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Awesome Phone


Oct 6, 2011 by pantechpro

This is one of the best phones I've had so far. It's great and it's tiny. It fits right in your pocket and it has keyboard GREAT for texting. I don't know what you can not like for the phone, except for the battery life. :D

2. Big screen
3. Cheap price!
4. Great for texting
and looking up on the web

1. Could use a better
battery life

Thin, professional-looking, and cheap


Nov 3, 2010 by aegrotatio

I got a refurbished phone for my GoPhone account.

-This is the only GoPhone I've used where you can silence the notification noise when AT&T tells you the cost of the last transaction. This is a huge win, but it also silences SMS notifications.
-It looks cool and at my workplace, where Blackberries are everywhere, I fit right in.
-AT&T has created a new network profile so your account does not get charged as much little things like instant messenger updates.
-Instant Messenger app and Yellow Pages app are free (see Cons).
-Powerful signal even in my basement on GSM voice, Edge, and 3G. Edge is marked with a big "E" so you can see what's up.
-A 3G phone at a very nice price if you have a data plan.
-Big, bright screen.
-Nice selection of clear, anti-aliased fonts that work in most apps (like they do on Blackberries).
-Keyboard is good. A bit better than that Boost Mobile qwerty phone.
-Voice is on 800 MHz which is a great feature of most AT&T service areas meaning you can get voice coverage even in the deepest residential basements.
-Neat graphics on main menu, but they dump you into normal text-based menus.
-Great thread-based SMS also used in IM app.

-Very chatty network traffic, though, a nearby radio or speaker will have GSM chatter every few minutes. I guess this is a smartphone thing.
-Screen turns on when the often-late "Last Transaction Cost $X.XX" message arrives and can distract you in your car.
-They want $5/month for email app. Stupid, because this very same app is *free* on my Sony Ericsson GoPhone. This severely removes a good part of the value of a phone of this type, which is a cheap messenger qwerty phone. It's so stupid.
-They want $10/month for the GPS app. This is idiotic and completely stupid in the world of $0.99 apps on the iPhone.
-The Address Book sync tries to sync, charges you about $0.30, but then says it's not compatible with GoPhone at this time. Huh?

Note: I don't use the camera so I couldn't care less about it.

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Great phone


Aug 4, 2014 by Thehound1989

Great phone with a great interface. Messaging is easy, has a music player and battery averaged me about 2 days of use

Great phone!


Feb 26, 2013 by architect125

This phone is great for me! The large keypad and the lightness of the phone really helps.

Easy to use key pad
Very portable
Large screen
Great for web browsing

Could use a better battery life

Fantastic phone for the money.


Mar 4, 2012 by the_cartooner

The Pantech P7040P is an absolutely fantastic phone for anyone with a budget, and let's face it - who doesn't have a budget. I bought this phone at Wal-Mart for around $60 and it's performed beautifully on AT&T's Monthly Unlimited plan.

PROS: reasonable price, good-sized screen, full QWERTY keypad, good reception, camera, good internet browser, good call quality, a fair amount of internal memory out of box, card slot for additional memory (up to 32gigs).

CONS: while not bad, camera could be better; battery could last longer (only around 3 hrs).

Summary: The bottom line is that this phone is one of the best I've had, contract or otherwise. I was actually shocked at just how good a phone the P7040P is. As far as the battery goes it sounds worse than it is. It hasn't died on me once, but i'm just a normal user who, like most people, talks and texts occasionally throughout the day and uses the internet (sometimes a lot).
Should you buy it? Yes.
This is truly a great phone for anybody, especially if your wanting to ditch the hassles of contracts. I highly recommend the Pantech P7040P.

Great phone but doesn't work where I needed it to work


Aug 26, 2011 by turk182

Our family cottage is in central Maine. Little did I know when I bought it that the service only extends north to about Portland Maine. So now I'm in a dilemma about what to do about it. I go there often and I can't even use it. My wife was home and got sick and was scared and wanted to talk to me but could reach me. I had to borrow my brother's Verizon phone to make all my calls that week. Apparently calling anywhere in USA and Canada applies only to where you can call to, not where you can call from. Thinking about buying a Verizon phone so I can use it when and where I want and need to.

Pantech Link/ 7040p


Aug 20, 2011 by patwackp

Best phone I've ever owned.If the phone rating went to 10, I'd choose 11.

I bought this phone because AT&T informed me that I needed to get a "3G" phone since my old one was "2G" and that network was going to be decomissoned shortly.

Since I had the finances readily available at the time, I went ahead and bought this now while I had the extra money.

I like the fact that it reminds me of a blackberry without the price.

The only drawback is that the battery could last longer but its not a huge issue for me because I bought a car charger and an extra travel cord that keep with my computer cord.

1) 3G data
2) Cost ($59.99 plus tax)
3) Thin design (fits in shirt pocket)
4) Reception on 3G is simply amazing
5) 3G data is quite fast
6) Direct access for social sites. (Facebook, Twitter, ETC.)

1) Battery life could be better.
2) proprietary charger (no micro USB) had to buy new car charger.

I actually bought the 7040p for Gophone. Link is the same phone, but for contract customer's.

I'm on Gophone (Prepaid) service and pay $50 a month for unlimited talk, text, and web.

Now that AT&T ressurected me with this phone and plan, I'll never change.

I'm hooked.

Definite reccommendation.

Good luck. :)

Simplicity Sells


Aug 16, 2011 by dave8496

The Pantech Link is a great, professional looking, and high quality phone. The phone is made in Korea, and the build quality is superb. (just like the Sanyo Phones of the past). Signal reception is great with it's quad band roaming capabilities. Because the phone runs a propriatory linux OS, and not android, it is NOT considered a smartphone, but has all the features of one, without the large bill at the end of the month.

Up to date applications keep you connected with email, IM, facebook, and mobile web. Because of the light Operating system, battery life is much better than that of more complex handsets.

Overall, if you want a great, high quality QWERTY messaging phone with the ability to expand the memory, print photos directly from the phone, and watch live, On demmand TV (via MobiTV) for only $60 as a GoPhone, then this phone is a great choice!

Awesome Phone!!


Jul 16, 2010 by Stud2504

One of the best phones I ever purchased!! its very slim, up to date apps, 3G internet, and excellent battery life; the only thing it lacks is flash for the camera; and does hold that many txt messages. And you have to go thru another section of the menu to assign ringtones for your alearts. And to assign ringers for contacts you will have to copy them off the sim card and on to your phone. But all in all its a great phone to own.

Cons:No flash for camera, and doesn't hold that many txt messages

Thin and Compact!


Jul 15, 2010 by trobbins43

Looking for a messaging device but don't really want to have data or internet? Pantech Link will get the job done.

Very Thin Design
Raised keyboard for easy texting
Nice Menu Layout
Easy to use
Rugged exterior
Chrome trim for a nice look

Low end Camera
Mid-level resolution screen

At only $10 after rebate, its a great upgrade for the texting population and don't necessarily want to jump into a data plan yet. However, the Link like most phones has that capability.

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