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Best phone for work


Dec 8, 2010 by Immendable

I've been using tracfone for my business for about two years now. Initially I bought the really really cheap ones, thinking that I could easily replace them, and save on any insurance I'd be paying otherwise for better, contract phones. Also, for some reason I argued that, the simpler the phone, the better it would be at doing the really simple things I need it to do, like act like a phone - my assumption led me into making two mistakes. One, not all cheap phones are good at doing the basics, and two, you have to pay extreme attention to what network will be best for you. Cause without the right network coverage, it doesn't matter what phone you have. For my roaming like business, being on verizon's network works best. But the reason for me commenting on this phone, is how impressed I am at the reception, and quality of talking it offers. Which, from a practical point of view, is all I really want from a phone, and a wireless service provider.

Great Phone For The Money!!!


May 14, 2010 by auspice3

Me and my husband recently cancelled our contract with Sprint and bought this phone. We absolutely love it. The only thing we found wrong was it's not loud enough on "incoming calls"... other than that, it's a great phone. This will be the Thompson's phone from here on.

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Good basic CDMA phone


Apr 17, 2010 by wolfdude359

For the price, this is a very good phone. I joined StraightTalk because I didn't have a lot of money to buy a phone from MetroPCS, yet I wanted unlimited minutes for $45 a month. With a price tag of $39.99, this is a very decent phone. Definately better than a lot of the phones you get in prepaid packages.

-Decent battery life
-Sturdy phone (my wife's dropped hers several times)
-MobileWeb enabled

-signal strength varies from low to high even while being in the same spot
-no camera
-no multimedia messaging
-can't sideload media to set as personal ringtones or wallpaper (must purchase from StraightTalk or get from websites that provide "Vision" content)

My biggest gripe is the content sideloading, as I have owned several phones over the years, and this was the one feature I appreciated most in those phones.

Good Basic Phone


Mar 8, 2010 by hdtravel

My wife has this phone with the StraightTalk service and it is a good basic flip-phone.

Good reception, bluetooth, pretty decent build, decent looking, decent audio ( could be a bit louder and clearer ).

No camera, but who needs that in a phone anyway.

Poor Signal


Feb 23, 2010 by bringel

Cons: I purchased this phone at wal-mart through Straight Talk which uses the Verizon network. I live in south central Wisconsin, and there is a verizon tower 3 miles from my house. The signal strength on this phone is awwwwwwwful, it comes and goes, full strength to no service in 1.1 sec. I would not recommend this phone at all for that reason.

Pros: Inexpensive phone good looking and fit in your pocket well. If it weren't for the poor signal I would keep it.

Great "Phone"


Nov 19, 2010 by gradofan

The 220C is a great "phone" - but, that's all it is.

If you're an adult and just need a "phone" with the usual features, and not a "toy" to play with (text, games, internet, etc.), you will find nothing better! Great size, features, sound, reception, battery life, screen, visibility, etc., etc.... you will be delighted with the 220C! I've had mutliple "phones" and the 220C is the best I've had.

ST is a great "carrier," at a great price - but, that's all it is. If you need CS you should look elsewhere. It's great if you're tech savy and can find your own solutions. It's terrible if you're not / can't!

Be sure to buy your phone at Walmart - so, if you have any issues, you can just take it back and get another, or get a refund. My first 220C had a defective "right soft key." I simply and quickly returned it and replaced it at Walmart in less than 2 hours - rather than days, if I'd purchased it online. It's worth the $20 premium for the warranty support from a reliable, local vendor!

I did find a TracFone CS - "the best" CS rep I've ever had from any company (cell phones, PC's, etc.) - she has helped me resolve some very difficult issues (ST taking my number without notice, etc.), and always gets my new phone / service up in minutes not days (including porting my number). If it had not been for her, I would have left ST long ago! However, I will not share her name and number with you - since I don't want to overwhelm her, or TracFone, with voluminous ST CS calls. ST needs to "get their act together," or sadly... they may not be with us long!

But... for inexpensive, basic service... the LG 220C and ST are... GREAT!

