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Best Phone Ever Owned


Dec 23, 2009 by marquesvestal

Plainly stated, this is the best phone I have ever owned. My cell phone history: VX6700 (Sprint), Nokia E61 (T-Mobile), Touch Pro (Sprint), Blackberry Tour (Sprint).

- 3.7" Screen, large enough to browse the Internet and watch videos
- Sound quality, both speaker and ear piece
- Touch screen, not perfect but definitely not problematic
- Customizable interface, the most flexible and easiest to configure unlike Windows mobile. You don't need to be an advanced user. No registry hacks required.
- User Interface, it could be cleaner and more standardized across apps and menus but this will continue to be more refined as later versions are released.
- Internet Browser, opens secure websites, I even get popups!
- HTML email, flawless so far
- Camera, haven't had the reported issues with the camera, a little slow though
- Apps, Apps, and more Apps!
- WiFi, using it as we speak!
- Verizon Wireless 3G!
- I have more but these are the highlights

- Keyboard is pretty bad, including the D-pad. I don't know how but my friend has a Droid with bubbled keys. Hard to play games on NES Emulator because of the off shaped D-pad.
- Power/Unlock button is in a stupid place.
- Speaker on the back of the phone? Can't put it down when playing music with smothering the speaker.
- Hard to perform batch operation on email and contacts
- No options to organized pics into galleries on device
- Needs better cut/paste function

Overall this is a great phone. Great voice quality and reception. Can't recall any dropped calls. I ported from Sprint and my phone, as well as every other carrier used by my roommates, drops calls in the lobby and in the elevator. I can maintain a perfect call though the lobby and up the elevator.
This phone is not ready to use out the box. You need to be able to customize your phone to your needs. Apps are super easy to install.

This phone is awesome


Dec 14, 2009 by tlfed2000

I've had this phone for 3 weeks now and its been wonderful. Its blazing fast with tons of down-loadable appts which allows you to customize your phone to your liking.The phone was a great device prior to the 2.0.1 firmware being downloaded now the camera focus time is 2 to 3 seconds just amazing .

PROS : Browser is extremely fast, Touch screen is very responsive,You can customize the phone the way you like it and its just a down right sexy device .

CONS : The camera is OK but for a 5 mega-pixel it should be better.


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Droid Does


Dec 12, 2009 by Ericveli

Droid does and then some. Waited to post my review until I received the devices ota s/w update.
The best way to describe the Moto Droid is that it flys. Whether on the web, navigating the menus, launching/using apps or anything else the phone is capable of. The display is gorgeous, second to none. Browser is. capable of everything I've thrown at it. You can run multiple windows in the web at once, comes in handy for fantasy football. S/w upgrade fixed camera issue. The android market has a ton of useful free apps including a ringtone maker that uses your existing music to create ringtones and a ton of other stuff to keep you entertained for days on end. Email works flawlessly for me. You won't be disappointed. A+++.



Dec 4, 2009 by burtonman

I definitely agree that the market's a two horse race these days with Android and the iPhone. I moved from a Blackberry Storm and there really is no comparison.

I don't think one is necessarily better than the other. It depends on what you need and what you like. In my case, AT&T doesn't work where I travel and Verizon does.

Android, and the Droid phone itself, doesn't yet have the fit and finish of the iPhone, iPhone app market, music and video playing or iTunes, but it does have fantastic navigation, simultaneous apps and widgets (yes, it is nice to have), a great screen and a decent network to support all this functionality. I like it.

The best phone ever


Mar 3, 2010 by mtvn711

This is the best phone i ever had and trust me i had them all from The iphone to the blackberry storm and i love the droid it does so much and more i would pick this phone over any phone on the market cant wait till they make a droid 2

DROID Rocks!


Dec 24, 2009 by tsturbo

I LOVE THIS PHONE! Or should I say mini computer! I was really considering getting the iphone and I am so glad I did not, the iphone is so yesterdays news as are blackberry's IMO.

The Android revolution is here. This phone is fast, the screen is unbelievable, the phone has a great solid feel, not a cheap plastic feel. The integration with Google app is seamless. I have heard some say "apple" has over 100k apps, big deal. I have gotten everything I want and need for free from the Android Marketplace.

Call clarity is excellent, signal strength is great being on the VZW network, I love having 2 virtual keyboards and one physical keyboard. This phone has so much more to offer over an iphone and it truly performs as advertised.

If you are on the fence, I highly recommend the Motorola Droid. You cannot get the full experience of it while looking at it in the VZW store. The learning curve is a bit intense for the first couple of days, but after you figure it out, it makes total sense.

