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My Little Impact


Jan 10, 2011 by AngiMen

Just got this phone a week ago when I decided to just keep it simple and sell my smartphone...GLAD I DID!!

This phone is the cutest thing (mine is in pink)and you can easily carry it in your front pocket of your jeans.

The front display is very cool with the lighted keypad and opens up to a full QWERTY keybord which makes it easy for texting, which I do alot of..

So, here are my pros and cons:

- Small, convenient
- Excellent earpiece!
- Excellent speakerphone (only when opened)
- Strong vibrate mode
- Pictures crystal clear.

Cons: Not too many, but here you go:
- Camera lens is in a weird place, but you can easily move your finger.
- Outter display is in B/W which sucks and makes it hard to read in the daylight.

All in all, I love this phone and would recommend it to anyone who is in a market for a easy to use phone.

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Awesome phone!


Aug 16, 2010 by clutchxp

I got the Pantech Impact yesterday to replace my BlackBerry Curve that finally ceased functioning after two and a half years. I wanted a phone that was lighter weight and the Pantech Impact was what I saw. Even though I have only had this phone for a day, I have already found some pros and cons with this phone.


- great keyboard, not as cramped and I thought it would be.

- call quality is great.

- ear piece speaker is nice and clear

- I like how you flip it up like a glasses case to see everything.

- The hinge on the device is very strong when I open and close the phone.

- front keyboard automatically locks when closing the device

- quad band phone

- easy to use

- simple, doesn't have a bunch of features that would slow the phone down when powering on or turning off the device.


- Be careful with taking it out of a carrying case. The slot at the bottom for the MicroSD card can get caught (what I have already found) on the sides of the case and come open easily.

- the placement of the digital camera is kind of odd. Make sure you pay attention to where you put your finger when taking a picture or recording video.

I read some reviews online about this phone, saying that the battery door did not stay on on their Impacts, but I have not had that problem.

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pantech impact is awesome


Jul 28, 2010 by caffine addict

I have had my phone since February, and I love it. I went from a Go phone and will never go back. The qwerty keyboard is great because of the big keys. The camera is awkward at first, but I found it was easy to adjust finger placement in order to get a clear picture. The only problem I have had is sending pictures via MMS to my fiancee's LG Expo. I can only send via bluetooth or it will freeze up his phone. All other phones seem to have no problem. I love my phone.

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May 25, 2010 by victor15968

this is the best phone ever. great everything. more amazing than the quickfire or vu that i had. love love love love it.

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Jun 15, 2011 by Jiggz

I loved this phone first day I got it! But when I
called my father he could not hear me. So we put on speaker and it worked fine. My pros about the phone is the screen is big and also the texting is good if u are a big texter. The touch screen was good. And the bad about the phone was talking on the phone the other person would cut out like alot and everything else was good. I would get this phone if u love to text not talk so I love mine cause I rarley talk on the phone so u should get this phone if u like to text not talk. (:

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The Mighty Impact


Jul 24, 2013 by camry2005

The Impact is a great phone because


1 it is very deceiving by the way it looks because it looks like It cant open.
2 Takes one of the best pictures for a 2 megapixel camera
3 I have owned the Pantech Duo (It was awesome) before the Impact so I am confident in Pantech's work so I will buy another Pantech
4 Very well built too and my battery door did not fall of either
5. its a messaging maestro because of the buttons.

1. the way you put your fingers in when you open it because of the camera
2. wasn't super pleased of the ringtones either. but its ok.

So I think you should buy the Impact.

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4 year and still in love with this phone


Feb 28, 2013 by Deadly_Cyanide

Iv dropped this phone and thrown it more time then i can count and its held up pretty good. im getting a new one and cant wait to have it in blue instead of pink this time. best phone ive really ever had. my only beef with it is that the battery cover didnt like to stay but thats not really a huge problem tape cant fix lol. id recommend this phone to anyone. also it was very easy to use while driving simply flip it open and answer the call noo need to drive and hold your phone it dosnt slip or anything. i just wished it had hands free texting then again id rather not do anything but answer someones call while driving. :)

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Pantech Impact


Jul 18, 2012 by emond022

One word to describe this phone. Bad.

To get into details,
PROS: Large keys, easy to text with
Nice reception

CONS: Weird camera position
Hard to end calls
Hard to navigate settings
Bad quality camera
Turns off randomly

Hope this helps (:

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Pantech impact is a good beginners phone


Jun 1, 2012 by applelover

I got this phone almost a year ago. I think its a good phone for someones first phone, like me. I liked it for the first 8 months but I've some problems with it.

PROS: love the keyboard, great texting phone, love how its pink on the outside and white on the inside, love the touchscreen on the outside, easy to operate

CONS: the back of the phone falls out easily and I've dropped it so many times that it doesn't even fit on there right anymore, shuts off randomly, camera isn't good when ending a call sometimes it wont let you hang up, the texting conversations get out of order so its difficult to read, it gets pretty old after a while.

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It has it's moments...


May 22, 2012 by mtndewqueen

I have had this phone for almost 2 years. It was my first texting phone and I loved it at first. I have the pink one, and I get many compliments about it. I love the overall design of the phone: easy to hold, huge inner-keyboard and screen, and just the way it looks. But it has it's moments. In the first few months, I had no problems. Then it started messing up the order of my texts, call quality wasn't very good, randomly shut off, froze up. And more recently, the buttons on the side don't really work that great. Like, I went into a movie and went to turn it from silent to vibrate and i had to press it several times and then it went to the "normal" profile and you could hear my ringtone. But in all, I agree with some other reviews on here saying that it's great for a couple of months. I cannot wait until I can upgrade, but this phone has been a nice introduction to cell phones.

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