you to not get this phone. Save money and go with a top-tier brand that has reputation and uses top-tier components.

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