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Great unless you use the camera a lot.


Jan 19, 2010 by grumpybutt

I love the phone, don't get me wrong. But I'm fed up with not having the data when I need it (It has constantly gone in and out). I'm fed up with the phone resetting itself when I'm trying to take a picture.

But the touch screen is wonderful. Very precise. I even love the suretype technology better than I thought I would. The text messaging chat style is very useful as well.

At this point, I'm ready to have my Tour back because at least the data works and the camera doesn't cause the phone to reset when I want to use it.

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Storm2 - Loving it.


Jan 18, 2010 by bsarboukh

This is now my 2nd Blackberry, previously owning the Curve on Big Red's network. I've played with touch screen phones before (tried the Dare, owned the Voyager, and messed around with friends iPhone's) and I said I would never own a touch screen phone. I felt it slowed me down while typing on it. So, time comes to upgrade and I was torn between trying out the Storm2 or Droid...decided to try out the Storm2 first. Well, I've loved this phone since the first night i owned it. The "sure press" i honestly thought I would hate...I stand corrected. I love it. Actually, it's due to the Sure Press that I love this touch screen. I'm not even testing out the Droid...I'm sticking with the Storm2. I was a little hesitant on getting it because I heard so many bad reviews on the first model, but I then heard how much more improved the 2nd generation was...and these reviews are in fact true.

Sure Press is awesome. Doesn't slow me down like other touch screens have
Nice big screen
Fan of the size/feel of the phone. Feels solid.
Sound is great. Clear.
Good 3G speed
Overall, just a huge fan.

Battery life is pretty weak. I've never owned a phone that needed to be charged throughout the day like this one
Camera (specifically the flash), it's not as bright in the darker areas as it was on the Curve. Not a BAD camera, just got used to the Curve's.

Overall, Love this phone...glad I went with it.

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Pretty Happy


Jan 15, 2010 by ambull

Coming from Symbian Nokia Phones, I do find that there is more limitations, and less capabilities with the BB interface, however, the Storm 2 is a pretty staightforward, easy to use phone.

I found myself installing a lot of 3rd party apps to do the things that this phone wouldn't do natively like: A) More advanced Locking options to avoid auto calling and just wreaking havoc in general from hitting 50 million buttons in my pocket B) Timed Profiles (all phones should have this yet most don't - can't figure out why) C) Applications password protections

Reception seems pretty good as much as Verizon will allow it to be. I have had one drop call at work where reception is not very good (AT&T is king where I work), and I had one other random dropped called while talking via bluetooth on the highway. This is after 3 weeks of using the phone. Calls are much clearer then with my wife's and kid's LG phones.

Battery: I get 2-3 days under normal use (Calls, texting and email) in good reception areas. However, at work, where reception is not so good, even without using the phone it will be dead by 2pm from a fresh morning charge because the phone works so hard to get reception. I now shut my phone off while at work.

I find browsing the internet to be extremely cumbersome to the point where I don't even bother, but that's not such an important function for me anyway, and plus surfing the web really drains the battery as well, so i just stay off the web mostly.

Finally, the touch screen. It works pretty well. It's responsive, but not overly so. I didn't think i would be able to get used to the touch screen, and I even almost returned the phone because of it, but I forced myself to keep using it, and now after even just 3 weeks, I'm really getting the hang of it and liking it. That said, I do wish it had a slide out keyboard, and for sure my next phone will have one.

I really am pretty happy with this phone. It's reliable, cool looking, does what it's suppose to.

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Glad I went thru the Storm


Jan 9, 2010 by hucworld

Having been an original Storm user I was more than scared of messing with this device. Quiet as kept, the original Storm was the reason I left Verizon in the first place. Well after I checked myself and made a foolish mistake I decided to jump back on board and try this new toy here. It was between this and the Droid and I really wanted a keyboard after being spoiled by the Tour. After reading several online reviews I decided this device was for me. The processor on the Storm2 is surprisingly faster than any blackberry I've owned thus far. Many things weighed heavily on putting this device over such as it coming with a 16 gig card. Out the box I downloaded the new OS 5.0 and desktop manager 5.0 and I was on my way. The threaded text was nice and the device seemed to run that much faster. The battery life so far seems to be pretty respectable, the suretype took some getting use to but was easy to conquer and the device is much lighter than its originator. I vowed to never mess with another touchscreen device again but look at me now. I definitely recommend grabbing this device. The screen resolution is a beauty but the camera leaves a lot to be desired.

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Thumbs Up!


Nov 9, 2009 by jp1000r

I can defiantly say it is a 100% upgrade. I had the first storm for about a year, and that was my first blackberry. Well with the upgrades i learned the love that phone but now I'm in love all over again. It's been 9 days since i got the storm 2 and i haven't had a problem yet. Thumbs up to the Storm 2

Pros: No complaints, no resets, no problems. And the new touch screen is awesom.

Cons: What happen to my you tube? It's not on this phone.

