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Jan 13, 2010 by mist668

Pros: Does everything I need it to, great battery life about day and a half, touch screen is great, excellent camera(no flash though). Touchflo is great always get a look here and there at the phone as everyone is impressed.

Onboard program memory is a little low I think but it has been a long time since I used a WinMo phone.
No flash for camera.
Back plate squeeks... really annoying when you first get it but get used to it after a while.
Screen scratches very easily(fine scratches) don't be an idiot and spend the extra money for a screen protector.

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One of VZW's Best...


Nov 7, 2009 by shoelace_510

Having formerly sold both Alltel and T-Mobile phones I've seen my share of phones when it comes to both smart and "dumb" phones. Out of all of the smart phones I've seen this is definitely one of the better ones!

*Large high res screen presents everything beautifully
*HTC's TouchFLO3D makes WinMo much more enjoyable
*5 MP camera takes good photos
*Speakerphone loud and not tinny
*Large battery lasts 2 days heavy use
*Even though it comes with a stylus, it is rarely needed/used
*Kickstand a nice addition

*Despite being thin it is a larger device... think of it as an iPhone size but slightly longer, less wide, and a couple paper clips thicker
*Verizon's extra services are too expensive so I don't even use them (VCAST services including TV)

I would strongly recommend this phone to anyone looking into smart phones on VZW even if they are new to the whole smart phone workings...

If anyone has any questions about the device feel free to message me here on PhoneScoop...

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First time with WinMo from BB


Dec 30, 2009 by pr0t0

We are primarily a BB shop with around 100 phones in service and a BES. With the introduction of WinMo 6.5, I called our VZW rep and got an Imagio for evaluation. I felt good enough about the eval that I ordered one, however I did send it back before my 30 days were up. Here's my take on it compared to BB (and iPhone to a lesser extent):

The Good:
Exchange integration was pretty straightforward and Outlook on the phone works very much like Outlook on the PC. You can view all of the sub-folders and such.

Mobile versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, and even Acrobat for free! These all worked flawlessly.

Mobile RDP. I mean, if you absolutely had to remote into a server from your phone...you can!

The Bad:
Web browsing. It's not really bad. Both the IE and Opera Mini browsers are way better than BB. It's just that it falls well short of Safari on iPhone which I think is a good benchmark.

10 places for settings. Navigating the menus is a bit difficult at first. You learn where everything is, but you're left wondering why isn't this all in one place?

TouchFlo3D. As I understand it, TF3D was created to make WinMo usable. Given that task, I'd say it's a pretty good job. But it feels clunky and very first iteration. It lacks more than polish. Again, the iPhone UI is just so much more than this. I think maybe the 5.0 BB interface too.

Active Directory and domain integration. To join the phone to your domain, you need to build a server with MS System Center Mobile Device Manager.

The Ugly:
Memory Management is unacceptable. Most app's stay active in memory when quit and needed to be manually killed. Further, I had to download a memory cleaner and run it throughout the day keep the memory in check.

The CPU is woefully underpowered and slow.

Resistive touch. A big reason I sent it back was capacitive touch WinMo should be available in January.

I've been informed by MS that the 6.5.3 update fixes some of these concerns and I am looking forward to new hardware.

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Wasnt very impressed


Oct 23, 2009 by envthis

This phone actually didnt impress me very much. I spent some time using one today which dont get me wrong i didnt view every aspect of the phone but i didnt like it very much. It seemed laggy at times and kept getting caught up. Also the touch screen would take longer then i would expect from a phone of this price to register my commands. There are a TON of features on the phone so expect to spend a good ammount of time just trying to learn the phone itself. The start up time is actually pretty quick compared to the Blackberrys. The price is a little steep but this by far the best phone HTC has come out with im my opinion. I guess my biggest problem is that im also not a huge windows fan.

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Nice hit but no homerun


Oct 12, 2009 by joshington84

After a lot of debate, I decided to try out this phone. I've been a blackberry user for the past two years, and have been growing tired of the same ole same ole from BBerry. I say this especially after using the storm for the past year. I've never really been a fan of the winmo platform, but when I laid eyes on this phone and the "improvements" microsoft had made,I knew I had to give it a try. Here are some of the pro's and con's that I found from my use of the phone.

*Nice large screen with great resolution
*Opera browser is very nice
*Slim design
*Great camera
*Good for video
*Nice loud sound, good speakerphone
*Good reception in hard to reach areas as well as the good spots

*Keyboard isn't great for text entry (for me at least) T9 is a must for accuracy
*Low on memory with touch flo running
*Not very user friendly w/o touch flo
*Hard to use visual voicemail, constantly kept getting logged out of app
*Most applications seemed to close on their own (and no, I wasn't closing with "X" in right corner)and seemed to have terrible lag to open again
*OS seemed very buggy at times with very slow speeds
*Bad battery life
*Not very easily personalized
*My emails never seemed to come in on their own, always had to "send/receive" for updates

Overall, this is a very nice phone. I will say even with some of the much needed improvements that were made with 6.5, windows still has a long way to go, Im hoping 7 will fix this. Overall, I switched back to my storm, even with its frustrations at times, there is no beating the simplicity of a blackberry, I will wait for the storm 2 and hope the wrinkles are ironed out. But, if you are looking for an updated windows phone, this may be it for you, the hardware is awesome and if your patient you may love 6.5

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Oct 7, 2009 by ewatson660

NICE SCREEN, THIN, COOL APPS! no flash is my only issue with it.....

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Disgusting phone


Feb 28, 2010 by imapolymorph

The phone is a heart attack waiting to happen. I have never had an inanimate object cause me so much anger. If it was a person I would be in jail for murder. The thing is so sluggish with its over use of memory causing slow response from the touchflo technology. I used to love my Vogue (HTC Touch) so I thought I would be happy with this one too. I just hope I don't have a coronary before I get my next phone.
Pros: Great video and pics.
Screen is awesome.

Cons (get ready:
Too much verizon bloatware
Uses too much of its resources for normal function.
Makes random phones after waking itself.
Very little accessories available.
Bluetooth does now function well, won't answer at times with headset and doesn't work well with voice commands.

My recommendation is to consider a different phone that is used with multiple companies. You will have more accessories and online support to choose from.

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A Cellular Mistake!


Nov 28, 2009 by Tay003

I've used handheld cell phones since 1987 and every year thereafter, I am also a certified cellular technician and believe me when I tell you that the "HTC IMAGIO" is the absolute WORST cell phone DISASTER ever created!
The software is incredibly slow to respond when the phone is not crashing. The first three days of having it I had to take the battery out at least 5 times due to it freezing and crashing!
It's a very retarded phone...you give it a command and just about anything could pop up!
You may get the weather while trying to type a text message, or launch the internet browser while trying to simply answer a call. This phone dose what it wants at any given time!
Don't make the same mistake I did...
Better to go with the "BlackBerry Storm2 9550" or the "Motorola Droid" Much better phones!

(I'll give it 1 point cause the movie player is great and I can make a call on it from time to time.)

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Oct 30, 2009 by wops

It's like using WM 5.0 again. Slow right out of the box. When in bluetooth mode it takes 5 seconds to answer a call, by then it went to VM. My RAM is always at 75-80% even though no programs are running. I've had it 2 days and had to reboot 15 times or so already. When you have to remove the battery due to the phone completely freezing up, which happens often, you can't unless you have a key or something with a hard edge. Fingernails don't work.

Overall, un or non responsive. Slow to react. I don't have time to explore all the apps since it takes forever to get around and if you open more than 2 at once, you're frozen.

It's going back.

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