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The Glory of the Nokia 6800


Aug 24, 2004 by BruceDude

I'll start by ranking the key points that make this phone an objective buy.

Price 9/10
Reception: 8/10
Appearance / size: 8/10
Features: 8/10
Appeal: 7.5/10

Although it retails at 219.99 most providers have offered this phone for free in recent months for new customers, which has in turn made competitive plans look even more appealing.
-The reception of this phone is ok, but has been out scored by the famous reception of my siemens s46(I placed a call in a spot that was dead to the 6800 and the siemens phone picked up without hesitation).
-The Text messaging pad is nice and roomy even for large fingers and I was able to get typing about 4-5 times faster than a normal phone when creating text messages.
-It is a bit larger than many phones, but that is to be expected with the keypad.
-This phone seems to find a great response out of middle-aged and elderly people that shun small phones, yet it still manages to make them feel younger because of its unique design.

It's a balanced phone for the price that's offered. In my opinion I think Nokia ought to keep selling this model for a reduced price to keep customers satisfied when their older, more obsolete phone breaks. I see the inventory for this phone shoot down dramatically in small increments of time only to see a small bounce back after watching a new shipment of 5000 boost the stock up out of the red. We seem to let many of these phones slip out of our hands to quickly at AT&T wireless.

I've heard so many customers say "I don't need a camera".
Well here you go.

What price + balance + appeal accomplishes:4.5

6800? The best phone I've used in a while


Feb 6, 2004 by jwgomes

Better go out and get one FAST. This is one hot mobile phone. I'm on the SunCom GSM network. In the past I've used a MOTO V-300, Nokia 3595, 3560. This phone almost rates a 5. The reason I gave it a 4.5 is because I don't have the data cable (yet).
The setup is just like the other 2 Nokias I mentioned above. Phone reception is flawless. I NEVER drop calls. Text messaging is a faster that ever before, thanks to the fold out keyboard. For those of you that are thinking of upgrading to this phone from the Nokia 3595 and 3560 keep your car charger and battery it works with the 6800 too (how nice it that). One thing I'm concerned about is the contacts that the flip out keyboard connect to. I'm wondering how long they will last. The speaker phone is clear, but I wish it was as loud and the volume for the ear piece and headset. Press a key and the phone reacts. No lag time like that V-300 (2-3 sec). The 6800 is well built too. It's kind of heavy but I like that. It seems like the plastic used for this is a bit thicker than the above mentioned Nokias. All in all, if your looking for a new phone, go test drive it. I bet you'll love it.

"Another Great Nokia Phone"


Oct 31, 2003 by fOnEfReAkZ

The Nokia 6800 is probably one of the best phones I've owned so far.

-Great RF Performance (AT&T GSM D.C. area)
-Excellent call quality (no buzzes like my retired Nokia 7210)
-Very intuitive User Interface & very easy to use.
-keyboard is very easy to use, once I got used to it, I can type 10 to 15 wpm.

To be honest, I have tested and used alot of phones and always find bugs or quirks of some sort, but I have no CONS for this phone, it's exceptional all around, I highly recommend this phone to anyone!!

Top of the Line Cell Phone


Nov 13, 2003 by lee1973

As an employee of AT&T Wireless, I've had the opportunity to try several gsm phones. As for the overall scope of things, none have had the total reliability and convenience as the 6800.

The reception on this has been superior to other phones - particularly Ericsson and Motorola GSM phones. Without a doubt it has given me the best clarity and reception of any phone (including my past experiences with Alltel and Cingular, as well as AT&T TDMA).

The keyboard is perfect for quick notes - adding appointments on the fly and entering contacts more easily and quickly. The IR works fine for beaming info. The speakerphone I found to be louder and crisper than the Siemens' models.

The only negative is the size - its a bit bulky and its hard to get a good case for it. Other than that it has been perfect.

Great Idea, Excellent Product, Few cons


May 22, 2003 by Brad Hodges

I just received the 6800 in our store just a few days ago and I am blown away. This phone has almost all of the features I am looking for. The flip open keyboard is the most obvious plus. It no longer takes a half hour to type a simple text message. I also enjoy the speaker phone option. You don't have to hold the phone anymore, just lay it on your desk and talk away, great for conference calls. And it switches to and from speaker automatically if the keyboard is open or closed. Not only does the screen rotate, but so does the key configuration when the keyboard is opened. This Keyboard has everything but ctrl & alt. I love it. I have experienced nothing but crystal clear reception with this phone. I'm used to weak signals in my store area, but this phone has not dropped below 6 bars yet. The color display is fun, so is the scroll key. I just wish the scroll key dubbed as a button (Like on the Ericsson t68i) This phone is perfect for the on-the-go business persons like me. And my over all favorite feature and least favorite feature on this phone is the radio. I love the fact that it has a built in radio, which I hope will soon become standard in all mobile phones, but I hate that you have to have an ear piece to listen to it. The earpieces for this phone are like 50 bucks! I wish they kept the standard 4-pin plug in addition to the new data connection.

