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The droid


May 24, 2010 by narn3049

I like this phone when i've used it, but it is a little slow in response and has terrible battery life (with the Eris I've heard MANY complaints MANY of them, but my friends that have it and when I used on at the VZW store never did.

5.0 camera, seriously, it's almost as good as bringing my Kodak w/me and I love the camera and video capture. Big screen, FB app enabled, Android based phone, good software, it runs fast, but the turn on and the sliding up the phone speed is slow, sound quality.

When you slide up the phone, it takes about 4-5 seconds for the phone screen homepage with the icons to load.

Turning on the phone. 2 people I spoke with had said that this phone had taken 30-45 seconds to turn on. It seems as if the blackberry turn on speed is about the same? I'm just saying when i had owned and used store models, when you had a system update or when you'd get the phone out of the box new, it would be slow for it to power on. But I understand because the phones themselves are very nice ones.

I love the size of the keys. I used a model at Verizon and I seemed to be able to type tons of a lot faster. I don't know why I am able to, but I also seemed faster on my Samsung then I was on this model.

Overall if you want a smart phone plan i suggest you should consider this phone.

best phone ever had


Apr 15, 2010 by orbatrin

If u know anything about technology or phones then u would know that the droid is the best phone made as of yet.

It does anything plus it may run at 1.3 ghz and has one of the best display resolutions on the market.

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I like the phone


Mar 2, 2010 by busdude

I got this phone 2 weeks ago so far i like the thing , I haven't had to take it back for any reason that i have seen others post about.there are a few things i do different about my phone then others do. I read about the battery cover coming off, the Verizon store sells a silicone ( plastic reinforced ) case for it that does a good job on adding grip and securing the battery. I also found out in the gps setting you can turn off the setting "use gps satellites " we you have to be outside and it uses a lot of battery. Buy turning off that setting i now get two full days off one charge which is a lot better than 10pm each night. For me this phone functions a lot like the iphone . I know it may do more but as far as facebook and such email and contacts text and maps its the same.

Cons: no text preview you must turn on the phone unlock and go to status bar or message app. Camera doesn't do so good with movement you will find a lot of picture retaking . sometimes when expect the go back button to take you to a main menu of the function it takes you to the home screen ( even though they supply you with a home button)

Pleasantly Surprised


Mar 1, 2010 by doubleOH

Recently purchased 2 Droids(1 for wife, 1 for me) And I am extremely impressed. Having been a life-long AT&T/Cingular/AT&T customer and always priding myself on having a great phone i.e Nokia 6230,6260,n70. Sony s710a RIM Pearl and most recently Iphone,3g and 3gs, I was some what skeptical of jumping ship to Verizon just cuz my wife saw this "AMAZING" phone. But since we got them i cannot stop thanking her.

Superb battery life.
Incredibly responsive touch screen.
Smart, back-lit QWERTY slide keyboard.
Excellent Speaker.
Browser is amazing(so much better than Safari on any MAC mobile device.
Surprising amount of apps in Droid Market.(Many of the same that are in the APP store)

Not able to send texts to more than 1 recipient.
If u have the body glove hard case, it covers the mic and the person on the other line cant hear you.



Feb 28, 2010 by MissTweety25

My brother actually just got this phone for his birthday yesterday and wanted me to find out if it is available on a prepaid plan? He wants to save some extra cash, but still be able to use his awesome new phone. It has the coolest features! To be more specific, we heard that the Straight Talk plan saves you over $500 a year and would be getting awesome coverage too with it on the Verizon network. I'd love some feedback if anyone knows if it is at all available on this prepaid plan?

Awesome--just get it.


Feb 10, 2010 by ctunney

Great phone. Best thing Verizon has to offer, hands down. I didn't upgrade from the Moto E815 for 4 years because of Verizon's poor selection of handsets. The technophobe cell company... Anyway, finally there is something worth getting excited about.

