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Nice Smartphone


Dec 16, 2009 by joey301

This is my 3rd smart-phone, before this, I have had the MotoQ and the Omnia, this Droid is definitely the best oneand was easy to use out of the box. There was no CD to download drivers and the phone has a nice feel. My only two complaints. The WiFi does not seem reliable and touch sometimes goes awry. I have a home network with several devices attached and none of the others drop me. When the WiFi goes, it does not automatically fall over to the 3g connection. The other issue is the touch screen, which is as likely to open an unwanted application as scroll whenever you touch it. This was the worst thing about the Omnia and the Droid is MUCH better, but it still happens.

-Applications are great
-touch screen actually works. I may not even need the keyboard for much. When typing, it actually brings up the letters that I am trying to push, about 98% of the time...a huge improvement over the Omnia
-it has a keyboard
-3.5 for the earphones, so I can use a normal earphone
-the Home can be personalized
-Android software is great. I love the Maps
-the phone knows when a call has ended and goes to the correct page. My Omnia required addition button pushes.
-Worked great with all of my bluetooth devices
-Call clarity is excellent on both ends of the reception
-Easy to sync with my Google address book. In fact it works really smoothly with Google
-Easy to use as a music player
-great screen

-The Wifi drops me. It will start at 100%, then fade away and the only way to get it back is to turn the phone off
-every feature requires web access, its a cloud phone
-the satellite reception is iffy, sometimes it works, sometimes, it just keeps searching forever for my location
-No file management system
-I can watch the battery meter go down
-there is no task manager. This is OK for the most part but if you want to shut something down (like Pandora) and you have other music software, it is not easy to know which one is functioning in order to turn it off.
-annoying noises when I turn it on



Nov 10, 2009 by bleekerbaby

This is a true smartphone. The OS allows for extreme customization, unlike the iPhone. This is such a welcome change!

The iPhone is getting boring, and Apple's strict control over it is lame. With Android, I can download apps that allow me to tweak phone settings. For example, the Locale app. This app will change my ringer, volume, wifi bluetooth, wallpaper, and other settings depending on my GPS location. How cool is THAT! That means I can have my phone's ringer automatically silenced when I enter work. You can also have phone settings changed depending on the time of day, so for example, I can dim the background and turn of the ringer between 12am and 8am. Can the iPhone do that??? NOOO!!

There are widgets that add a ton of functionality right on my home screen. For example, Twidget, Weather Bug, Battery Widget, and so on.

Also, the screen is just bananas. It's HUGE and CRISP. Seriously, this thing is gorgeous.

The sound quality is unparalleled. Very loud and clear, and there is slight aural feedback, which is excellent.

beautiful screen
Open Platform
Smart operation
LOUD ringers
EXCELLENT sound quality

It's not for stupid people (meaning, it will take more than 5 minutes to figure out how to use the thing). If you want a simple phone, this thing is not for you...it's a true SMARTphone.

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Droid !!!!!!


Nov 30, 2009 by neaster07

I prefer the ability to customize a phone over standard OS so I tried the Droid. I recommend this device to anyone who prefers a plethora of options in one device.

Android OS 2.0 is amazing.
Emails, themes, widgets, apps, etc.
Touchscreen is fast and very responsive.
WiFi comes in handy.
Tons of apps.
Incredible 5.0 mp camera with flash.
Google Maps and Google Latitude are cool.

QWERTY keys are flat and too close together.
Battery life is a day and half at most.

What I've been waiting for!


