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Great phone but.......


Nov 29, 2009 by RodThabod

I am here to give people an honest review. I don't work for HTC nor do I work for the competition. For someone to come on here and say this phone is " the worst phone ever made " is crazy. They must work for Android or Motorola. This phone is great. I have had it since the day it came out. The only problem I have had with it is the battery life is not as great as I would have liked but the extended battery solved that. The factory battery is a 1500mAh and the extended one is about 2200mAh. The phone take awesome pics to start with. Email is easy to set up as well. I can surf the web with no problems at all. This phone in two months time hasn't crashed or gotten stuck one single time. Keep in mind , it is a computer you can talk on. Calls are good , and the touch screen is great as well. I am not a big texter so that I can't really comment on that. In closing , the only thing I would " complain " about is the lack of being able to personalize things. I would also like more ram and a faster processor. Other than that , the phone is great.

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Different than WinMo 6.1


Oct 14, 2009 by Figurehead

WinMo 6.5, agreed, is a huge step in the right direction, especially with touch flo 3D. To respond to the previous note that TF3D takes a lot of memory, it does, but 90% of the time it is smooth and responsive. ALSO, WinMo 6.x has old-school memory limitations that will be fixed with WinMo 7. Programmers can't get around the limitations of WinMo 6, since it basically sucks with old-school limitations - It's like XP vs W7. MS is trying to catch up to Apple this time. I like TF3D, but I also like the familiar yet awkward feel of WinMo 6.x. I finally sold my iPAQ 210 and cell phone for one nice PDA phone, and I am VERY pleased. BUT, I can't wait for fully supported apps designed for WinMo7, w/the planned smoothness of WinMo7.

Screen is crisp even at VERY small font sizes.
Verizon 3G network is fast and nice.
Opera Mobile is a pleasure to work with, double tap enlarge text.
Touch Flo 3D is responsive and pretty intuitive.
Quick integration with Facebook and other social networks (not my thing).
Wisbar Advance overrides TF3D, allowing the START button to go to the old-school WinMo6.x menu (good or bad, depending).
TF3D really flows nice on the fingertips, making WM6 seems so old-school.
Best WM phone I have ever owned (gone through 4 of 'em).

No quick picture cropping app for getting face pics into contacts list.
Most apps are not 'super' integrated into Touch Flo, but generally work most of the time.
NOTE: TF3D is a nice FIX for WM6, but many programs can't integrate because of the 'difference' of TF3D.
Pocket Informant 9.01= works ok; Wisbar Advance 3.5.x = same. Love the proggies, but aren't fully integrated into TF3D.
The nice fine fonts integrated into Touch Flo 3d go large at times when using apps that are not '100%' perfectly TF3D integrated.
TF3D can't (of course) completely take over WinMo 6.x, so the familiar feel of WinMo 6.x seems so archaic once you get used to TF3D.

I usually get about 2 days out of a full charge, with medium heavy use.

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Finally Verizon!!


Oct 12, 2009 by mike98103

I don't know what to say but wow! It's about time verizon! I've been waiting for a phone with the form factor of the iphone for a year now, it's finally arrived, big 3.6 inch high-res screen and only .55 inches thick. The screen and the icons in touch flo 3D are absolutely amazing. This is my 6th windows mobile phone now going all the way back to 2003. I have to say windows mobile 6.5 is a HUGE step in the right direction, i can't
for windows mobile 7. now on to the phone

480x800 screen - beautifully crisp and very clear
opera mobile - fast and renders web pages the best I've seen yet
fm radio with RDS data
Touch flow 3D - responsive and amazing
touch screen - Very very responsive for a resistive screen works flawlessly
call quality - flawless from about a week of use
zoom bar - really cool for zooming in on web pages and pictures
gps - works almost instantly with google maps, bing, even indoors
batter life - i get about a full day battery life with heavy usage
video playback - smooth video playback, nice youtube app preinstalled
windows myphone - awesome much needed very easy to use to back just about everything on your phone
windows marketplace - pretty cool app store, it's got a ways to go though
3.5 stereo jack
touch screen text entry - easy to type and very responsive
mobile tv service - pretty cool, i signed up for the 12 channel package for 15 bucks

only 512mb storage - $16for an 8gb mircosd card at fry's
no camera flash
no divx
weight - 5.25 ounces, a bit heavy in my pocket but im getting used to it, i have to say this phone is solid and well built.

not big cons for me, but things i can totally live without, just slight downfalls, I'm picky about my phones and i tend to run them pretty hard, but I'm very impressed with the imagio so far. I was holding out for the samsung omnia 2, but i got sick of playing the waiting game.
I was nervous about my decision at first but after the first day of use, i knew i made the right choice.

