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BlackBerry Storm 2 Much Better but Still Needs Improvement


Nov 26, 2009 by WFB415

1. Verizon Network
2. Blackberry E-Mail
3. Camera
4. Screen Size
5. New Operating System 5.0 a huge improvement - much faster and more stable
than Storm 1 O.S. 4.7
6. Expanded Memory
7. WiFi
8. Speakerphone
9. Call quality

1. Reception not as good as Storm 1
2. Battery life poor
3. Web Browser clumsy and slow
4. Fingerprint magnet

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Its a keeper!!


Nov 9, 2009 by db1561

Improved screen & OS 5.0 what else do you need?

It handles all of my email accounts flawlessly! nice solid phone!

1.) Screen & OS
2.) Expanded memory
3.)no more battery pulls for me!
4.)Video camera was surprisingly good! Better than the still camera?!?!
5.) Oh yeah, excellent call quality :o)

1.) battery life.. But where I work it's grinding all day trying to find a signal.

2.) a little lite on the camera functions! I used to have an env touch and it's camera blew this away..

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Dec 13, 2009 by etzelryan

This is one of the best phones i have ever had coming from a voyager and sidekick user its so much better and like its wayy user friendly.Hmm well i can say that the calling is great loud not skartchy and the speaker wehn turning it up in a call is awesoem loud crisp. the screen is the best ever i mean its so clear and crisp. and the software 5.0 is right out of the box and works like a champ wayy improvment over the stporm 1.

PROS: great screen bright 65,000 colors speaker is lound when playing music/ or pn a phone call. texting is way fun nd the full keyboarad n landscape mode is the bomb and there r smiles so u dont have 2 go in and type them all user self there allready there in there own menu. battery life is the best on this phone it last for about 2days with moderate texting and web browsing. and the app store is awesome if ur like me and cant buy anything well theres all the free apps and there r some great ones. web browsing is the bomb to lol well there is some drag and waiting time but over all its a great experience.

CONS: the charger port is very small and u have 2 be carefull and not break it. and some times the screen doesnt give u that hepatic feedback that all storm users like and the led indicator well it works but some times it doesnt blink red wehn u have a message. and you tube is great but u know i wish it could be alot clearer then it is.

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Excellent device and improvements


Nov 28, 2009 by ajs253

This device does is leaps and bounds better than the Storm 1. The hardware is solid, the software 5.0 is excellent, and is again an absolute dream over Storm 1. Finally the keyboard and new touchscreen keyboard is a vast improvement. However, i would expect better software when typing. Now, you cannot say it's the unit, because the they have resolved the keyboard issues, but I think the software and sure type/full keyboard can be tweaked. Seriously blackberry, you fixed the hardware which is the tough part, and cant get the software sorted?

Hardware is solid and they have really done a great job with the unit and its design.
Screen quality is awesome.
New screen technology makes typing so much easier, and I believe, fun to use.
New 5.0 software is excellent (vastly improved).
Blackberry emails with large screen is wonderful.

Browser/Browser/Browser (Come on Blackberry, I know you guys can do it!) Just get it right.
Typing software can be improved. The hardware rocks, but I feel software predictive text etc is much better, but not quite where it should be.

This is a great device with a lot of potential. Blackberry can or will improve the software and its browser to take advantage of the awesome hardware. Hopefully.

Otherwise awesome device. That is why the 4.5

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Best smart phone out there!


Nov 15, 2009 by LG8350

The storm 2 is by far the best smart phone out there on the market today.I looked at the new android phones but they were to complicated to use and were missing a few key features like no camera flash,ability to change font size,too many steps to complete a simple task.The storm is a strong ans simple to use smart phone.

Verizon's Network
Blackberry Email
Screen size
Touch screen
Battery life
Ease of use
Amount of storage
size and feel in your hand


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Got storm?