Nov 17, 2009 by cooljoe

- Amazing screen!!! (ridiculously clear)
- Apps!!
- Google Navigation!
- Syncs with gmail, google calender, facebook
- Wifi, bluetooth, GPS, accelerometers, ...
- Video camera
- Verizon network
- Android OS not crippled by Verizon's iron grip

- Still camera should be better for 5 MP

- The first few days when I was playing with it for hours at a time the battery didn't last a full day (maybe 6 hours). However, now that I'm using it normally the battery makes it through a full day with no problem (30-50% left).
- The hardware keyboard could be better, but it still works well and it's nice to use it when I don't want the software keyboard taking up the screen.
- It's strange how poor the still camera is when the video is so good. I'm hoping it's just the software and someone will make a better camera app.
- Apps are awesome. With *free* apps (not including what comes with on the phone) my phone can now be used:
+ to stream music from Pandora and various radio stations
+ as a media station (without buying the doc)
+ to play tons of games
+ to make notes, lists
+ to scan barcodes and look up prices
+ as a horizontal or vertical level
+ as a digital or analog compass
+ as a flashlight with variable brightness
+ as a metal/stud detector
+ to make custom ring-tones
+ to search/analyze for WiFi signals
+ to send me the GPS if it's stolen

Bottom Line:
Not only better than anything else Verizon has, it's a great phone, period.

Android is the future


Jan 3, 2010 by dennismc

Not going to write a long review just list the only gripes i have.first no bluetooth dialing from headset second screen dimming and locking too fast other than that this is the most fun and user friendly phone i ever owned. just a great phone.Stand up and take a bow Verizon and Motorola good job.

Motorola Droid


Dec 17, 2009 by bigdroid

Verizon and any Android phone= about time and great phones! I have the HTC Eris and the Motorola Droid. Both are great phones that fit different needs. While it is not an iPhone, I am glad that it isn't! Open source= Freedom, something that will never happen with Apple!

Best Phone I'ver had on any network


Nov 7, 2009 by luckybrett

I'm coming from several Blackberries, most recently the 8830, and I love the simplicity and power of the OS and the build quality of the hardware. I went into the Verizon store to get the Storm 2, after careful research and waiting so long for it. And it's an awesome phone in its own right, whether you are a Blackberry fan or not, and I think they've finally perfected Surepress.

But when I picked up the Droid, it had a feeling of solidity and quality that I've not seen in any phone. I used it in the store for a few minutes, and was impressed by the speed and functionality, and saw no lag whatsoever.

The concerns about the keyboard are accurate; it is a little flat and will take some getting used to, but I think after a while it will become second nature. I rely on the on-screen keyboards for everything except long emails, and with the haptic feedback on it is the best onscreen keyboard I've used.

I won't compare it to an I-Phone; I've had one and loved it, but it just wasn't for me, as some critical features were sub-par in my experience. I will say that if the I-Phone came on the Verizon network, I would not consider leaving the droid for it. It's the same argument as Mac vs PC; they shine in different areas, for the majority of power users, are not interchangeable.

Anyway, here's my rundown:

Excellent build quality
Gorgeous screen
Very, very fast
Android 2.0 OS is superb
Call quality and speaker the best I've had
Physical Keyboard

Camera's not great, but I won't take points; I don't use them
Learning curve may be an issue for some people
Small Text; Update coming?

I'd recommend the dock also, especially if you use your phone as an alarm clock. And the complaints about the keyboard are really a non issue when comparing the Droid to phones with no keyboard at all, although it's amusing to watch.

I cannot say enough good things about this phone; the quality is just amazing, and the OS the best I've seen yet. I highly recommend it.

The Real Deal; Truly an iPhone Killer


Nov 7, 2009 by jexner325

Excellent Screen
Touch Screen and Virtual Keyboard
Build Quality
Web Browsing
Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G
Verizon (no dropped calls)
Android 2.0

Physical Keyboard
No Multitouch --yet

This is my first Android based phone. When I first heard about it, I was not too keen on the idea and really was looking at other smartphones; Storm2, Imagio, etc.

I went in to a Verizon store and checked out an Imagio, and before buying it, the salesman brought out a functional DROID and I instantly became hooked; he told me that he didn't want me to come back upset when the DROID dropped as he said it is a much better device. He was right.

As a phone, the DROID is fantastic. Sound quality is the best I have ever heard (in comparison to Storm2, Tour, iPhone 3GS). Some people have complained about a dedicated "phone" icon; this is not a problem for me at all and likely will not be an issue for most people.

