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Not the best.


Apr 2, 2012 by ashleyy2194

Good: battery life
the pink phone is really pretty.
Easy to text, full keyboard.

Bad: shuts off often.
Camera isn't that good.
It might be just me, but its easy to drop!
Outside touch screen won't do 'word' or 't9'.
When ending a call, it sometimes wont let you hang up. You have to open the phone up to speaker phone to hang up.
I recently dropped it (with a case on it) and now it will not vibrate, it will just stay silent.

Overall: I've had better phones from at&t that were free.

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Dislike This Phone


Jan 23, 2012 by izzy89

I have had this phone since November & I've had problems wit it since the day I got it. Although, it does have some pros about it' I feel there are more cons than pros.

Pros: the full keyboard is awesome to use.
it is pretty cool looking online.

Cons: the back has never has fully fit ovr the battery & it makes it even easier for the back to come off.
it has started to messing up with my text messaging. when it messes up then I can't send any messages or receive them. The text messages even messed up twice in one week
it has been freezing up to where I can't do anything on it.
the camera is in a weird place, it takes too long to snap the picture, & the pictures come out too dark if the room doesn't have that good of lighting.

So basically I'm going to get a new phecause when I need my phone to work, it always messes up & I can't take it anymore.

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dont plan on keeping it for more than 6 months


Dec 17, 2011 by hayleegirlhaha

I got my Pantech impact so almost a year ago, at first i loved it, it, it was my first phone with a full keyboard which i love and i love the chat style texting. The front screen however sucks, its scratches too easily(ive only dropped it maybe once or twice), you cant really do anything with it you cant even text using t9 on the front screen (and i cant text without t9 or a full keyboard it is really annoying to me) the back falls off way too much and now it doesn't even fit all the way on so i had to tape it. one day while i was texting(on the full keyboard) it just stopped working completely, so now i can only use the front screen cause the QWERTY keyboard and big screen stopped working so now i cant take pictures, look at my sent messages or do anything so this phone is great as long as you dont plan on having it for over 6 months
(p.s. my brother and my best friend have the same phone and both of them had similar problems occor within the first 7 months or so)

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Waiting for my time to upgrade...


Mar 8, 2011 by beatusmongous

I can't say this phone is completely bad, but I can't say it's very good, either. I'm going to rate it as a phone first, and then rate the other features later.

Phone Pros:
Excellent sound.
Ringtones sound great.
Speaker phone sounds good and responds well.
Easy to dial.
Very cool looking.

Phone Cons:
Drops calls with absolutely no warning tone. I'll be talking away to someone, completely oblivious that the call has dropped until the other party calls back and the phone rings loudly in my ear.
Touch screen often stops responding to input, refusing to answer calls or hang up. I then have to open the phone and hit the appropriate button.
Screen lock is easily deactivated, and touch screen responds to anything touching it, resulting in many unwanted calls and text messages.
Address book is very difficult to use.
Settings are very difficult to change.
If you missed more than one call, you must open the phone to view them.
Call log logs EVERY call, even if it is a repeat. Playing phone tag results in a lengthy call log of the same number over and over.

These cons are strong enough to keep me from recommending this phone to anyone.

Other features Pros:
Inner keyboard is good.
Battery life is excellent.
Bluetooth connection works well.
Alarm is nice and loud.
Tip calculator and Converter are kind of cool.
Outside customized clock is cool.

Other features Cons:
Menu system is horrible. Nothing is where it should be, and the icons are often far too big.
Texts can be sent with the phone closed, but cannot be read with the phone closed.
The camera has such poor quality and slow response that it is not usable.

This is probably a problem with my particular phone, but at least twice a week, the phone will freak out and start sending empty text messages to random people on my address list. I have to open the phone and hit End Call to stop it from doing this.

Bottom line: If you don't use your phone much, this is for you. If your phone is your life, avoid this one.

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Best phone ever


Feb 3, 2011 by SubaruFan9

This phone requires all the necessary basic phone features, along with a few advanced. The blue color is an additional eye-catching touch. The touch on the front makes the phone even more convenient

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May 11, 2010 by GyrlWonder04

I love this phone. I have always wanted a touchscreen phone and this works PERFECTLY!!! I had a touchscreen/Qwerty keyboard phone with T-mobile called the Wing and I did not like it at all. I used it two days and sent it back. But this touchscreen I do like. I must say that if you don't use it it's best to put it on lock so that when you put it in your pocket or purse it doesn't dial random numbers because the screen is very sensitive. And unlike my other phone you can adjust the sensitivity on this one.