For the signal


Nov 21, 2010 by Rickys

I’m a very simple cellphone user. It’s there for me when I need to make calls, and send the occasional text. It stood to reason for me that a phone that only made, and takes calls, should be very good at those particular, and basic things. This was not the case initially when I purchased my first tracfone. That phone hardly picked up any signal, and when it did, the calling quality was so poor that sometimes no matter how much you’d be saying; “say again / pardon / WHAT” you’d never get to the bottom of a story till you spoke to the person face to face.
After a small time of tolerating this, I decided to just go and buy another, slightly more expensive phone. After telling the walmart assistant about my woes, he recomended that I firstly choose a phone that had CDMA coverage, and secondly a phone that is renowned for being a signal magnet. I walked out of the store with this lg 220, and have been smiling ever since. The salesperson did warn me though, that the compromise to getting on the CDMA phone, and getting good coverage, came at the price of paying double minutes when roaming. This is not the case appparently when using a tracfone, on the GSM network.
This phone has never dropped a call for me, and the call quality, compared to the previous phone I have since then donated to my grand son, this call quality is crystal clear (and consequently my friends have been convinced that I don’t have a hearing problem....yet.). The texting on the phone is pretty easy. I don’t do the whole searchy number thing, but my wife has taken to writing what seems to be essays, without complaining (except the kids that do complain bout the length of her texts). The battery life also seems to be very good. We’ve had the phone for six months and it still gives us the best part of a week’s worth of life.

Fantastic for being in the middle of nowhere


Nov 11, 2010 by Enelsonia

I stay in Sterling Utah. I'm surrounded by mountains, and am reasonably far away from a proper city. A lot of folk come here and complain about there being no reception. Which to some extent I consider not to be an altogether bad thing. But, having said that, there's no better time to have a phone than when being in the middle of nowhere and you need to get rescued (not that there's much reason for rescuing in these parts. But that is supposedly a very important reason for having a phone).
Well, seeing that I don't need rescuing much either, I chose to get a tracfone. Just I suppose, for others to get hold of me. The website didn't offer very much. Only 3 phones to be exact. This is fair I reckoned. There's only so many phones that can actually get reception here, so if there's fewer phones on option, stands to reason that they'd be the ones that worked.
I chose the middle expensive one, that came with double minutes for life (this was the only helpful advice I could get from the guys). I ordered it online, and got it within the same week. And there I was ready to rescued, armed with this little lg.
I consider myself to be quite primitive regarding technology, so for me to say that I think this phone is a step above a very basic phone. Possibly the only reason for me thinking this, is because it has blue tooth. Not that I use it...but it's there as a testament that this phone isn't too basic.
As far as the basics is concerned, this phone has yet to let me down. And that includes being dropped on numerous occasions. But I almost always have a couple of bars of reception on display. And that's what it's for. As far as the battery life is concerned, it's good for just about a week. Sure I don't use it much, so that's what I would expect. It's just always provides me with a small amount of glee when other people complain (again), about their battery only giving them two days.
This is my little mountain cell.

Excellent phone!


Sep 6, 2010 by Matto2T

I purchased this LG 220C cell phone at my local Wal-Mart store (this one is a Tracfone). It came with double minutes for life already installed in it. I had decided to upgrade, since I thought my previous phone (Kyocera K126C) had a tendency to shut off without my manually shutting it off. It took only a few minutes to activate the phone (I had done it online through Tracfone's website); all I did was transfer my remaining minutes and my current phone number to the new one. The LG phone is so wonderful. Adding contacts was a breeze, and there is a wide variety of ringtones to choose from. The web browser is cool, which has more optional ringtones to download (these range from the songs of today to the oldies). Another excellent feature is the external screen--this way, I can see who's calling me before I answer, check my battery charge, signal strength, etc. This is a phone that I would definitely recommend to folks. To me, this phone has no cons to it. Phone doesn't have a camera, but that's okay with me, because I feel that a feature like that wouldn't be necessary. Highly recommended!!



May 4, 2011 by rebel727

I got this phone for free with my plan. If I would have looked a little more I could have gotten the LG290c for free. Not sure if they are still offering it but they are still offering the LG220c for free with a plan. The 290 is 10.00 bucks. It is reconditioned and I am not sure how much that matters. I am going to upgrade to the unlimited plan when my month is up. My wife and I use to share 550 min. with AT&T and paid over 75.00 a month so it is a good deal going with Straight Talk.

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