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The Phone is O.K.


Jun 30, 2010 by NYCgrlx33

I like this phone because it has a full qwerty keyboard. It has spaced out keys but if you have big fingers [just saying no offense] , it won't help to get this phone. I also like that you could get around the phone easily. I also like that it has very good battery life, basically if you charge your phone over-night, it'll last for maybe about 2 days. Things I don't like about this phone is that when its has low battery, the keys wont light up. Also, you can't receive videos or anything that takes up alot of memory online.

Pretty decent but has a few unfortunate flaws.


Mar 13, 2010 by z1fireman


Battery Life
Large display screen
Qwerty keyboard
3.5mm Headphone jack
Camera quality


The biggest con with this phone is that the keyboard light has an issue. Example: When you recieve a message in light time hours, you immediately have the option to reply. If this happens when its dark the keyboard does not light up until you end out of everything, unlock the keypad and go back into your messages.

Qwerty Keyboard


Dec 5, 2009 by rene9109

I like this phone. It has a qwerty keyboard which is great for messaging. It also has internet and it has a pretty big screen to see pictures better.I love the portable memory, it has a great speakers and it can support standard headphones. The only thing I don't like it that it does not support videos or animated .gif images with more than (51k).

One of The Best From Straight Talk


Sep 25, 2011 by Palomino_Rain04

Straight Talk's offering of the Samsung R355C has to be one of the best phones I ever owned & coming from someone who has been through many phones over the last 4 years, really says a lot. I'm a get straight to the point with my Pros & Cons about the phone.

+Phone is very durable
+Excellent battery life (Charge every 2 days with heavy texting, medium web usage & several calls throughout the day)
+MicroSD card slot for additional storage
+Keys feel very durable

-Music player could have been better (Cannot multitask while playing music)
-No video player
-Incoming messages always interrupt you if you are composing a message
-Web browser could have been better but its really nothing to complain much over because it does get the job done
-No zoom for camera???

I rated this phone 4 out of 5 because of the lackluster music player and no video player. Out of all phones I have ever owned, this phone has been with me the longest (4 months). I usually buy, sell & trade phones a lot but I do not see myself selling or trading this phone for anything else in the near future!



Mar 27, 2011 by Mark_S

I have not found a single issue from this device that practically all the other comments seem to whine and moan about.
Only that the display screen could use a bit more resolution which the Freeform II takes care of with its QVGA.

my samsung freeform


Mar 2, 2011 by daniilynn44

i like my phone sometimes... it has good text quality and i love the music player and the camera. i like that i can listen to music and the media player with head phones :).

the things i do not like: i do not like that i can not get any games on my phone, there is no place for games. i also do not like the fact that the Internet browser is so slow. i do not like that the text ring-tone only plays part of a song instead of the full song. i do not like how if you are looking at picture or your ring-tone and you get a text, it takes you off of what you were doing, so you have to go all the way back instead of it saving your place. i do not like that i can not receive videos or record videos. i think for the price i paid for this phone it should at least have some more things to keep me entertained. i also hate the fact that i cannot send full songs to my friends/family because they are to large. i do not like how the keys are so close together and small. also how the keys go dark when the phone is dying. i also think the phone should be able to hold more text messages then 400.

I think for the price of this phone... i was ripped off. this phone is very bad and i would not recommend it to any of my friends/family.

Great Phone


Nov 1, 2010 by NJDev229

I would be lost without this phone. I use it for everything from facebook & emails, to playing some tunes at work trough our pc speakers.
Pros - Long battery life, durability, solid reception (like most samsungs), good web abilities for a non-smart phone, MP3 player w/ micro sd slot, use of mp3s as ringtones, bright screen & light-up keys, adjustable font size for received texts, and of course, the full keyboard.

Cons- Mp3s pause when you get texts, which may also lead to sd card failure. In this case you need to remove and reload your sd card. The keyboard is a bit small, and I often hit the shift keys on accident. The camera isnt the greatest quality, and cannot take video.

For the price of the phone, I consider these minor problems.
I've read a few reviews about this model randomly powering down for some people, mine hasnt done that(yet), and has only had a card failure twice in 5 months.. all in all, I love my phone, and will be sad when it finally gets run over, drowned, or demolished. Till then I'm sticking with my samsung.

Decent phone for the upgrade price, its worth it if you do not need alot of technology


Oct 3, 2010 by SHEBANDIT

I just upgraded from a horrible LG BANTER to this Samsung Freeform through alltel and so far I am very happy. It does what I need it to do 9 calls and text without dropping calls at all and has excellent Northern Ohio coverage. It looks cool, like a Blackberry , but without the price and the features I dont need that the Blackberry has. I love the large screen,ease of texting ,and the memory capabilities. I can have my card in with all my MP3s and all my photos and till have a ton of room that I did not have with my BANTER and I actually paid less for this phone. It is durable and very user friendly. the only con is having to keep the keyboard locked so there are no accidental calls or changes due to the exposed buttons and it does not come with anything to protect the keys or a belt clip , wich would make it a better buy if it did because you can not carry it in a pocket or purse without the buttons getting pushed and your settings getting accidently changed and it takes a minute to unlock the keys and calls can easily get missed...but I do like this phone so far and really have no complaints with its functions,ease,and price..I will say it is one of Alltels best buys if your looking for a phone under 30 bucks that looks great and works great and you do not need all the technology . The camera is decent and the call clarity and coverage is top notch.



Sep 24, 2010 by DhanaBay

First the PROS:
I love the keyboard...it's my first phone with a keyboard. I love the MP3 player...although I wish the music wouldn't stop when I get a text and reply to it. I love the fact that I can use uploaded music as my ringtones...no more of that electronic bs. I love the fact that I can upload pix from my computer to my phone. So far, I've never had a dropped call, which is weird for Ghetto PCS. I live in San Francisco, and you can be one corner of a street & have good signal and then walk to the other corner & have nothing...but that's not the phone...that's ghetto pcs.

Ok...now the CONS: TEXTING...first, when I'm listening to music, the music stops when I get a text and stays stopped until I either back out of the text or reply...I don't like that. Second, I think its weird that when I have my headphones plugged in, every sound (music, keypad, voice calls, etc.) comes through my headphones EXCEPT the texting ringtone...when I get a text, for some strange reason, the text ringtone diaables the headphones and comes thru the phone's built in speakers. Third, I will typing a text, then all of a sudden the keypad or something will mess up and every character will go to UPPER CASE and stay that way until I discard the msg and start over again. Fourth...it hasn't happened to me yet, but I have a friend in Canada who I text with on a daily, regular basis. She has the same exact phone I do. Her phone is not getting all my msgs that I send her.

Ok...MESSEGES: I hate the fact that I can't forward msgs to my email address. The space provided in the "send to" boxes only allows 10 characters...no more.

Next...the battery: People on here have raved about the battery life of this phone. I beg to differ...I usually have to charge my battery twice a day...it sucks.

Last...as several other people have mentioned, the phone will turn itself off at any given moment.

I rate this phone somewhere between 2.3 & 3!



Jul 23, 2010 by girlymandy

screen size
3.5 ear piece jack
great signal, no dropped calls
memory card slot
battery life
web compatible

small keys
no video

all in all, great phone. great quality. samsung makes some awesome phones.

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