There are so many things that are great:
- Some of the biggest perks for me are: having gmail, being able to browse web well, and maps are great! I love being able to get driving directions turn-by-turn. It's like having a GPS (although doesn't work perfect).
- Great touch screen. Doesn't work quite as well as iPhone, but pretty damn close.
- Some cool games. I like Robo Defense or Solatire.
- Great for productivity. I can get on my google calendar. The app, Astrid task manager, is great, too.
- Love the voice search. Takes the typing out of the picture.
- Other cool misc apps. Pandora. Barcode scanner (ShopSavvy) is awesome. PicSay.

Some things that could be improved:
- It's should be lighter. The slide out keyboard doesn't add much, and could be done away with.
- Camera. My wife has the Eris and the camera quality and functionality is superior.
- In call features. I have left unintended messages because I haven't been able to end a call. Screen won't display. Then you have to do your unlock pattern. Then you have to drag down the tool bar and click on the phone and then hang up.
- I think it should give you the ability to have more than 3 screens, if you want that.
- Web browsing could be a little more sleek. iPhone does a better job here.
- You should be able to uninstall corp calendar and email.
- It's a little buggy. You have to force close and things lock up sometimes. Not bad, but could be better.
- The auto screen brightness doesn't work as well as the iPhone. So I just do it manually.
- This is a complaint about Verzion, not the droid, but I think is crappy that they don't include visual voice mail with this. A $30 data plan and they try to nickle and dime you on other stuff. Can't say I'm surprised, but...

Great Phone


Feb 1, 2010 by sanman964

This is definitely the best smart phone i have had to date.. Im going to make this short and quick.

Touchscreen is responsive and vibrant!
Browser is quick
Battery life is very good
solid feel to the phone.. Not cheap
Google Maps
The only thing i really dont care for is the keyboard. The keys are flat and i have pretty large hands..

Droid ismore fun than my Blackberry


Jan 29, 2010 by peachechampagne

I have this phone for a few weeks and I have much more to discover still but I am in the business of selling cell phones so I've seen my share.

* Really nice GPS system and can be mounted on your dash so you don't have to go buy a separate GPS system for your car.
* Full QWERTY keyboard
* Lots of free apps
* Nice large screen
* Comes with 16 G memory card
* Voice activated google search
* Sync with Facebook friends
* Constantly alerting you of any new updates on the apps you have on the phone...and quickly downloads.

* Bulky
* Voice dialing on phone is far from accurate
* Touchscreen keyboard is useless...too small to really type well on it. Constantly hitting wrong buttons
* Camera is 5 megapixels but still not the best camera - I'd rather take pictures from by Blackberry with the 3.2 megapixel

Overall, it's a keeper for me!! I can deal with the cons b/c the pros outweigh it. Hopefully things will be even better.

Best Phone Ever...So Far


Jan 11, 2010 by WirelessFamily

Honestly....I have had this phone for about 3 weeks and so far it is the best phone I have ever used. The screen is gorgeous and very responsive, the sound quality is loud and clear, the speed of the OS and Web is AMAZING, battery life for a phone such as this I believe is good (can always be better).

Pros: Beautiful display
FLAWLESS Gmail integration
Responsive Screen
Keyboard is flat but can get used to
it...landscape on screen keyboard is best I have ever used.
EVERYTHING (only cons below....)

Cons: Weight
Design (blocky makes it hard to fit
in various holders.
Portrait Keyboard SUCKS...way to cramped and predictive text is awful IMO

Motorola Droid IS GREAT


Jan 9, 2010 by jrm102581

I bought this phone from an authorized dealer of Verizon and I was treated like royalty, kind of like when you go into Nordstroms. I went to several Verizon corporate stores and the salesman was very rude and not helpful with my questions. The guy I bought the phone from was very trained on this phone and helped me out so much. I love this phone. The only thing I don't like is the battery life.

Pros: Awsome web browser, Nav is great, love android 2.0 vs. the HTC Eris 1.5. reception is great.

Cons. A bit heavy, battery life could be longer.

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