The color(Pink)
Touch screen and ability to adjust the sensitivity of it.
Qwerty keyboard is spacious and not cramped
Speakers are excellent

None at the moment.

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False Advertisement


Dec 22, 2009 by Ijustwantaphone

For those of you who want a phone to be a phone first with a few extras then this is a nice phone. However, I cannot recommend this phone until Pantech (1-800-962-8622) corrects the mistake that they have made in advertising this phone. Their web site (http://www.pantechusa.com/phones/impact) as well as every other web site advertising this phone including AT&T’s say’s that this phone has “Speaker-Independent Voice Commands”. IT DOES NOT HAVE THIS FEATURE. If you are like me and need true hands free system that can be used with Bluetooth or even the speaker phone this is not the phone. AT&T’s solution to this problem was to add their “Voice Dial” to my account and graciously charge me $4.99 each month to dial *8, press talk, listen to prompt, say who I want to call, listen to some more prompts. But first I have to set up a separate contact list (limit of 20) on their web site because it does not use the contact list that you set up on your phone.
Now for the phone itself, I really like this phone. Call quality on this phone is excellent. It is almost like talking on a landline. With it having two stereo speakers the speakerphone is also excellent (phone has to be open to work). For you music lovers it does not have a headphone jack. The front of the phone has a small window and a key pad below. The numbers are easy to see and well spaced. They do have haptic feedback when pressed and you can adjust the sensitivity level and vibration strength of the keys.
You can enter 1,000 contacts with and with each contact you can enter 5 numbers, 2 e-mails, address, web URL and a memo if you save to phone. The alarm is quite loud and you can set it to repeat. The calendar works a lot like MS outlook calendar, nice. There are 8 speed dial numbers. Another nice feature is that you can increase the font size and have two different font styles to pick from. This makes the phone very easy to read.
This review was edited back by 3000 characters.

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Like, not Love


Feb 15, 2010 by kestrachern6

I've owned this phone for a little over a week now and here are my observations:

Pros: Decent sound/picture quality, easy to use keyboard, nice size, feels comfortable, nice message organization

Cons: Camera is really awkward, top half of phone (around camera area) gets noticeably warm (even hot) during long phone calls, there are some annoying pre-settings (alarms, calendar functions, etc)

I give this phone a 4.5 because of it's overall user-friendliness and fun design. In general I've been impressed with it capabilities and design and feel that it has been an upgrade from my old LG Shine.

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Pantech Impact


Aug 9, 2010 by glslake

Like the keyboard for texting.
Sensitivity level on the phone is not all that great - have cut more people off trying to answer and sometimes screen freezes.

The sound quality on speaker people have trouble hearing you unless you put it on speaker phone. This is my 2nd phone because of speaker issue and I am getting ready to trade it in for a different phone.

I would not recommend this just for the quality of the clarity of speaker and the sensitivity level of the touch screen.

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Reasons I'm returning this phone


Apr 14, 2010 by nikuki

I read a lot of phone reviews before I selected this model. Unfortunately it was not at all what I was expecting. Here's my take:

Nice inner screen
Ability to access contacts from outer screen
Call quality is good
Dedicated buttons for messaging, camera, vibrate
Customizable shortcuts

Camera is almost impossible to use
(This is the #1 reason I'm returning it.)
The camera lens is positioned so that in order to take a picture you must hold the phone only with your left hand so you don't cover the lens. Also, there is a long delay from pressing the shutter button to the actual picture snap. If I had known this, I never would have bought it in the first place.
I often hit the DEL button, which takes you back a step in all menus, when trying to scroll down or left--and I have tiny fingers.
Reading a text message takes too many steps, first open phone, press view, then press view again to actually see the whole thing.
In conversation view and in the calendar line breaks occur within words making readability poor.

Overall, I would not recommend this to anyone who wanted to use the camera, or texting because they are both difficult.

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