Great Phone - couldn't be happier!


Feb 20, 2010 by skipbl92

I received my Motorola Droid today. I have only made a couple of calls, but the clarity sounded great (even on speaker phone). The battery cover was tight. I've been downloading apps and browsing the market - battery has barely gone down.

The screen is just amazing. I have yet to put my Zagg screen protector on (still has the cover that is on the device when purchased), but I did buy the verizon standard leather case.

I see what people are complaining about with the slide out keyboard, but it worked just fine for me.

I really can't find any faults so far with the device. The USB Cable for charging is a little short, but not a big deal.

This is my first smartphone and I haven't had any issues calling, importing CVS for contacts, setting up gmail account.

Great phone - glad I purchased!

Droid Does!


Feb 10, 2010 by DEM_BOYZ

I accidentally posted an Eris review in this section, so I had to re-register in order to fix some reviews!

Here is my Droid review:

I love the Droid! I came from a Blackberry Tour & I don't think I'll be looking back. The screen is huge & nice/crispy looking. The sounds/speakers is extremely loud, I LOVE IT! The apps are fun & helpful to have. The Droid has amazing video quality. It takes great pictures, as well! The touch is pretty accurate & texting on the virtual keyboard isn't hard at all. The spell check is amazing! The physical keyboard is great, sometimes it feels the screen gets in the way of the top row of keys though. The battery life is a lot better than ppl were telling me! It last anywhere from 26-36 hrs w/ med-heavy use! Which is great! I would highly recommend this phone to everyone!

Screen, Big, Bright, Crisp
Sounds, Loud, Crisp
Video Quality Is Amazing
Fun Apps
Touch Screen Is Good
Feels Sturdy & Durable
Camera Is Great w/ Flash
Call Quality & Speaker Phone Are Awesome
Battery Life Is Good So Far

Screen Too Close To Top Row Of Keyboard
Android Is New
FaceBook App Is Lacking
Battery Life Can Also Drain Quick
App Market Is Still Growing
Motorola Makes It, LOL

All I can Think if right now! Great phone!

The Best Gadget I Ever Had


Jan 3, 2010 by TreyTreyTaylor

Ill never understand how i was a xpressmusic fan for so long. The Droid is so perfect that the little things it doesn't do you'll never ever notice. I got it on Christmas and haven't put it down since.

-5 mega-pixel camera with led flash
-GPS with free turn by turn navigation
-3.7 inch screen
-3.5mm Headset Jack for regular headphones
-Slide Out Keyboard
-Voice Search
-3D Accelerator
-16gb Micro SD included
-On Screen Keyboard
-Google Maps
-Good Battery Life
-550mhz processor
-Android Marketplace
-Open development for good apps

-Kinda heavy
-Keyboard isn't as nice as it looks
-Only 256mb internal memory
-Not many good games like the iphones yet

but other than that this is the best phone you can get on verizon. If you have to chose between the droid and the iphone

Solid phone (literally)


Dec 17, 2009 by northx

I've owned the phone for a couple weeks now.

- The network helps with 3g reception - I find it's pretty stable.
- Talk quality is clear
- Google integration is amazing - the killer app is the suite...gmail of course but if you have google voice it will use that to dial out for you, chat within gmail friend goes through the chat interface, maps hooks into everything, voice nav works, 'listen' is podcast subscription also by google. I won't go on, but every really good thing that I like so far is a google feature.
- screen is nice - high resolution and it auto-adjusts to lighting situation
- home/menu/back buttons at the bottom of the screen are hard buttons and better than the single iphone button
- taskkiller lets you drop apps and free memory

- unit blanks when it's up to your face on a call, which is nice, but it's slow to wake so if you need to get the number pad up or something you have to shake it awake and then hit the numpad button to bring up the numpad...just a lot of steps
- no surprise i guess that battery life is a bit short...seems about as bad as the iphone - at least you can replace the battery yourself.
- i use the soft keyboard but would rather use the physical keyboard - unfortunately that sucks so the phone is thicker than it needs to be...the soft keyboard is quite good.
- heavy - it's a substantial phone - feels like i could use it in self defense and have a good chance of knocking someone out.
- GPS works when it works but sometimes you think it's working and it's not - instead of just saying 'signal lost' or whatever it makes you think it's actively tracking you. i'll say that it's better than the iphone from what i've seen, but i'd never rely on the directions from this thing. that said, the nav voice commands that come with the nav are clear and the interface is better than my tomtom.

It's a great phone - not perfect, but a clear win - you won't be disappointed.

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