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Great! It does everything... and well.


Nov 10, 2009 by swimster

I don't think this phone gets the credit it deserves. There's nothing it doesn't do at least decently...

- Great Battery life (obviously dependent on what you do, but I get close to 6 hours continuous talk time. If I have it on and only send a few texts or have a quick call or two during the day, it still has 80-90% battery life left at the end of a 16 hour day.)
- Beautiful screen (and excellent resolution)
- Resistive touch screen is very responsive
- Touchflo 3D is, overall, a great overlay UI by HTC. Simple, elegant, functional, well implemented into Windows Mobile functionality.
- TRUE global phone. CDA and GSM band compatibility.
- Wifi works well.
- Speaker is loud and clear
- Internet Browser (Opera is default and better than IE) - Full internet experience.
- Call quality is excellent. I can even conduct conversations 90% of the time quite easily when no bars are showing, ie. at work under a couple feet of concrete.

There are truly no real cons about this phone. It really does do everything. It doesn't have a flash on its camera (doesn't matter to me). There are a few REALLY minor suggestions I would have for improving TouchFlo's operation (such as wishing when you hit reply off of the new text message screen, it would go to the TouchFlo messaging interface instead of into the Windows interface (if you're using TouchFlo obviously). App Store for Windows Mobile is still lacking in comparison to competitors... Not a big deal to me, because I prefer strong functionality in the device itself. Fluff doesn't matter too much to me. It still has some cool apps anyways (facebook, youtube, news apps, etc.)

The only thing I really wish it did a little better - and this is Windows Mobile - is manage memory a little better. A couple days of no reboots and using all sorts of functions, and memory can get a bit cramped and cause it to run a bit slow. I give it a fresh reboot each morning usually and it stays running seamlessly!

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I think I can..I think I can


Oct 15, 2009 by gwhzz35

So I just received my Imagio...speedy deliery btw..yay Verizon!

Been trying to find a phone for years to upgrade from my Moto Q...yeah I know she's old...but she's been very good to me. Not sure the Imagio is going to dethrone her.

Here are my kudos/gripes below...hopefully this will help any of you thinking of getting this phone.

Very nice solid case/body. (Not sure how
long the strip of classy piano black on the back is gonna last from scratches though)
Very nice UI, clean/clear graphics, BIG display. TF3D is very cool!
Settings are pretty straight forward and easy to find.
Super easy WiFi setup, seamless!
Awesome sounds, alerts, and ringtones.
G Sensor is very intuitive, very quick.

GRIPES - (minor..but still gripes)
You can remove TF3D icons, but how come you can't add the ones you want??
Touchscreen responsiveness a little slow, jerky, not as fluid as the iPhone..geez what is??
Settings menu, why not just list all the apps on the first click? Why do I have to click on Settings and then click again to view all apps? Seems a bit tedious.
Text messaging is mediocre. A bit difficult to type words accurately..but then again this is my first touchscreen phone..maybe something I need to get used to?

Overall - it's a good solid phone with very cool features and apps...will I keep it?
We'll see in the next 29 days for my trial run!

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Good phone, gives me the network and features similar to the I Phone


Nov 1, 2009 by convem24

I needed a new phone since my HTC Touch died. I am very impressed with the changes in the last 18 months from when I had the HTC Touch to now having the Imagio

Pros: Touch interface is very intuitive. Battery life for this type of device is acceptable. Device works beautifully.

Cons: Web browsing is a littler cumbersome. I should get use to it but the Touch has a navigation button that let me navigate through the links on the page.