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Wow, just Wow!


Nov 6, 2009 by Deviceguy

Hello all...

So, after using the first Storm.. A mix of Windows devices, the new Tour and other touch screen devices in general, I have to say that VZW and RIM have this one nailed!

I have been using the device for a few days. The touch screen is very impressive. The only device so far that I can have in full Qwerty on portrait mode and still get 97% of the words correct. The extra memory and RAM are perfect!

The best parts about the Storm 1's productivity and design are moved over to this device.. the biggest difference, NO QUIRKS! Flawless so far! If you thought about the Storm and waited (and are a BB fan such as me.. This is IT!)

Speakerphone quality

Fast, seemless touch screen.

Integrated call, end menus and back keys into the display.

Unmatched email capability.

Addition of Wifi

Call Quality - the device sounds great on both ends.. VZW the only provider that backs up what they advertise!

Structure! - Device is solid and great looking at the same time.


I have used this for 4 days now and can only think of one thing.. the battery life is great but still the same as the Storm 1. Very minor Con but to be honest I had to come up with something.

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Awesome Phone!


Nov 3, 2009 by peanut4

Faster, much faster then Storm1
More accurate
More Memory
Best push Email on the market
Gorgeous Screen
Comes with 16g card and 2g's on board
Reliable! It's a Blackberry
Easy to use
More apps come everyday seems like
Fun to use
Threaded text mesages
Excellent call quality
Sturdy phone, cant go wrong with this one
I use it heavily with ease

One con: Old accesories from original Storm dont all work......

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Go for it!


Nov 3, 2009 by docjlt

I have only had this phone for about 2 days and I can at least at this time say it is very much worth the upgrade from the original Storm. Though upgrading to the 5.0 software did fix many of my issues with my original storm, the Storm2 is so far just functioning much better.


Browser. Much better, though still nothing compared to Safari or the browser on the HTC droid phones. But it is improved enough that surfing the web on this phone is no longer such a chore.

Apps: these seem to open much faster and the phone does a much better job at multi tasking. My original storm would hang or freeze if I tried to do too many things at once.

Reset: Only for set up have I had to reset this phone so far. I had to remove the battery all the time for Storm 1. And the reset seems to be a faster process on this phone.

WiFi: this works very well. I am thrilled to have this option on the phone. It should have been on storm the first!

Reception: Very good. All the bells and whistles in the world wouldn't make up for bad phone reception. I think this is improved over the original storm.

Cons: I haven't ferreted these out yet.

I am hoping that the camera is better. I found the camera very slow and not very good in my old Storm.

I am hoping that this phone has less tendency to freeze then the old one. That problem came close to forcing me to abandon the phone all together.

Still hoping for some Browser improvements. As stated, things are better but they can improve a lot more.

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Worth the upgrade


Oct 31, 2009 by joshington84

After having a love/hate affair the with storm 1 for the past year, it was time to switch out. I loved the concept and the features of the original storm when it worked, but the bugs were too much. I've had the storm 2 for the past 24 hours and can already say this is what the storm was supposed to be.

*Improved touch screen
*easy copy & paste functions
*battery life seems better
*updated/thin design
*More onboard memory
*16g preinstalled memory card
*Speedy OS/browser
*and of course its a blackberry :)

*None so far

If you've got the original storm and are thinking about upgrading to the 2 but think the changes dont seem like enough to justify it, go for it. I don't think you'll regret it. I expect alot from my phone and this one delivers. OS 5.0 is great on the first gen, but to get the full effect of it the new hardware brings it. Overall, I'm very satisfied with it and what it can do. I love the way it feels in my hand now, no bulky clunky feeling, just feels like a nice solid sexy looking phone. Kudo's to RIM/Verizon for getting this one right.

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Oct 31, 2009 by Fast Eddy

I was the first person in Des Moines, Iowa to get the phone. On line with the phone at 9:20 am the first day. At once you will appreciate the much faster phone. All that was slow is now much faster. Reception is crystal clear. The touch screen is very different and very sweet. You need to firmly press the screen and you get what you want each time. I did have the original Storm and this is a major improvement. The new software is ever so much better. When you push an icon you get a response, no time for a cup of coffee like the Storm gave you waiting for a response. Storm 2 is just a bit bigger but feels just right in your hand, a good solid feel. The side buttons are much better in there operation and ease of use. Placement make the phone easier to use voice dial.

Pros: Speed of phone
Accuracy of the touch screen
Solid feel of the phone
Battery life seems to be better much better
Come with more apps. installed.
E-Mail and Internet are much faster
Ease of use is much better, it just works better
Reception is better

The Storm was my first Blackberry and it took much time for me to get use to it, there were definite glitches. This one has none of them.

Cons: Other may find some but I have not. It is a great phone plus all the other options work as they should. Some accessories may not work or fit because of size difference but it will be a small price to pay for all of the improvements this phone has.

Try one you can't help but like it!

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