Nokia 6800


May 17, 2003 by Christopher Baulckim

This is a great mobile phone device. I like it alot. It syncs very well with Outlook, including everything that can sync with Outlook, except email. For email, is has an email application with allows you to add multiple email accounts to your phone, and send and receive on those accounts from your phone.
The GPRS is very fast on this phone. I'm using it on the T-Mobile network.
The keyboard works very well too. You don't even have to press the keys hard for them to respond. There are no glitches like you woul think when opening up the keyboard and the screen changing 90 degrees.
The only thing that could be better on this phone, which we have said about all the Nokia color screen phones, is that it should have more colors in the display. It's only 4,096. It works well, but more colors would be a Plus.
This phone is not available too many places yet, but you can purchase it fully-unlocked and ready to use on any GSM provider in the U.S. or Canada.

Ed. note: Removed commercial info.

6800: Fabulous for target audience


Jun 26, 2003 by Matt Cowger

Make no mistake, the 6800 was designed with a very specific audience in mind: those who use their phones for communication besides simply voice.

For the teenagers that love to SMS to each other, this phone would be a great find. I can easily reach well 20 WPM on this, something I could never have done using the T9 predictive entry on other phones. For the mobile professional, the well done email client (though it is a little slow) will enable IMAP4 access and even authenticated SMTP sending.

Signal quality and maintenance, like most Nokia's is above average. The screen is bright and easy to read, at 128x128x4096. The speaker phone feature works very well, and other parties can hear me fine.

1. The flip part is awfully hard to close - I always think I am going to snap it off. It is well made though, and shows no signs of weakness.

2. Size - its a little larger than the phones some may be used to. This is due to the keyboard, and I would expect it. Any smaller, and the keyboard would be very difficult to use.

The Best Phone I've Ever Purchased


Jul 17, 2004 by jashwell

I work for a wireless company and have tested many of the new and old model Nokia and Motorola phones and by far Nokia has been the one I will highly recommend. However I always tend to find several to many things that I don't like about a phone. The Nokia 6800 in my opinion is EXCELLENT I think they should make a newer version I would buy it if it were anything like this one. Great speaker phone, outstanding battery life, never drops calls a big plus on GSM service, and that does have alot to do with the type of phone you carry. GSM is great only if you have a great phone. Please don't let anyone suggest you a free phone or even be in the market for the free phone. Spend a little money and have a great phone and you will love your service. This phone has however been discontinued by my company but somehow they still had about 14 in stock for my store. I sold every last one of these 6800 and not I single complaint from any of my customers who purchased this phone. That is when I decided to hang up my Motorola T720 and give this a try. I AM VERY GLAD I DID TO. Nokia thank you for an outstanding device.

The Epitome of Wireless Devices


Dec 16, 2003 by Cry River

The 6800 reaches its target audience with the flip out keyboard. That is the main reason I got this phone and it never fails to impress people everywhere I go. I can travel anywhere with it b/c the coverage with AT&T wireless is next to impeccable. Never experienced dropped calls, static or garble. It is smaller than I assumed it would be and it is rather light to harbor a keyboard. The menu reminds me of my Nokia 7210 so it was very easy for me to navigate through. Regardless of any phones owned before, this one is extremely user friendly. The design itself is innovative as well as the navigation key which I thought very cool. I am stuck on this phone and wouldn't trade it for any other "flip phone". Not too many phones rate as high as my 7210 to me, but this 6800 has surpassed it! U gotta get this phone! ***Especially made for those of us who can't live without text messaging. It makes it faster, easier and much more fun.

good looks but no substance


Dec 5, 2003 by chipster

I switched to the 6800 with ATT from an LG VX1 phone with Verizon... Bottom line is that I was forced to return the phone in a week. Lets start w/ the Pros.

Great design i.e. keyboard layout
Outlook integration through IR
Good games
Decent email client

Terrible reception in CA, probably ATT's fault
Bad voice quality, very inferior to LG VX1
Speakerphone not loud enough
Limited text input on notes
The shape of the speaker requires that your ear be placed exactly on it, the sound will suddenly fade when walking quickly b/c the ear is not perfectly placed on the speaker.

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