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Nokia 6800: Not bad but could be more refined


Jun 10, 2005 by sonicblue

Nokia is known for making stellar phones and the 6800 is no exception. I am a fan of Nokias and believe they make the best phones in the world. However, having migrated from the Nokia 3200, I have found this new phone to lack some of the features I enjoyed in my 3200. I feel that the 6800 is not fully developed to Nokia's standards because of cost-cutting or whatever other reason. Here's whats annoying me about this phone compared to my 3200. These nuisances will be more apparent if you are an experienced Nokia users. Otherwise you will have a blast using the 6800:

- The joystick is for 4-way navigation only. You can't 'press' it in and have to use one of the flanking buttons to use a command.

- There is no automatic keyguard which will lock the keys (so you don't accidentally dial a number) after a certain amount of time. You have to do this manually each time.

- You cannot change the menu into 'grid view'. You must scroll through a million menu options to get to, say, 'Settings'.

- Many of the 'Go To' options have been disabled such as the shortcut to the alarm clock.

- Nokia is not known for developing the best screens but compared to my 3200, the LCD on the 6800 is horrid. It lacks colors and decent graphics and just looks cheap.

- My phone came defective. In FM radio mode, the stations will automatically change every few seconds with no way of stopping it. I think this is an isolated bug only on my phone.

- The earpiece sound has vibration and people's voices don't sound as cleared compared to other Nokias.

- The infrared port doesn't work. I can't transfer images/sounds from my other Nokia.

Otherwise, this is a great phone with great design. The most obvious reason anone would get this is the flip-open keyboard which works flawlessly. The battery will last you days, the loudspeaker is crystal clear and the buttons are clear and easy to press. Oh and it has side buttons (yaaay!). Once a Nokian, always a Nokian.

bazaar liking


Jun 7, 2005 by icedoghans

After bitching continuously about miniature Qwerty keyboards as useless on cell phones -- I have been humbled.

I own a busted Nokia NgageQD. So I needed a quick phone fix to stick my SIM card in. There were still a few 6800's left in some of the T-mobile stores in Boise Idaho, so I chose a 6800 as a "go-phone" where I just swap out the SIM card for my original one.

This phone is so good I may have to split time with it and the NgageQD when it returns -- and maybe I do not care if I ever see it again... I am a series 60 fanatic though, so probably not. But the fact that I like this phone, and all its features is amazing!!!

The keyboard is so cool that I will have to start IMing & and emailing from my phone [things I do not do] just to have an excuse to use my new toy!

Pro -- FM radio, Earpiece, keyboard, speaker,
internet features, screen size-quality

Con -- No Bluetooth, not a tri-band, and
that I will have to choose between
NgageQD and 6800 when it returns.

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great if you text alot


May 11, 2005 by etwood

I had this phone for almost a year. I liked it alot, altough it does not have bluetooth.

opening up keyboard automatically puts call on speakerphone (great for driving)
full qwerty keyboard
Has a reasonable amount of memory for a
non-camera phone.

no bluetooth
NO different ringtones for different callers (this one really upsets me, otherwise this would be a great phone)

1/2 way good


May 11, 2005 by nougapina

I just got this phone for my boyfriend and he is very happy with the phone because of the QWERTY keyboard, speakerphone, & radio options. The phone gets great signal ( as with many Nokia phones). In my opinion, the phone is bulky and the screen quality is awful. Pictures on the phone look cheesy. Another thing that I don't like is that when the keypad is opened, there is no light on the keypad so you can see where the buttons are in the dark. Also does not support MP3 ringtones.

Nokia 6800 is so cool!


Mar 24, 2005 by lefteyeiu2002

This phone is so cool, I just got it yesterday and I love it. The flip keyboard is just too much fun! I like big phones and the 6800 is definantly large compared to my last phone, the Nokia 6200. The screen is nice, the keypads are easy to push and overall the phone looks very nice. Plus you get 5 MB of memory! That's better than the 500 KB I had with my 6200! I have like over 10 games on this phone! It is so cool! A+++++



Mar 16, 2005 by LEELEE74

I send and received over 15,000 messages a month. I found the keys on this the best phone for that.


A well-executed, effective design


Mar 13, 2005 by thestoiceagle

After a thoroughly horrible experience with the Siemens CF62T, I ordered the Nokia 6800 from T-Mobile. After much waiting, the phone arrived. I was extremely impressed with the solid exterior design and the fit and finish of the different parts. Coming from a flimsy, quirky Siemens, this phone is excellent. When you turn it on, you are greeted with a simple, easy to use, intuitive design for the menu, and common sense operations. They say that the devil's in the details, but there's no devil here. Thoughtful add-ins such as the FM radio, voice recorder, and currency converter are useful, helpful additions to a wonderful phone. As for the much-touted keyboard, this machine is an SMS genius, making short work of text messages, instant messaging, and quick note-taking. Finally, the organizer and calendar takes practice to use effectively, but are ingenious in design. I can recommend this phone to anyone who needs a good, relatively simple, durable phone, not only to SMS and IM wonks. This phone rocks, and in Hawaii, T-Mobile simply rocks!



Mar 11, 2005 by mistaex

Everything about this phone is amazing! My g/f put it through the washing machine last night and it is still working.

Very Nice Phone


Jan 19, 2005 by johnamos

I'm blown away by the capabilities of this phone. I have been using a crappy Motorola c331 for the last two years, so any new cell phone would probably impress me, but this phone alleviates the need for a PDA.

I got this phone for -$125 through Amazon when I signed up for a new T-mobile plan (they will pay me $125 after rebates).

I couldn't believe how easy it was to synchronize Outlook with the phone. I downloaded the impressive, free Nokia PC Suite sofware from nokia.com/support/phones/6800, installed it, selected infrared connectivity on my phone and pointed the IR window at my laptop, opened the Nokia PC Sync application, and it transferred 400 contacts and all of my appointments to my phone in 2 minutes. No configuration, drivers, or cables required. Phenomenal.

The phone comes with a decent headset, too.

good fone


Dec 11, 2004 by jniel002

This is by far my favorite phone, but being as I have mostly had the free Nokias that T-Mobile gives out and one flip Samsung from Sprint, that is not saying too much.

The only problem that I had was that a few weeks after I got the phone, the faceplate broke (rather easily) from being in my pocket. My fault. Nokia doesn't offer any help/parts (unlike the myriad of faceplates for their cheapie phones), so I have to be more cafeul with the new one that I got. The face scratches easily so 6800 #2 does not get tossed around and thrown in my pocket anymore. I have not even removed the plastic from this one's face, I am starting to feel like my grandpa...

I love this phone for SMS, e-mailing, etc, while I am away from my computer. Plus T-mobile's version comes with a ring that actually sounds like a phone (an old timey "ring ring") that I prefer to all the songs and crap that they have out now. The only other complaint is that the earpiece is not easy to use and a bit bulky on the ear. I barely use it because it's so much hassle.

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