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Good Phone but nothing special


Dec 14, 2010 by katirrose

I used the Samsung Reality for a few months. I found it to be a good, sturdy phone. I never had any real problems with it. So for some pros and cons-


Multiple home screens

Great battery life (Charged it every other day with normal to sometimes heavy use)

Touch screen was very responsive

Always had great reception, never dropped a call once the whole time I had it! (I lived in northern Jersey and eastern North Carolina while using this phone)

Loud speaker phone

Loved the way messaging was set up (by contact or time)

Drawing pad is endlessly amusing during a boring class

Customizable sidebar for widgets

Overall size. Its on the smallish side but I liked that!

Can only save 3 alarms at a time

Music player UI was horrible, it worked, it was just very disorganized and difficult to use.

Screen resolution could have been better, it always seemed blurry and out of focus to me. Compared to the env phones the screen leaves much to be desired.

No camera flash, auto focus, macro settings

My widgets would always disappear, or the clock would change format in my pocket. I have no idea how the screen unlocked for this to happen.

Overall I really didn't mind this phone, I just didn't love it. If your looking for a reliable phone with a few extra bells and whistles, but not a smartphone, this might be the phone for you.

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Almost like a smart phone


Jun 17, 2010 by broudst

This is a terrific phone. I tried the Chocolate Touch prior to this and was really disappointed. The Chocolate Touch never worked correctly and call quality was awful. With the Reality, I haven’t had any of those problems. Call quality is excellent. The touch features work as designed. The phone is intuitive. Texting is incredibly fast and easy. I really like the qwerty keyboard. However, battery life could be better. I charge the phone every two days or so depending on use and it takes forever to charge.

- Call quality is excellent
- Texting fast and easy
- Qwerty keyboard is easy to use
- Lots of customizable features
- Multiple home screens
- Excellent touch screen
- Good size, not too big, not too small
- Strong vibrate mode
- Loud ringers with good selection of tones
- Outstanding speaker phone
- Mobile e-mail works flawlessly
- Good selection social networking widgets

- Battery life could be better
- Takes too long to charge
- Web browser is just okay
- Can accidently push the wrong button from time to time
- Slight lag going to web and mobile e-mail
- Sometimes too many menu steps (I just want to select the function once)
- Wish the slide was a little tighter

I’m really picky about my phone. For me, call quality is everything. I don’t use the music feature, play games, or care about pictures or video. Although I was apprehensive at first, I’ve easily adjusted to the touch screen and slide out keyboard. In fact, I like it better than my old flip phones. My cons are more nit-picks than anything else. Overall, this is one outstanding phone.

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I'm really impressed!


Jun 26, 2010 by Mochafrappe

I've had this phone for two weeks now and it's been working great for me! It's also my first touchscreen phone :)

Shortcuts to the popular websites such as youtube,facebook, etc

Good call quality ( I don't call a lot so I'm not too picky about this anyway)

GREAT keyboard to text on. Easy and simple to use

I love the sketchpad personally, you can draw over picture or doodle when you're bored.

good locking system :) there's a key on the side that locks it.

Sometimes you can touch a key by accident because they are pretty responsive and delete things, etc

The lock screen sometimes is unresponsive.

Overall I really like this phone and it's great for texting. I have used the number keyboard for a while so the touch screen number keyboard works great for me as well as the qwerty :) Definitely get this phone!

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Not really worth it..


Oct 7, 2011 by VZW customer

We have had 3 of these phones for a little over a year now.(myself and 2 kids own them). At first they worked great then with time they are horrible.
Pro. camera and videos are okay nothing to brag about but better than most phones.. phone is easy to handle/hold and light weight.
1. Battery Life went from good to bad now after a full charge and only using it to text we go down to one bar after 20 texts.
2. Screen is scratched easily even with a protector especially if you prefer to use the touch keyboard instead of the slide out. My phone has marks on it from frequent pressing of the touch keys.
3. Always been an issue from the get go of "butt" dialing someone very easily, and the keys on the side for camera, voice commands etc get pressed very easily. Imagine you just get done with a text while in line or whatever and the phone is in your hand and you press the voice command keys by accident even if you have the phone on vibrate or silent the voice talks..
5. Kids phones are horrible when they make and receive calls the many times the person on the other end can't hear them very well as it sounds like they are talking with a mouthful (which they aren't but it sure sounds that way).
Other than constantly being able to "butt" dial someone and the ease of pressing the side keys these phones were great to begin with. But within the past 3 to 4 months have really gone downhill. I know phones age with wear and tear but I would just never buy one again..