Nov 4, 2009 by phonatik

I got one word to say, wow! Definitely a huge improvement over the first gen storm. Great touch screen very responsive. Typing on this phone is just awesome! I would definitely recommend this phone to all you blackberry fans who were disappointed in the first storm. If you are a little worried about this phone let me tell you one thing, this phone is a winner!

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Upgraded from curve 8330


Nov 24, 2009 by mystery jazz

Let me start by saying I work at a vzw dealer and am not a big fan of the 9530 Storm 1. The customers who bought the original made my life miserable for the first 4 months it was out.
The curve was the best phone I had ever owned and it made me a big fan of Blackberry so I was pretty disappointed to say the least that the storm bombed.
When the storm2 was announced there was pretty much no reason to get excited even thought my upg was coming. Since the day the phone launched I have been shocked that we haven't had one return or warranty replacement. I figured i would give it shot seeing that according to what i needed the phone would fit my needs. I am happy to say that this thing is nearly perfect. The only gripes I have are that the web browser, while improved, cannot compete with the likes of the droid or iphone and the battery life barely gets me through the day.

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rim 2nd attempt a winner!!


Dec 28, 2009 by robert7104s

This is my first blackberry so iam new to the world of blackberry.. I read reviews and i'm grateful to all of u who take the time to do these. The big bright screen stands out right away. The touch does take some to get use to but after 2 weeks iam doing just fine. I myself never was a speed typist. As for the browser well it is fast depends on tbe web page. Camera is ok nothing to brag about. Decent pictures same go's for video camera. Call quility is excellent as is the signal strength.overall the phone is excellent accept for the battery life....whyy can't they make a Better battery for these phone. Be prepared to charge daily and invest in a car charger..
Big bright crisp screen
Excellent call & signal quilty
Loud speaker
Great apps
Fun to use

Battery life
App memory
Camera....why not a 5 mega pixel

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This is an amazing device!!!!


May 19, 2010 by jiggaman2g

First off I want to say that I have been on the "Storm wagon" since the first one was released, I bought it 1 week after release. Despite all the nay sayers and all the skeptics I held on to it and added all the "leaks" and watched it progress.

Now the S2 which I have had for about a week now is simply AMAZING!!! The difference is night and day, the screen now having 4 sensors as oppose to just having one like the S1. Piezo technology is what I think it's called.

Hardware is so much sleeker, the buttons on the side are now rubberized as oppose to the chrome style of the S1. The memory upgrade is something that was so necessary! Because of that your now able to store a ton of apps without suffering from lag and multi-tasking is second to none.

To be honest I cant find anything wrong with this device!! and believe me I'm the type of person that looks for this kind of thing.


-Battery life
-BB reliability


When and if you find one, let me know will you?

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This phone made me come back to BlackBerry


Jan 13, 2011 by tgc1980

Well, as they say, "Once you go BlackBerry, you never go back". I ventured into the world of Android with the LG Ally. Not a bad phone, overall, but it was missing things in my opinion. I'd had the first storm and wasn't impressed. I played with one at the Verizon Wireless store and later traded with someone off of craigslist. (I traded for a phone that was worth like $200 more AND works better! Nice, huh?). Well, let me get down to business with the pros and cons:
3G doesn't allow me to be online while on the phone (Not BlackBerry's problem, it's the Carrier. I WAS able to on T-Mobile, but I digress)
It does freeze up from time to time. Then again, what phone doesn't?
Camera! Much easier to use than that of the Ally. Rim makes their BlackBerry's cameras user friendly. (It was a nightmare on my HTC ARIA that I briefly had).
Reception: We're talking about a verizon phone. Enough said on that.
Push e-mail and social networking alerts.
This is the one touchscreen that doesn't make me miss having a physical keyboard. It works superbly.
I love the BlackBerry App world. While others moan and groan about what it doesn't have, it has just what I need, if not more.

So far, so good. This phone is awesome. If it craps out on me, I'll just get the Bold 9650 BlackBerry (tax time's around the corner and I ALWAYS get a refund). If not, then this is a keeper. I'd recommend this phone to anyone! God bless.

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