PDA functionality is average at best, but certainly not horrible. Yes, the Blackberry will beat the DROID in terms of Calender options, Task Management etc. But the best thing about the DROID is that there are a ton of Apps to improve your experience and customize it based on your need. Almost anything the Berry has, can be obtained with the Droid.

Emailing on the device was great. However, there is an issue with Yahoo! which was a bummer, and to my surprise, it doesn't have Push email. I would have thought that if the iPhone can have push email, this would certainly have Push; at least for Gmail! If this is inaccurate, please let me know!!!

Probably the biggest dissappointment for me was the lack of multitouch. I love the pinch-to-zoom, and i am hopeful that a new upgrade to the DROID will correct that. The Euro version can do it, so i am hopeful it is a software not hardware issue.

A lot of people have complained about the keyboard. The virtual keyboard is great, so it is not an issue for me.

If you have Verizon, just get the DROID!!!

Moto Droid Taps out LG Touch


Apr 9, 2010 by DeepDog

I was very intimidated by the Android concept but now I could never go back. I am coming from the LG EnV2, a tough act to follow as a solid texting phone. But I needed web access. First I tried the LG EnV Touch for a few days and then the Motorola Droid.

The Internet with the LG Touch can't be compared to the Droid. Like comparing dialup to broadband. The Droid is fast, intuitive and feels like surfing on a PC. It allows toggling between multiple browser windows running simultaneously. It immediately connected to my home wifi making web surfing even faster than the already fast 3G. Wifi also means web access during phone calls.

The APPS make it. From Music to weather, it seems there’s an application for everything with dozens more being created and updated daily.

The Bottom Line (from best to worst):

-Texting: 6-stars (was 5-stars but voice-text upped it to 6)
-Web browser – 6-stars (fast, furious and wifi ready)
-Navigation – 6-stars. Just tell it “Navigate to . . .” and you will be surprised.
-Mapping –6-stars
-Display – 6-Stars (simply breathtaking - O.S. 2.1 added pinch zoom etc.)
-Photo management 6-stars (I can make my own folders from my computer)
-Call quality: 5-stars (Was 2-stars but Verizon fixed it)
-Application Count – 5-stars (was 4-stars but time + developers ups it to 5)
-Music quality – 5-stars (There are great APPS for playing your music)
-Battery life – 5-stars (way better than either of the LG’s)
-Battery management (Like all things Droid, first time I’ve had it on a phone)
-Camera 5-stars (would be 4-stars but camera APPS and flash make for 5)
-Appearance 5-Stars (Was 4-stars due to weight but active wallpaper makes 5)
-Price: 4-stars (was 3 but rebate plus $75 selling my EnV2 makes for 4-stars)
-Keyboard – 3-stars (I’m glad it’s there but the LG is way better)
-Simplicity –3-stars (This gets better fast and I will never go back to simple)

Average rating – over 5 stars by comparison. It looks intimidating but becomes addicting.

Everything I Expected and More


Mar 7, 2010 by athousandyears

I absolutely love this phone and find more things to love every day. It is very user friendly. I was a little concerned that there was no user's manual but it's not necessary. Just by playing with the phone a little, you will learn how it works. The display is beautiful. The touch screen is sensitive and fast. The slide out keyboard does leave a little to be desired but I'm not docking the rating because the on screen keyboards make up the deficit. As for calls, the sound quality is loud and clear. This goes for the speakerphone as well. I like the layout of the contacts and it's really cool that it will sync your Facebook contacts if you so choose. A couple of people have commented that it doesn't work well with third party e-mail, but I have a Yahoo account and it works just fine. Battery life is surprisingly good considering it is a smart phone. You have to expect it to be less than a regular cell phone because it is doing more even when you aren't using it. Google voice works well and I've only had it not understand what I was saying one time. The Market has tons of free apps that have kept me entertained and been very useful. Motorola, Google and Verizon really got it right with this phone. I would recommend it (and have) to everyone.

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