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Very Impressed


Jun 22, 2010 by t3chn0bby

This is my first touch screen phone and I must say I love it. I love the slide-out QWERTY keyboard (which is very easy to type on and get used too). The phone is very simple to use and is easy to get used too. The only thing I do not like is trying to text on the touch screen when not using the slide-out keyboard. I prefer to use the QWERTY keyboard anyways though. I would definitely recommend this phone and have been enjoying it greatly.

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Nice phone but...


Oct 5, 2010 by dryeric

I just got my Samsung Reality last week. The phone is easy to use, the interfaces are intuitive, call quality is great, camera takes sharp hi-res photos, the phone fits nicely in my pocket, and it doesn't require a $30/month data plan. I like the widgets and multiple home screens.

However great the phone is, I score it low because of the mp3 dis-functionality. When listening to mp3s with headphones, the media player freezes up when switching songs. If the phone recovers from the freeze it does not recognize the micro SD card and will reset your wallpapers and ring tones if they are stored on the card. The freeze up will happen after a few songs or after 30 songs, but it always happens at a song transition while using headphones. I've experienced the freeze on 4 different Reality phones, before and after the latest s/w update, using different memory cards, and using different headsets. Samsung's tech support recommended using Samsung headphones.

If you don't use your phone to listen to mp3's with headphones, this is a great phone. Otherwise, consider a different phone or hope for another s/w update to correct the problem.

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Great Phone


May 6, 2010 by KickAssArmyChick

I purchased this phone yesterday and so far so good.

I had the LG Voyager and loved the phone but my speaker went out.

This phone is really easy to use. The camera/camcorder are great. The voice quality is amazing and the battery life is awesome.

The only thing I didn't like about this phone is that you cannot set any of your Mp3s on your memory card as a default ringtone. You have to purchase them from Verizon's website.

Other than that I love the phone!

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Not Bad, But Doesnt Last Very Long


Jul 13, 2010 by gagama9

At first when I got this phone, it worked really great. But after a few weeks the touch screen started to break and wear down. Also, the phone would get scratched and cracked if I dropped it. Then while it was in my pocket the LCD screen broke and turned black. Everything else worked, but I couldn't see anything on the screen. My friend who had the same phone has had her phone replaced because of the screen. But overall, if you are very careful with the phone, it's a good phone. Also the camera doesn't zoom.

PROS: the sketchpad app; very fun when you are bored, the different fonts of the phone are very cool, the text inbox is very good; a bit like the iphone's text inbox.

CONS: camera doesn't zoom, phone can only hold about 50 pictures, phone is not very durable.

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Communities Widget doesn't work


Jul 26, 2010 by sewingida

OK phone, but if you are buying it for the feature that VZW advertises profusely:

"The Samsung Reality™ gives you one-touch access to your favorite social networks with its innovative Communities widget – and allows you to post images about as fast as you take them."

then don't bother. This widget does not work and Verizon will not back it up. They claim it is a third party problem, even though they are marketing it's the feature they tout the most. It's a bait-and-switch tactic, really. Market the phone for a feature it doesn't really have in order to justify why it requires a data plan. Then when it doesn't work claim that it's a 3rd party problem.

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Not that bad


Jul 23, 2010 by narn3049

I don't own this phone but a friend does, while it is awesome the cons are that the touchscreen wears down the battery, and with such a big screen it takes twice as long to charge. It has a great keyboard and a great screen. I just wish it would keep a better battery life and charge faster. Really only my two cons. That and its a full touch so i'd be really careful

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