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First WinMo to win over my Berry


Oct 8, 2009 by rhino1981

first of all I wanted to help ewatson660; download skyfire for WinMo (m.skyfire.com)

This phone is the first and only phone to win me over my over abundant selection of Blackberry devices. Yes, I agree, by the time Windows released 6.5 it is already "out of date" but such is life in the mobile world.

I never thought resistive touch could be so responsive!

The menu is classic WinMo but is more intuitive

Battery life sucks lol

Overall design of phone is perfect....could have widened and lengthened the screen a bit more but who am I to complain.

FM Radio is a plus (use any 3.5 stereo headset)

Touchscreen text entry is a breeze...much improved over past models!!!! You will be pleasantly surprised.

(For all you whiny little punks) WIFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MediaFlo, Music w/ Rhapsody, Visual Voicemail, VZNavigator....all VZW services and well worth it if that is your cup o' jo

Overall I am impressed with this phone...TouchFlo is awesome but I find myself flipping back to standard 6.5 setup to free up some virtual memory.


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Keeping Relative Expectations


Mar 13, 2012 by knuckleballer34

The HTC Imagio is an adequate short term replacement smartphone at this point in time, but little more. The phone executes basic smartphone and calling tasks properly, but power users and app-hungry users will get frustrated quickly.

I'm temporarily using the device as a replacement for a broken D-Inc 2.

1. Terrific call quality and volume. I forgot what it was like to have a phone that sounded this good.
2. Solid reception.
3. Handles e-mail very well.
4. Pre-loaded Opera Browser and IE Browser have nary an issue.
5. Touch Flo OS overlay is a lot like HTC Sense, and covers up Windows Mobile 6.5.
6. Resistive screen is very responsive; I haven't had any trouble with it at all.

1. It's almost trite to say, but Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. Its layouts and settings are counterintuitive and sporadic.
2. Lack of Applications. You can get the basics on this phone, such as Facebook, Weather, and Slacker, but don't look to replace your iPod just yet. Windows Marketplace has next to nothing (and is being shut down in May 2012), and while many apps exist online that are compatible with WM 6.5, its too much of a chore in 2012 to locate what you are looking for.
3. Pre-loaded keyboard is entirely too small in landscape mode. And due to the lack of applications, finding a good replacement keyboard is a pain.

The HTC Imagio was a fine proper smartphone when it debuted in late 2009, but at this point is relegated to basic smartphone functions. Pick one up with confidence if you need a temporary replacement and have basic smartphone needs.

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Not that great.


Mar 20, 2010 by johntrak

To start, I'm not a huge windows mobile fan because, like most windows o.s. systems it does NOT operate as it should. More in a minute. Phone calls work but you must have your ear right on the ear piece or you won't be able to hear anything. It's very directional. Various touch pad operations are difficult and often are the wrong command or number entered so you must watch the display carefully. I tried to use the note pad to make lists and reminders but it was basically useless. A poor man's palm, if you will. At least the palm is very accurate when entering text where the Imagio often displays the wrong letter when selected. Not sure if this is exclusive to my phone or others using this phone are experiencing the same. Battery life is very limited regardless of function and the bigger battery didn't make much difference. I don't use the web much but do use some of the functions. There is a stylus with this phone which makes entering text or numbers easy to use. When dialing a call, using my index finger works just about as well. Another annoyance is when accessing the phone book. If you try to scroll, sometimes a weird screen will pop up, or the display will jump to an unselected function. Not the least intuitive. I'm going back to my ZN 4 Krave Motorola. Don't have patience to fight this windows jazz. Oh yeah, very slow boot up. Takes about 3 minutes.

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Excellent Phone!


Mar 5, 2010 by BleedingEdj

Great phone that's getting unfair bashing in some quarters. Build quality, display and touch screen are very good, performance is decent 90% of the time. Like all WinMo phones however you cannot just keep opening a bunch of apps with nothing bad happening. Fortunately there's a great task manager built into the interface - an icon in the far upper right corner that allows you to check memory and kill apps as required. Every WinMo phone requires keeping an eye on resources. Bear in mind that with WinMo at least you CAN run more than one app at a time AND you can istall programs to the SD card without hacking your phone...
There is a new link on Verizon's website to install a major update to the phone's ROM. This will help memory and performance issues.

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