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Droid is one great phone


Nov 10, 2009 by ferndog

The bottom line, this phone has the best browser on the Verizon network by a mile.

Wifi works as advertised and the keyboards, pick your liking. You actually get used to the physical board.

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Nov 7, 2009 by ridavid81

Fast, slick OS, solid phone, awesome screen, lots of good apps, custom settings, good call quality, easy setup and menu's.

Love this phone and was absolutely worth getting. Does everything an iphone does.

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Liked it, then didn't


Nov 13, 2009 by sgoldwa

I was the first in line to get my Droid last Friday. At first I was amazed. The screen is drop dead gorgeous. The Google Navigation system is unbelievable (and handy). The phone is VERY customizable and the battery life was not too bad.

I returned it.

OK, so the deal is that while this is a great all-purpose device, it is too cumbersome as a phone. Try to make a call while driving. There is no Bluetooth headset voice dial support. You first have to push the power button on the top of the phone to wake it up, then swipe your finger to unlock, then start pressing buttons on the phone -- remember there are no SEND and END buttons.

The keyboard was just okay -- not as bad as people are reviewing it, but not great either (I am coming from the BB world).

The phone is heavy to hold to your ear and it runs pretty hot.

Call quality was excellent for me -- it sounded FAR better than an iPhone 3GS. However, I dropped more calls on this phone than my former Blackberry Pearl ... in locations that normally are fine.

I think the phone wreaks of high quality construction, but aesthetically I could not get turned on by it.

Good luck if you have a corporate account and are trying to sync with Microsoft Exchange.

I went to a VZW store today and tried the Eris and it is MUCH sexier. The Sense UI is crazy good as well, so I think I am going to switch to that phone.

Amazing screen
High quality construction
Excellent call quality
Very customizable
Google Navigation is freakin' awesome!

Too many keypresses to have to deal with, especially while driving
Stock Google UI is uninspiring (HTC Sense UI looks to be the bomb)
Phone runs hot to the touch
Middling keyboard (that is also not centered)
Heavy and not super-pocketable
Though this is subjective, I don't like the phone's looks

So can you tell I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this phone? I wish I could love it more, but either I will buy an Eris or back to Blackberry I go.

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Great phone!


Mar 3, 2010 by scottkx28

I was looking for a phone that was comparable to the iPhone without switching to AT&T and I found it. No this is not the iPhone, but it is comparable. The touchscreen works really well and is easy to use.

I have heard complaints about the battery life, but there aren't any problems with that. This type of smartphone will not have the same battery life as a non-smartphone because of the applications it can run. Just don't expect it to last several days without charging it. One nice thing about this phone vs. the iPhone is that it has a removable battery that can be replaced or you can have back-ups if necessary.

There is a slight learning curve to understanding the settings, but once you find them (took me a day) then it is no problem. I definitely recommend this phone for anyone that uses verizon and wants a great phone that can do a lot.

-touch screen works well
-removable battery
-picture quality is amazing!
-camera quality is great and has a flash
-does so much!
-works great with gmail service
-internet is very fast

-no instruction manual
-no repeat reminders (is an app to fix it though)
-voice dial is horrible
-doesn't work well with email services other than gmail (ex: yahoo)

I definitely recommend to anyone who wants a smartphone on verizon!

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Droid Review After SOFTWARE Update


Dec 30, 2009 by leewlls_01

5MP camera
Physical keyboard
Large/Bright screen
Android Software By Google
Very loud
Full HTML browser
Google search and voice navigation
Notification panal

Battery cover comes off very easily
Battery life
Gets hot
NO multi touch

I love this phone. I got it on black friday and loved it ever since the software update. Before the update the phone would shut off and freeze. the camera is really good during the day but is terrible in the dark but at least it takes pics in the dark. the screen is big and bright. the android market is way better the apples app store. it seems like you have to pay for almost everything in apples app store verses googles where i downloaded apps of all types for nothing at all. the Droid also has themes. themes are like the only thing that cost but most are only .99 cents. the web browser is very fast and responsive but i also like i phone browser too. the droid had Google maps, email, voice search, and turn by turn voice navigation for FREE. the phone its self it very loud and music playback is awesome. Verizon also has way better coverage that any other carrier in america. One thing i hate about the phone is that the battery cover come off so easy, when i take the phone out my pocket thr cover is still in it. i like the overall design of the phone its like a robot but the i phone looks nice too.

overall, i like the droid better than the iphone but it depends on what you want. the iphone has a simple OS that packs alot of features and apps and a great design where the droid has apps widget and you pretty much find something that you didnt know it did the last time you used it. i like the droid because i get bored with phone fast its almost impossible to get bored with the droid because you can change everything around the way you want it to be.

IPHONE= simplity
DROID= freedom to do whatever

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Nov 7, 2009 by gbpanther41

I bought the phone and I think its awesome. I'm sure its going to have its problems just like any new phone. My one and only real complaint so far after owning the phone for about 10 hours now is I dont really like the slide out keyboard but Im coming from the EnVtouch so I'm used to the touchscreen keyboard anyway so it doesnt really bother me.

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Nov 6, 2009 by gotrimz

i am a long time user of vzw and at&t user and i must say that this is the best reception and voice quality of any phones that i have used (tour,storm 1 and 2, iphone..etc) the touch screen is great very fast and responsive.
i gave up my iphone for this phone ...moto has done it again.!!

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Best Smart Phone


Nov 10, 2009 by Dreamweaver

I gave the Droid a 5.0 rating. It deserves it, because the Droid is the best "Smart Phone" on the market. I'm not writing a review, because that's not why I'm posting this. I'm posting for heavy users of Outlook. If you're a BlackBerry or iPhone user used to synchronizing with Outlook, you'll be disappointed. Google created an application that offers seamless synchronizing of your calendar, but that's it. Contacts, notes, tasks, etc., have to be synchronized as follows: Outlook to Google and then Google to Droid, or Droid to Google and then Google to Outlook. If you can live with this inconvenience, then I highly recommend the Droid. If not, I suggest sticking with BlackBerry or iPhone.

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Awesome Phone


Nov 13, 2009 by playmaker8821

i just got this phone a few days ago and i love it. i used to have the iphone but i did not like it and regretted buying it. I'm so glad verizon and motorola came up with this awesome phone. i love it

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A Foundation Original


Nov 11, 2013 by Charles Bigelow

Here is a 2013 review of still a great phone.
OK, no 4G. If you do not want to be a data hog and speed along like the Roadrunner no problem. It is a 2009 era phone and still keeps many of the basics that are still applicable.
Single-Core 600mhz 256MB RAM processor is a bit sluggish but what do you expect from 2009 when this phone debuted. Still fast enough on a good 3G signal for basic browsing and streaming videos.
The ONLY downfalls I found and that being this is the first of a great line to this day phone is the keyboard. The keys are way too flat and flush making for frequent double key-press entries. The battery is decent. There is a 2600mah sold on-line but would make the phone too thick. The phone is heavy but that is due to more metal in the construction than cheap plastic. Its a matter of personal taste if that is a bother.
Thereon, all the future droids are great as well with each having different things for everyone.
Definitely good competition for Samsung and Apple. :)

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